Phil...I can't

Will Dan ever get the courage to tell Phil how he really feels?


6. The flight

We arrived at our gate just in time. As soon as we had sat down the loudspeaker announced our gate and we were off again. We had already been through security and check in and all we had to do now was board the plane. And fly on it of course.

Phil had been a little bit annoyed with me at first, for booking the place without his permission but he got over it soon enough as he saw the pictures. He got so excited he started packing straight away! I packed just before, obviously.

Then we boarded the plane. Phil is really scared of flying so as we lined up on the runway, he grabbed my hand tightly. I was surprised but happy. Even if he did just use my hand as a stress ball.

After the take-off, Phil let go of my hand and opened his MacBook. He started editing one of his videos. I got my phone and turned it into flight mode. I went onto this app I had downloaded for the flight and started playing it. I felt a bit tired from my eventful day so I put my phone in the tray and fell asleep.

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