Phil...I can't

Will Dan ever get the courage to tell Phil how he really feels?


1. Phil?

Phil came and sat down next to me.

He said "We need to talk." I looked slowly up at his dreamy blue eyes and gorgeous black hair. I nodded and waited for him to carry on.

"I... I... Think I like you Dan. More than a friend." I looked up at him and gasped in shock.

I too had been feeling the same way but hearing the words come out of Phil's mouth was a surprise.

" I can't I'm sorry!" I cried out. I ran to my room and locked the door. Why was this so hard to take when I had been thinking the same way? I sat on my bed and took deep breathes. I went over and put me ear to the wooden door of my bedroom. I could hear Phil quietly sobbing in his room opposite me. 

I decided to go and talk to him. I rapped quietly on his door. And when he didn't reply, I pushed open the door and saw him laying on his front with his head in the pillow. My heart broke.

I whispered "Maybe one day..." And crept out the room.

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