Crush on my brother?

Kayla's mom falls in love with Harry Styles' father. What happens when they both live with each other? *Changed plot and title*


3. The day after.


I woke up and I was happy, because I had an amazing time last night and met loads of new people. I got up and went downstairs to cure my hangover. I took some up for Kayla, I opened her door to see she was up, but still in bed.

"Morning." She says whilst on her phone and looking at me.

"Good morning. I brought you some hangover tablets." I say passing them over and he water.

"Thanks. I need to give you two peoples numbers: Lindsey and Marshall. Marshall wants to hang out today with you and Lindsey's interested." She explains and gives me a wink. I saw Lindsey last night. I don't think she's my type...

She seems a bit crazy to me. 

"Erm...I'll accept Marshall's offer but not Lindsey's. She's a bit...Crazy?" I say and raise my eyebrows. Kayla giggles her cute giggle. No I can't be thinking that...

"Yeah you're right. Later on today I'm going to the beach. All the boys, including Marshall are going so you're invited too." She explains.

"Yeah that's fine." I reply.

"Here's Marshall's number. Call him and sort it out." She persuades me-even though I don't need to be. She passes me his number on a piece of paper.

"Ta love." I say and leave. I get dressed: . I walk downstairs to Jake, Ethan and Noah who are fighting over the remote control. I just jump on top of them and grab the controller, I switch the channel to cartons and laugh at their faces.


I was jamming out to 'Love on the brain' - Rihanna. I got dressed and did my make up + hair: . I walk downstairs to get food because I'm absolutely starving. I walk past the living room and here shouting and laughing. Ugh. Brothers are so loud. I go and get strawberries and water. I walk into the living room and sit down on the sofa to eat breakfast, I was inbetween Ethan and Noah. Harry was at one end and Jake was on the other. They were watching Cartoons at 14, 16, 18 and 20. 

"Can we watch Geordie Shore?" I ask hopeful.

"NO!" They all say at the same time. 

"Fine then you don't need to shout." I mumble and eat the rest of my strawberries. I go clean up and then brush my teeth. I go outside to see my bestfriends:

Left to right: Kayla, Hasley, Lily and Olivia.

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