Crush on my brother?

Kayla's mom falls in love with Harry Styles' father. What happens when they both live with each other? *Changed plot and title*


1. Meeting my new family.


I was with my mom and 3 brothers. I was now going to have another brother...Just great. I'm the youngest one so I'm the one who always get's the blame/picked on. I am 14, and apparently so is my step brother. My mom got this English dude named Des Styles. He was nice enough I guess, but now me and my family have to move in with him. Bit fast, eh? I was wearing: . My brothers are called Jake (20-but old now to be living with us in my opinion) Noah (16) and Ethan (18). This is Jake:

And then Ethan (on the right) and Noah (on the left)


People say I look more like Jake than any of my brothers, but I don't think I look like any of them. They all have brown hair and I have blonde hair. I get the blonde of my mom and they get brown hair from my dad. Speaking of my dad, I don't talk to him that much anymore, I'm not really bothered about being in contact with him. We pulled up to the new house, and I got out. I walked into my new 'fathers' house and I shouted.

"Hello?" And then all of a sudden I see a 50 year old man come down the stairs.

"Hi I'm Des, you must be...Kayla?!" He says putting out his hand.

"Yes I am. My brothers and my mom are coming now." I inform him will I look outside to them.

"Let me show you to your room?" He says whilst showing me up the stairs.

"Right so the first room here, is my son's Harry. He will be here 5 days a week Monday-Friday but not on Saturday or Sunday because he's with his mom. The next room is you brothers, Jake , then Ethan and then Noah's. Next to Noah's is yours. Fell free to go in." He smiles at me and I smile back. It is Thursday, so Harry will be here. I walk into my room and it's massive! 

I hop on my bed and change my outfit, but not my make up. . I looked around for my hair spray...Oh my god! I bet Jake has it the absolute dick. 

"MOM WHERE'S JAKE!" I shout downstairs.

"HE'S IN HIS ROOM WITH HARRY!" I roll my eyes at her response. I barge into his room to see Harry and Jake sitting on Jake's bed talking. Harry is quite good looking, but I wouldn't date him, he's my step-brother.

"Give me my hairspray back dickhead." I say giving him a fake smiles, he gives me one back. 

"I actually don't have it, go check with Noah." He lies.

"I know you fucking have it because Noah and Ethan don't style their hair! You do! Give me back my hair spray you prick!" I yell at him. He grabs my hairspray and runs around the house with it.

"GIVE ME IT BACK!" I yell and chase after him. I'm quite strong, as I do lots of sports and I have brothers that I've had to fight with all my life. I tackle him to the ground and slap him over the face. I grab the bottle and run back up to my room. I hear Jake shout.



My mom shouts me. I look down the stairs to my mom telling me to come down for dinner. I pad across the floor and into the dining room.

"Hi Kayla." Des smiles at me.

"Hi." I say and sit down.

"What's for dinner?" I ask my mom.

"Roast dinner." Me, Jake, Ethan and Noah moan.

"Why d'ya always make it when we hate it? You trying to piss us off or something?" Noah asks and I laugh. Noah was my favourite brother, even though he was horrible to me sometimes.

"Language!" My mom says annoyed. I shake my head.

"Why is Noah getting told off when Kayla called me a D head before?" Jake says to annoy me. He is my least favourite brother by far.

"Why are you still living with us?" I say in his tone of voice. Ethan, Noah and Harry laugh.

"That's enough guys, let's eat." Des says and I just pick at my chicken, I hate this kind of chicken. 

"Do you have a dog or cat by any chance?" I ask, just so I can give them my food.

"NO! You're not giving away your food." My mom instructs. I roll my eyes and sigh.

"Excited for school tomorrow?" Des asks me, not the boys. I was still going to the same school as before. I am actually popular at my school, but I'm not a mean girl, I'm nice to everyone except people I hate.

"Nope." I reply, putting carrots in my mouth.

"Do you play any sports?" He asks me. I am sporty, but I'm not going to start playing sports with him. No way. 

"Yeah, Netball, Football, Cheerleading, Athletics and Swimming." I say. Harry I think is moving to my school.

"Quite sporty, eh?" Des laughs. I nod and carry on eating. I feel a pang on my leg.

"OW!" I shout. I look over and see that Ethan kicked me.

"Ethan grow up!" My mom says and I laugh like a child. 

"I was only kicking her to ask her something!" Ethan excuses himself.

"What?" I reply, looking at him.

"Can I have your chicken?" I smile.

"Of course you can brother!" I give him the chicken. 

"I'm finished!" I say and stand up picking up my plates.

"CLEAN YOUR OWN DISHES!" My mom shouts at me whilst I walk. I shout back okay. I walk into the massive kitchen and put my pots in the sink and begin to wash them. When I finish, I dry the plate and cutlery. I put them in their correct places in the cupboards. I walk down to the stairs, when suddenly someone's foot goes in front of me. I trip over it and I hear an English chuckle. I look up to Harry and give him a dirty look.

"What was that for asshole?" I ask him.

"Just felt like it." He said and laughed whilst running up the stairs. What an absolute twat. I run upstairs behind him but go in my bathroom. I take a shower and then go back to my room to dry my hair. I then get in my pyjamas: . I then decided that I should go speak to harry about going to school tomorrow, as we're in the same year. When I get there, I can hear him talking to his friend.

"What's your new brothers and sister like?" The unknown friend asks. I decided to stand there for longer, so I could here what harry thinks.

"Jake, Ethan and Noah are nice and they're funny." He says. What about me?!

"And the sister? She's our age isn't she?!" The friend asks.

"Yes she is and she is so hot." I laugh and walk in.

"Thanks Harry, but I need to talk to you." I say and look at him. I see he is on facetime to his friend. His friend starts looking at me and wolf whistles. I stick my middle finger up at him and turn to him.

"Right Harry tomorrow, me and you are going with my friend. She will drop us off at the office and I'll tell the receptionist that you're new and so on. Okay?" I explain and he nods, his face was as red as a tomato. I walk out and I hear him say:

"Well that was embarrassing." Pahaha.

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