Maybe We Shouldn't

Mia Austin was just a normal girl. Well, kinda. She, by no means, was a good girl. She wasn't necessarily bad either. She was a mix of the two.

When a sexy new English teacher arrives... Well... Let's just say she turns a bit more to the bad side.


1. Chapter One

A loud banging woke me up from the peaceful sleep I was having. I toss the black blanket off my body and walked towards the window that my best friend Becca, was banging on. I opened it for her, only to have her tumble in and land on me, knocking us both to the ground. “Get your fat ass off me Becca!” I groaned. “Well good morning to you too, Mia.” She said, climbing off of me. “We do have a front door you know.” I said, grabbing the hand she held out for me. She hauled me to my feet and said, “Front doors are overrated. Anyways, you need to get ready.” “What are you talking about? It’s only…” I turned to look at the digital clock on my bedside table. 7:20 a.m.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, “I am going to fucking kill Sebastian!” “I know your brother pisses you off,” Becca says, “but it would be a shame to lose such a hot piece of ass.” Yes, my fifteen year old best friend has a crush on my twenty-one year old brother. I also have a hunch that he has a crush on her, but wants to do the morally right thing and not admit it since she’s underage.

“Sebastian!” I yell. Four seconds later a still half asleep Sebastian came stumbling into my room, dressed only in a pair of black sweatpants. I heard Becca inhale sharply as she stared at his chiseled upper body. I don’t blame her though, my brother was hot. With wavy chestnut hair, ocean blue eyes, and beautiful tan skin; he was extremely attractive.

“What the hell do you want Mia?” Sebastian mumbled. “Why the hell didn’t you wake me up twenty fucking minutes ago?!” I shout. “Because I wasn’t up twenty minutes ago, duh.” Sebastian said, walking out of my room. “Smart ass.” I mutter. “I heard that,” he called from his room, “go take a shower.” “Make me asshole.” I yelled back. He returned to my room, now clothed in dark jeans and black t-shirt, and said, “I have no problem with lifting you over my shoulder and forcing you into the shower.” “You have to catch me first.” I said, then took off sprinting into the hallway. “Not this again.” I heard Sebastian say before he took off after me.

I ran down the hall and into the living room, hearing Sebastian’s footsteps pounding down the hall. “This isn’t fucking funny Mia!” Sebastian yells. “Yes it is!” I yell back, turning my head back to see his angry expression as I enter the kitchen. I turned my head back around one second too late and ran into the kitchen island, falling flat on my back. “Fuck,” I groaned, rolling onto my side, “sister down!” Sebastian came bursting in a second later, but skidded to a halt when he saw me on the floor. I thought he would be the kind one. I thought that he’d help me up. Boy, did I think wrong. He started laughing his ass off. I swear I saw tears in his eyes after he calmed himself down.

He grabbed my outstretched hand and pulled me to my feet. I go to pull my hand back, but Sebastian’s iron tight grip never ceased. “I just screwed my plan up, didn’t I?” I said. “Yep,” Sebastian says brightly, “off to the shower you go.” He drags me to the bathroom and shoves me in. “Fine, fine.” I said, shutting the door. I turn on the shower and take off my clothes. Stepping into the shower, my thoughts somehow drifted to my mother and father.

About three years ago, both my mother and father were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. Sebastian and I weren’t in the car, so people considered us lucky because we would’ve died along with our parents. I wouldn’t have minded, sometimes I wish that we would’ve been in that car. Shaking off the tendrils of dread creeping up on me, I shut off the shower and dried off.

I walked back into my room to find Becca straddling Sebastian on my bed, her hands pressing him against the mattress. Both of them were completely oblivious to my presence when Becca started grinding against Sebastian. Sebastian’s hands reached up and pulled her against him harder. Great, they’re dry humping on my bed. “Guys.” I said. Apparently they didn’t hear me, because Sebastian suddenly thrusted up against her, causing her to moan softly. They need to stop, like now. “Hey,” I yelled, causing their eyes to finally snap to me, “Would you two horny fuckers not do that on my bed? I’d like to get ready for school.” I motion to my curvy body, wrapped in a soft cotton towel.

Becca climbs off my brother, her cheeks and neck flushed red. “Seb, get out.” I said, pulling him up from my bed. Before I manage to push him out the door, he grabs Becca by her wrist and drags her close to him. He leans down and whispers loudly in her ear, “We’re going to finish this later.” Becca nodded and he let go of her wrist, letting me push him out the door. I slam the door shut and turn to Becca. She was staring at me with a guilty expression, as if I’d get mad at her for doing that. “I’m not mad Becs.” I tell her. Her expression of guilt turned into one of surprise and she said, “You’re not?” “Hello no girl. I was rooting for you guys to get together ever since you told me you had a crush on him.” I told her.

I dash to my dresser and pull out a black lace bra and matching underwear. Dropping my towel, I slid on the panties and put on the bra. I grab the first two things I see in my closet and throw them on. Grey t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and my black leather jacket. I grab my black Converse and put them on. “Is that what you’re wearing to school? Come one, it’s the first day. Ditch the boring and dress like me.” Becca says. I take one glance at her outfit and say, “Hell no.” Her outfit was a black mini skirt, ruby red crop top that didn’t suit the weather, and black pumps. I grab my hairbrush and start brushing my waist length black hair. “But why?” She asks me. I look at her through the mirror, pausing in finishing to put on my eyeliner. “Becca, honey, you’re dressed like a slut. Where’s your virtue?” I asked. She scoffs, “I lost my ‘virtue’, as you put it, three years ago.” Yes, Becca lost her virginity at the age of thirteen. No one dares talk about it.

“Whatever.” I murmur, finishing my makeup. “Seriously though girl, loosen up. You need to get laid.” Becca tells me. “I’m not even pretty.” I muttered, grabbing my messenger bag. “Mia, listen. No matter what you think, you are beautiful.” Becca says. “Sure.” I said sarcastically. “You are,” she says, “you have a killer curvy body, flawless ivory skin, and beautiful thick black hair. Also, you have those insanely awesome gold eyes. I could keep going you know.” We have this argument pretty much every damn day, I don’t know why I even try and argue anymore. “Let’s just go before we’re fucking late.” I grumbled. So, we head outside and slipped into the backseat of Sebastian’s silver Camaro.



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