Just poems I wrote my Junior year


2. Love poem

There is a man whom I think has my heart,

He was always my friend, even though we are one year apart.

He kissed me with a passion which lighted the flame,

He entered the danger zone in which I am most vulnerable to pain.

The Danger Zone in my heart is a deep dark place,

A place where I only think about your face.

This is how you know I care about you very much,

I feel a pulse of love everytime we touch.

Your name is Nick same as my brother,

My aunt doesn’t agree with this and I don’t know about my mother.

We’ve been friends since I lived in Menominee four years ago,

My auntie truly  thinks you are the foe.

I see know wrong but that does not matter,

Our relationship has been like a money in the bank ladder.

You have to climb it to get to the top,

grab the briefcase and get your title shot.

You have had that title shot all along,

Everytime I think about you I sing a song.

The song entitled “I Don’t Dance” written by Lee Brice,

If I ever asked you to dance, would you think twice?

The love that we have, the love that we share,

The love that’s lasted six years but has managed to fare.

You talk of doing anything with me, travel anywhere to see me,

What do you care about most my strength or my beauty?

If you ever come to see me, it’ll be a fantasy,

but not like those that you see in the movies.

It’ll be more heav’nly, more pure too,

That’ll be the next moment I have with you.

Everyone will see a heav’nly glow,

we’d better let that glow show.

Shine for the world for all to see,

What true love is, and that’s you and me.

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