The 9th grade experience

A lot of English stuff. We wrote these and I decided to share!


4. Narrative Poem (about me, personally my favorite)


Her beautiful eyes are as blue as the sea,

Then she asks if I would like some lemon sweet tea.

As she sings, so do the birds,

Her inner and outer beauty cannot be described with words.

I love her, she is like a sister to me,

I walk with her in the woods and hear the “Tweet, Tweet, Tweet.”

They sound so excited as she walks by,

I see all the butterflies fly before my eyes.

The animals look excited when she’s around,

I feel like I am heaven bound.


Her blonde hair as fine as sand,

When she passes, flowers spring up across the land.

Her lips as red as berries,

the joy that she carries,

it makes me happy everyday,

I hope that when she finds out the demons won’t make me pay.


She is a very sweet girl on the outside, but what you didn’t know,

is she has a few demons that she doesn’t like to show.

If you make her upset, you’ll be going through hell for the next 8 months,

I hope you have a pair of underwear, make that a bunch.

When you make her upset, she’ll do things she won’t regret,

such as the first day that the two of us met.

I said to her that she had a bad sense of matching,

That’s when the demons were hatching,

I would wake up the next day hearing my mother frantically panting,

when I went to mom’s bedroom to see what was going on,

I poked my head through the door to see my mom was gone.


Although my mother was okay, the memory still makes me tremor,

Next time I want to make her mad, it just makes me remember.

That almost fatal day with her and my mother,

I locked the door, trapped my brother,

to make sure he didn’t get out of his room,

for one week, I lock myself in the closet with a dustpan and broom,

Thanks a lot for listening, this poem is drawing to it’s end,

Thank you for listening to the story about Kayla, my best friend.


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