The 9th grade experience

A lot of English stuff. We wrote these and I decided to share!


3. (messed up) Folk Song

There once was a cat named Suzy Kitty, Kitty. She was a lovely cat! She trusted everyone with her heart and soul. Until the day she moved away!

    She moved away to Green Bay, tried to run away, 'way. Then, she found a new cat. The cats name was Liz, Liz. Liz was a very uneasy kitty. She tried to commit suicide, 'cide and almost died, died. She was a little kitty, til Suzy saved her life, life. Liz learned that everyone loved her. This was the day she cried, cried. She tried to face the consequences by loving everyone back, back. One day she decided wait til Suzy leaves then, you can do everything, thing. She knew that it was wrong, wrong, to wear a pair of tongs, tong. Instead she turned around, 'round, and did it anyway, 'way. Here's where the saying came in, in... Kitties, Kitties, Kitties, going to adopt some kitties, kitties, kitties, right before they........ DIE! When Liz killed herself, Suzy was mad, mad. Until she had discovered she was the reason Liz was so bad, bad. So when she went to bed, bed, she had covered her head, head so tightly, she sufficated herself to death, death!

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