Repairing the Impossible

As the day was coming to an end, the last thing Kate imagined was seeing him again, especially in those circumstances. Not she has o be brave enough to take a decision that might change the way things ended the last time... or not.


1. Chapter 1

I was in the car with Aidan and Eva, happy that it was finally Friday and another week of college was over. It’s not that I was super tired, but I was looking forward to relaxing a bit before going to work on Sunday. Aidan was supper nice, and he decided to give me a lift home, even if it was not in his way. I did insist a few times that it was not necessary, but at the end both him and Eva convinced me that it was no problem.

Not far from college, we had to stop, as the traffic was blocked do to an accident. My first thought was, that it must have been a very bad accident as the ambulance was there, and fire brigade too. When I saw so many cars around I was in complete shock, and I was feeling so sorry for everyone involved, and for Aidan and Eva, as they took this way just to bring me home, and now they had to wait. I thought it was a bit unfair on them, even if it was not my fault.          

 When the cards, finally start moving a little, I was still looking at the horrible scene that was there to see what had happened. There was no doubt that it was a horrible car accident, as at this point you could not really see whose fault was, as both cars were destroyed very bad. The cars looked more like just one instead of two. There doors of the cars were on the ground and the doctors were running around and doing everything they could to try to save the two men. It was also at that second that I looked better at the cars, and when I recognized one of them I just felt a huge pain in my chest, as if my whole heart broke into millions of pieces in that second.

            It was a white, small van, with the blue writing all over it, promoting the company that belonged to. The same van that I saw almost a month ago parked in front of my house. In that second I could do was start to pray. I was praying so hard with the hope that it might be a different one, or that at least the driver would not be him. Even if I know it is selfish, I was praying that the guy might be someone else.

            I heard some noise, and it was just then that I realized it was Eva, who was asking me if I was okay, as my face was so white and pale. I left like I was getting sick in that instance, so no wonder why Emma was so worried. I looked at her, and then at the accident scene again, and it was then when I saw a hand with a tattoo on it, and I knew I had to get out and see if that was really him. I could not afford the time to explain anything to Emma, so in the next second I just jumped out of the car, and I start running near the ambulance where the man with the tattoo on his hand was surrounded by many doctors.

            Only when I was near to one of the doctors I saw his face. That heart-shaped face with a pointed chin and his hair that would normally be sitting on his right, now was all over the place. But once again the think that caught my attention were those big green eyes. Those eyes that no matter what I do, they would always appear in my dreams. It was really him, the same guy that I was trying to forget since last month. I felt like I cannot breathe anymore, like all my air left my lungs and I completely collapsed on the floor. For a second I went blank, and only when a doctor came around me, asking me if I was okay, I came back to reality. To that cruel reality.

            I told the doctor that I was okay, but deep down I knew I was not.  I just did not want to believe that the man that I was trying to forget, but which I was also hoping to find on the street as I was crossing the road, or when I was going into a shop, was now in front of me, in an ambulance fighting for his life. Looking for another second at him, I knew that no matter what happened or will happen, I could not leave him alone. That I had to go with him in the ambulance and be with him, even if he might not even remember me.

            “I know him. His name is Stephen”, I told the doctor the second I could get my voice back after the shock of seeing him hurt like that.

            “Are you a friend or family member?” The doctor asked

            “No. It’s hard to explain how I know him, but I do. Please let me come with you in the ambulance. I want to be by his side, please.” I was crying and desperately begging the doctor to let me go with them.

            “Fine. If you know him, come. Do to the impact he lost a lot of blood and he does not have too much energy. We’ll need you to talk to him and try to keep him awake. If he opens his eyes, even for a second, talk to him and make sure he stays awake.”

            Hearing the doctor saying “if he opens the eyes” brooked my heart. Even if I was well aware that the accident was bad, I never thought about the possibility that it might be that bad, and that Stephen might… no I can even say that word, because it will not happen. I run back to the car, to grab my bag super-fast, and it was then I realized that I might look like a freak to Eva and Aiden.

            “Kate what the hell happened to you? Are you okay? Do you know the person involved in the accident?” was all that Eva could say.

“That’s Stephen. I know that that name does not ring a bell to you, but I don’t have time to explain now. I just came for my bag, as I’m going to the hospital with him. Call Tina ask her about him, and she’ll tell you all the detail. Aidan I’m sorry for wasting your time here.” I did not hear what Eva said, as the next second I run back to the ambulance, and I jumped in so I could be with Stephen.

 “Please tell me how he is? Will he survive, right?” was the only think that came out of my mouth as it was the only think I cared about in that second. The only think that I needed to hear in that second was a positive answer from the doctor.

            “His condition is a little complicated as he lost a lot of blood, but we are doing everything we can to stabilize him.” It was also in that second that Stephen opened his eyes, and I felt like I could breathe again. His eyes, so mesmerizing like I remembered them, were full of pain and fear of what might happen next. “Try to talk to him and keep him awake as much as you can” said the doctor.

“Okay.” Was all I could say, before I turned my eyes again to Stephen, and took his hand in mine. “Hey again. If you really wanted that coffee, all you had to do what was just come to my house. No need for all this show.” Was all I could think to say, as I was trying to keep him awake, and also not to think about what happened.

But the only think he could say was “What are you doing here?”. No more smiles, or flirty words like the last time.

            Even if that hurt a little I smiled back at him and explained him what happened. “I was passing by when I saw the accident, and the second I saw the car, I thought it might be you. I just jumped out and when I saw you, I could not leave. I know this is crazy, and that I do not have any right to be here, but please let me be.” With that I could not hold my tears anymore, and they just start running down on my cheeks.

            “I’m sorry” was all he said, squeezed my had and trying to give me an apologising smile, but the next second he tried to close his eyes again.

 “No Stephen, do not close your eyes. Look at me, listen to me and try to keep your eyes open, okay!” He did so, but I could see that it was hard for him to do it, and also he was trying to say something. “No, do not talk. Don’t make any effort, except from keeping your eyes open okay?”

 I knew then that I had to stop crying, and be strong for him. Trying not to look weak in front of him was so hard, when the only thing that my body wanted to do was cry as I was feeling like this was the end of the word, but I knew I did not have other option. “I can’t believe after all this time, I found you again. I have to say this is not the way I imagined seeing you after all this time, but I guess I have to thankful anyway right?”

“He lost a lot of blood and he needs a transfusion as soon as we get to the hospital” said the doctor.

“I can donate blood. Not sure what type of blood he needs but please consider me as an option.” was all I could think to say. In that moment I would have given everything not to see him like that.   

“Perfect. Will run a test the second we get at the hospital and hopefully you have the right type.”

            I nodded to the doctor and then I turned my head around to Stephen. “You hear, after doing all this I’ll give you more than just a cup of coffee.” He smiled a little and I knew he was trying to be strong too, even if the situation was so bad. “Listen Stephen, we will be at the hospital in any second. Promise me you’ll fight for your life like you never did before.” In that second he closed his eyes, and I was fighting so hard to keep my tears in. I knew he was injured very bad, but I also knew, or wanted to believe anyway, that he was a strong guy.

            As much as I was trying to keep my voice, and my emotion stable, at that moment I could not do it anymore. I raised my voice a little, and with a serious face and tone, I looked at him again and said, “Stephen, I am serious. Don’t you dare leave me like this. Open your eyes and look at me”

            Even if it took him a lot of power to do that, he opened them, and looked at me. “I’m serious. Promise me, this is not a goodbye. Promise me, you won’t leave me again like the last time.  Promise me I’ll see you again right? You are a strong man. You are too young to die. That is not an option for you! Do you hear me Stephen? Dying it is not an option for you.”

It was then, that the ambulance stopped, and the doctors start preparing everything to take him in, but I could not take my eyes from him. I needed to hear him promise me he will fight for his life.

            “Stephen promise me please”. I was begging him to give he at least that hope.

            “I’ll promise we will drink that coffee one day” was all he said. And that was all I needed to hear in that second. That sentence meant so much, and I felt alive again.

            The doctors took Stephen out of the ambulance, hurrying him into the operation room, leaving me with a nurse to go and do my blood test, to see if I can donate. Even if I knew there was nothing else that I could do for him, I felt useless. I was trying to be strong and believe that he will get out of that operation room perfectly, hopping that like he said, we will have that cup of coffee, but at the same time, deep down in my heart, I was terrified that I might not see again, and that this time was forever.







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