Stories of tragedies

The movella is made up of 4 one shot's.
The stories are:
Goodbye from the black rose
An ocean of love and hate
A broken silver sea
A kingdom of ice


2. An ocean of love and hate

In an ocean far, far away, where was a young siren. She had fallen in love with a pirate, and the story goes like this.
Time after time she looked over the ocean, feeling left alone, when one day she saw a ship with black sails.
One day she saw the man, a man who kept the waters has his own, a man who wanted the world. The siren fell in love, she wanted this man, and she wanted the world to be his.
Well as the time goes by, he sailed through the ocean many times. And time after time she looked for him. And every time she saw him, she fell more and more in love with him.
He gained more and more power. He was blinded by power, gold, jewellery, everything of value. She didn’t know about his greed. She only saw how he looked and she felt in love, yes so deeply in love with a man she didn’t even know.
And one day when he sailed over the ocean, she sang. She sang a song so beautiful, so bewitching that all the men on the ship sail forward her. She smiled, happily, knowing the man was going to be hers, but she was so wrong. As the ship was by her side on the rocks, the men regain their own consciousness.
Her beautiful scales were green as jade, and her skin shined as diamonds.
The pirates were greedy; they saw her not as a siren, not even as a being. They saw her as something of value, something they could use, something they could set a price on and sell.
She loved him, and she still did when she found out about this. She couldn’t blame him. It was her fault.
He kept her, in a cage with water, in the basement of the ship. She was vulnerable. She sang, but no one heard her.
Then they were again on land, she was showed to all to see. And the pirate, she loved, sold her, for a good price of cause.
But then she felt her heart been broken, it hurt her so much, so deeply.
Then she took of one of her scales, it was as hard as a stone, and she got out of the water cage with her tail landing on him. She took the scale and broke it through his skull.
All this was happening in chaos. All the people had run away.
And on this land the dead pirate, that she had loved, laid dead by her side, as the sun slowly killed her.
Isn’t that fun? How she had loved someone so deeply, that she didn’t even care if she had to die herself to kill him. She had loved him so deeply, so much. And all the love had in an instant turned to hate, as he had sold her.
But in her last minutes she sang the song, that song that had started it all.

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