The Assistant || Harry Styles AU

Employed by Syco Entertainment, Nora Reid got a job working with the hottest band in the world – One Direction. Her duties consisted of assisting the boys with whatever they needed, but above all else, her job was ultimately to keep them in line – especially the rebellious Harry Styles. She knew the rules when she started. She signed the contract, even after reading the clause forbidding her from becoming romantically involved with any one of the boys. She was certain it wouldn’t be an issue – that following the one rule she was given would be a piece of cake. That was until she met the illustrious Harry Styles. She signed on the dotted line, not exactly realizing what she was getting herself into.


5. F I V E

He was peaceful when he was sleeping. He was actually tolerable when he was unconscious. And Nora wasn’t sure why, but she couldn’t stop watching him as she sat up front on the tour bus trying to watch the TV. Harry was on his usual couch. His book flopped down on his chest after his eyes fluttered closed, losing himself to the dream world. He didn’t snore or sleep with his mouth open and there wasn’t drool seeping out of the corner of his mouth. He was actually just this beautiful creature lying there. His long eyelashes pressed lightly to the tops of his cheeks, his pink lips perfectly pouted – those same lips that kissed her own only a couple of days prior.

Nora shook her head, trying to dispel the thought. They were on the tour bus for the past two days between shows, leaving her with little to nothing to occupy her thoughts. She was sure she was going stir-crazy. She was thinking of Harry and that stupid kiss way too much in the days that followed it. She hated herself for liking it, for wanting more. She hated herself for enjoying something Harry had to offer. And she hated herself for so easily being put under his spell. She thought she had more self-control than that. She thought she valued herself higher than to ever go for someone like him. But as she sat there, catching herself watching him once again, she could feel just how little resistance she truly had.

When she saw his lips curve up into a smile, she knew he caught her watching him and she hated herself just a little bit more because of it.


“Hi, Nora,” Harry breathed as his head turned in her direction, his eyes fully open.

“Hmm,” she breathed, angry with herself, determined to keep her eyes glued to the TV.

“You enjoying yourself?” He smirked at her. She looked over at him with a glare in her eyes and he laughed out loud.

“Pretend you weren’t just staring at me. It’s cool,” he said with that stupid smile still plastered on his stupid face.

“I really hate you. I hope you know that,” Nora told him, narrowing her eyes into slits, glaring at him. His laughter echoed through the small space.

“It wouldn’t be as funny if you were actually telling the truth,” he said confidently as he sat up, running his fingers through his curly hair.

“Believe me,” she grumbled under her breath, realizing that arguing with him was absolutely pointless. He had a comeback for everything.

“You’re adorable,” he chuckled as he stood up, making his way back to the bathroom.

“Fucking, ugh,” she grumbled to herself.

The last thing she needed was for him to think she was harboring any type of feelings for him. Just because she may have enjoyed the kiss more than she should have, didn’t mean she wanted it to happen ever again or that she liked him. She was convinced she only let it happen because she missed Grant. It was the only way to explain it. She missed her relationship and the affection that went along with it. That was it.


“Hey,” Harry said, eyeing Nora as he walked into the dressing room at the venue the next day.

Nora was all alone in the room, getting some last minute stuff put together before the show. The entire band and crew was off surveying the stage for that night’s show after a part of it was damaged during transit. It was a large crisis all day long, everyone’s stress level heightened considerably because of it.

“Why aren’t you out there with everyone else?” She asked him.

“What do I care about that kind of stuff? It’ll get figured out. I go out and sing. That’s what I am here for,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders as he leaned against the vanity, looking over at her. She scoffed, shaking her head as she continued with her work.

“What?” He asked as he narrowed his eyes at her.

“What?” She asked him back.

“Why did you scoff at me?” He asked.

“Are you really as cocky as you make yourself out to be? Like, do you think before you talk?” She asked him, genuinely curious as to how his brain functioned.

“What are you on about?” He asked, sending her a questioning look.

“I mean, is it an act?” She asked him.

“I don’t play games, Nora,” he scoffed.

“Oh! But you do. You really do,” she laughed out loud.

“What do I do?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Uh, for starters, let’s talk about all the girls you mess with,” she said, pursing her lips at him, just waiting for his bullshit response. His face evened out and a smirk pulled up his lips.

“Why? Are you jealous?” He asked, amused with himself.

“Is that a real question?” she chuckled darkly.

“Come on, Nora,” he smirked, as he moved closer to her.

“What do you want, Harry?” She asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Well, for starters—you,” he said, staring her down like she was his prey.

“Oh! Uh, no,” she said, feeling alarmed, backing away from him quickly. He laughed out loud, still watching her carefully.

“You really need to get that out of your head. It’s never going to happen, Harry. Never. Not a chance in hell,” Nora told him.

“Why? Because of the contract? Because of Grant?” He asked.

“Because of you!” She yelped, letting out a dark laugh.

“Hmm,” he hummed, still eyeing her.

“Shouldn’t you be off trying to fuck a girl on the tour bus?” She shot at him.

“I’ve never fucked a girl in the tour bus,” he told her matter-of-factly, acting as if she should be impressed by that.

“Oh, sorry. Is the sex reserved for your dressing room?” She asked sarcastically, rolling her eyes at him.

“I can put it on reserve for you,” he said with a salacious grin.

“Oh my god. Harry, just—just stop,” she said, waving him off, trying to ignore him.

“I don’t really want to,” he told her, as his finger trailed up and down her arm softly.

“Stop!” She said firmly, pulling her arm away.

“I might if you really wanted me to,” he breathed as he inched forward. She then realized he had her cornered once again.

If she wasn’t so focused on what he was doing, on how his presence was affecting her, then maybe she wouldn’t have found herself in that spot again.

“I don’t know why you’re fighting it. Nobody has to know, Nora,” he breathed lowly, looking straight into her eyes.

Oh, Jesus Christ. Three weeks into the tour and shit like this was already happening? There was still two more months left before the second leg of the tour started up. She was screwed. She was sure of it.

“Harry—” She breathed lowly.

In a split second, they broke away from each other when they heard the dressing room door open and some of his band mates bustled in. Liam was the first one in and eyed them suspiciously. Nora’s heart was nearly beating out of her chest and she felt like she was going to throw up. Luckily everyone else in the group was oblivious to them.

Nora quickly slipped out of the room and into the hallway, taking a deep breath. She hated this. She hated Harry. Why did he need to do this? She hated how he was making her feel.

As she began walking down the deserted hallway toward the exit to get some air, she heard the dressing room door open and close quickly. 

“Nora!” She heard Harry call out.

“Leave me alone, Harry,” she grumbled as she heard him jog toward her.

“Wait,” he said, catching up with her.

“What the hell are you thinking? What are you doing?” She lashed out on him.

“What?” He asked, looking taken aback.

“This is my job you’re messing with! I don’t have millions of dollars at my disposal like you! I need this fucking job and every time you do this, you’re jeopardizing that!” She snapped at him.

“Nobody saw anything,” he told her, so sure of himself.

“Nobody saw anything because nothing happened and nothing is going to happen, alright. So leave me alone,” she told him, her voice firm and prominent.

“Hmm,” he hummed.

“No, not hmm. Nothing is going to happen,” she snapped at him.

“Sure,” he said, sounding less than convincing. But she didn’t want to stand there arguing with him.

“Thank you,” she growled, slightly narrowing her eyes at him for a few moments before she stalked off toward the exit.


“You need to leave Nora alone,” Liam told Harry as the two of them stood in the dressing room alone that night before the show.

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked, narrowing his eyes at him through the mirror.

“You know what I mean. When I walked into the dressing room, I saw how close you two were. You need to leave her alone,” Liam told him again.

“We were just talking,” Harry scoffed.

“Yeah,” Liam said, pursing his lips together, not believing a word he said.

“Don’t be the one to get her fired, Harry. Management is serious about the rules,” he reminded Harry.

Nothing is going on. We were just talking, mate. Leave me alone,” he scoffed at Liam, getting angry. Daddy Direction at it again.

“I’m just saying,” Liam said, finally dropping the subject.

“Well, stop fucking saying it,” Harry snapped at him.

“Hey, if you want to be a dick that’s cool, but seriously if you mess with another girl on tour—” Liam continued.

“I just told you that nothing was going on!” Harry growled at him.

“Okay,” Liam resigned.

Fuck,” Harry grumbled to himself, annoyed with Liam.

The more he was told to stay away from her the more he wanted her. He hated being told what to do or forbidden from something. He was rebellious by nature and it only brought it out stronger in him. With managements stupid clause in Nora’s contract and the stupid little talk from Liam, Nora was just brought up to the top of his list of summer conquests and he was certain she was going to be the most gratifying.

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