The Assistant || Harry Styles AU

Employed by Syco Entertainment, Nora Reid got a job working with the hottest band in the world – One Direction. Her duties consisted of assisting the boys with whatever they needed, but above all else, her job was ultimately to keep them in line – especially the rebellious Harry Styles. She knew the rules when she started. She signed the contract, even after reading the clause forbidding her from becoming romantically involved with any one of the boys. She was certain it wouldn’t be an issue – that following the one rule she was given would be a piece of cake. That was until she met the illustrious Harry Styles. She signed on the dotted line, not exactly realizing what she was getting herself into.


8. E I G H T

If it bothered Nora at all before that Harry hung out with Alexis and Danielle, it was brought to a whole new level of annoyance over the next week. And she knew he was doing it on purpose just to prove something to her, just like he did before. But he was going above and beyond his usual torment by hanging out with them non-stop.

Yeah, sure Harry was technically a teenager, but his behavior with these girls was almost child-like and so immature. It made Nora hate him just a little bit more than she already did. They ran around being obnoxious like every day was April Fool’s day. They annoyed just about everyone and frankly, if Nora could have she would have screamed at them to fuck off on more than one occasion. But that’s exactly what Harry wanted. He wanted to send her over the edge. He wanted to get her to crack and she wasn’t going to. She wasn’t going to be a pawn in one of his games anymore. He could have the pink haired bitch and the slutty dancer. She didn’t care.


Nora heard a knock on her hotel room door and wondered who it could possibly be at that time of night. She was already in her pajamas – a tank top and shorts – and didn’t feel like doing much. Right before she pulled the door open, her heart sped up hoping it wasn’t Harry, but she found Josh and Zayn standing in front of her. Josh had a bottle of tequila propped up in his hands and he didn’t even need to say anything. She already knew what was on his mind.

“Oh, no,” she said as she shook her head.

“Oh, yes,” Josh retorted, nodding his head.

“Bad things happen when I drink that stuff,” she said, waving her hand in the air in protest.

“Even better,” Zayn said, grabbing her arm loosely to tug her out.

“No, Zayn. No,” she said fighting him, pulling her arm from his grasp.

“You’re coming to our hotel room, and we’re going to get you drunk,” Josh demanded.

“In a totally non-rapey way,” Zayn added in and Nora couldn’t help but laugh.

“Good call,” Josh said to Zayn. And Zayn shrugged, giving him a smug look.

“Guys just… seriously, I can’t control myself when I drink tequila… or jeg… or beer for that matter. As a matter of fact, I should probably stay away from alcohol altogether,” she told them.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Josh asked giving her a persuasive look.

“So what if you give a blow job or two? Preferably to me and this guy. Or maybe just two to me. Whatever. We won’t tell,” Zayn joked.

“Oh my god,” Nora giggled, putting her hand over her rapidly blushing face.

“Come on. We won’t let anything bad happen to you,” Josh smirked at her.

Nora stared at the two of them for a few moments as her mind weighed the pros and cons. They both stood there looking at her with cheesy smiles on their faces and she knew they weren’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

“Ugh. Fine,” she conceded.

“Atta girl,” Zayn smirked at her.

“Let me just… I’ve gotta… let me just meet you at your room in like five minutes,” she told them.

“Five minutes. We’re coming back if it’s any longer,” Josh told her.

“I’ll make sure not to answer the door,” she said, smirking playfully at him.

“NORA!” Josh shouted.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” she said.

“Five minutes,” he warned.

“Five minutes,” she told him as they headed down the hallway and she closed her hotel room door.

Fucking, fuck. She had a feeling it might not be the best idea to drink with them again, but how could she say no when they asked so nicely...

When Nora arrived at the bands hotel room, she was greeted with cheers from just about everyone, except for the sulking little shit in the corner – Harry Styles. He just stared at her as she made her way into the room, greeting everyone but him. Harry didn’t have those stupid girls on his arm, so his presence didn’t antagonize the fuck out of her, so she let herself relax a little, trying her best to ignore him.

“Ready, Nor?” Josh asked, smirking at her as he held up the tequila bottle.

“Oh, god,” she groaned as Zayn nudged her playfully.

“Come on,” he said, pushing her toward the small table that was in the room, where Josh already had a fresh lime cut up.

“What is your infatuation with tequila anyway?” Nora grumbled as she reluctantly walked toward Josh-the-bartender.

“It makes girls clothes fall off?” He shrugged with a smirk.

“Classy,” Zayn said, holding up his beer. She could tell they were already well on their way to being drunk already.

“Oh, god,” Nora groaned as she rolled her eyes.

“Harry – you in?” Josh asked and Nora’s eyes reluctantly fell on Harry.

“Yeah. I’m in,” he said, his eyes staring straight into hers.

“Louis, Dan, Jon, Sandy?” Josh asked the rest of them.

“I’m in,” Dan said, getting up from the bed, setting down the acoustic guitar he was playing.

“Yeah,” Louis said, walking over as well.

“Sandy, Jon?” Josh asked again.

“Not tonight,” Jon said, shaking his head.

“I’m good with beer,” Sandy told him, holding up his can.

“Liam and Niall didn’t want to hang tonight?” Josh asked Harry as he walked up to them.

“Liam’s already sleeping and I think Niall is working on music or something,” Harry shrugged as he wedged his way between Nora and Zayn.

“Here,” Josh said as he began passing out the shots.

“Do you need me to lick your hand for you again?” Harry asked Nora with a smirk on his face.

“I’ve got it,” she said with a glare thrown at him. She licked her own hand, letting Zayn dump salt onto it.

“Everyone ready?” Josh asked.

“Ready,” Dan and Zayn answered for them all.

“1, 2, 3 – go!” Josh counted down and they all proceeded with their tequila shots.

“Oh, yeah!” Zayn hissed as he slammed his shot glass on the table top.

As Nora continued drinking with all the guys, she did her best to avoid Harry, but she could see him watching her from across the room and it annoyed her too much. Was it because she was the only one in the room with a vagina? Because he didn’t have those stupid girls fawning all over him?

She could feel the alcohol coursing through her veins and she knew from the amount of shots that Zayn and Josh persuaded her to do, she was going to a) forget everything by morning, b) have a massive hangover, or c) both.

Nora was hanging out with Zayn pretty much the whole night. He spent the better part of a half hour trying to get her to hook up with him. What he didn’t know was that she wasn’t about to hook-up with anyone on tour, including him. Zayn was an awesome guy, though, so she didn’t take offense to anything he was saying. There was something about his humor that appealed to her so much. He was blunt, but still funny. And at times he could be pretty dirty and degrading, but she knew she had to take it all with a grain of salt.

“I mean, sure other guys will ‘care about you’ and ‘buy you flowers’. But I’ll fuck you until you have like, five orgasms, so…” Zayn trailed off, looking over at Nora. He was so drunk, she wasn’t sure if he even knew what he was saying anymore.

“Five orgasms, huh?” She asked, smirking at him.

“Five. Or ten,” he said, upping the ante.

“Sounds super tempting,” Nora laughed, taking a sip of her beer.

“So… back to your room then? I think you kind of did promise me a blow job or two?” Zayn said, smirking at her through his half-lidded eyes.

“I think you promised yourself a blow job or two,” she laughed.

“Oh, Lord. Malik’s getting all date-rape on this girl,” Josh said playfully as he rolled his eyes.

“Hey, fuck you,” Zayn said, pointing his finger at Josh.

“Have another,” Jon laughed. Zayn ignored him and bent forward to talk to Harry from across the room.

“Hey, Styles. Is it true you fucked Danielle in her bunk on the bus?” Zayn asked him.

Nora’s head immediately snapped in Harry’s direction as her stomach lurched and her heart rate accelerated. Harry’s eyes found hers for a split second before he went back to ignoring her.

“I mean, we didn’t fuck, but…” Harry’s confession trailed off.

She felt sick to her stomach and she had no idea why. What was Harry Styles to her anyway? Just a royal pain in the ass. Why should any of it matter to her?

“Oh, man. Fuck, she’s so hot,” Zayn groaned playfully.

“She’s super hot,” Harry added, smiling and nodding his head in agreement.

“Hey, at least someone is getting something on tour. Come on, Nor. Help a brotha out,” Zayn said, putting his hand on her bare thigh.

Nora barely heard Zayn as her thoughts spiraled in her head. Harry was disgusting, just disgusting. He didn’t give a shit who he was getting it from. All that mattered was that he was getting it. She had to get out of there. She couldn’t stand to be around him anymore.

She quickly pulled herself up off the bed and moved toward the hotel door.

“Nora! I’m kidding! Come back,” Zayn called out to her.

“Way to fucking go, Malik,” Josh told him as all the other guys either called for Nora to come back or told Zayn how big of a dick he was.

Nora didn’t even bother to pay attention to any of them as she threw open the hotel room door and stalked down to her own room, her whole head spinning from all that stupid alcohol.

Bad decision to drink, Nora. Bad decision to spend more time around Harry Styles than absolutely necessary.


“Fuck, I’m such an asshole,” Zayn said after the hotel room door slammed, after Nora stalked out. 

Harry was the only one in the room who knew the truth – that Nora wasn’t cross with Zayn, she was cross with him. He looked up to see Josh going for the hotel room door, probably to go talk to Nora. 

“Josh, I’ll go. Let me go,” Harry told him, getting up from the chair he was sitting in.

“Are you sure?” Josh asked, looking at him skeptically.

“Yeah. I’ll talk to her, calm her down,” he told him, moving toward the door passed him. Josh gave him an odd look, but nodded his head.

Harry slipped out the door easily and walked down to Nora’s room, running his fingers across the wall as he did. Nora could pretend all she wanted that she wasn’t feeling anything for him, but after tonight’s little display, he knew for sure she was. And he was determined to get her to admit it.

Harry knocked quickly on the door and stepped out of the way of the peep hole. He didn’t need her seeing his face and not opening the door because of it. When she didn’t answer right away, he knocked again.

“What!?” She growled, throwing open the door.

“Oh, fuck,” she groaned and rolled her eyes, seeing it was him. She immediately turned away from him to walk back into the hotel room, but Harry grabbed the door just before it shut and slipped inside, shutting it behind him.

“Get out of here, Harry,” she snapped as she turned and glared at him.

Hey, Nora,” he said, smirking slyly at her.

“Get. Out. Of. Here,” she growled, looking less than pleased that he was in her room.

“Not until you tell me what the hell that was,” he said, smirking at her.

“Just go away,” she sighed, turning away from him.

“Is there a problem?” Harry asked her, moving deeper into the room.

“No, Harry. There’s no problem,” she snapped at him.

“Clearly,” he said sarcastically.

Ooh. You are so annoying,” she said, glaring at him.

“But you like it,” he said confidently.

No,” she snapped.

“You like the attention,” he pointed out.

“Not from you,” she said, narrowing her eyes at him.

“Oh, especially from me,” he said with a sideways smile.

“What makes you think I want anything to do with you after everything you’ve put me through these past few weeks?” Nora shot at him.

“Because I know you want to,” Harry told her with a grin on his lips.

“I fucking hate that look. I want to smack that stupid smirk right off your face,” she said, narrowing her eyes at him again. Harry just chuckled, completely amused by her fake anger.

“I hate how you make me feel. I just feel… ugh. You make me feel ugh,” she continued ranting.

“I can make you feel all sorts of things,” he said confidently, inching toward her.

“And I hate that. I hate how you have a stupid comeback for everything,” she growled.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh. Her annoyance was only proof that he was getting to her, that he was under her skin. And the only reason he was there, was because she let him in.

“Are you going to shut up now?” Harry asked bluntly as his hands found her hips.

“No,” she said sharply as she looked straight into his eyes. She was being defiant on purpose, yet she wasn’t pulling away or resisting him.

Their eyes stared straight into one another’s for a few weighted moments. Harry was giving her time to change her mind, but he knew she wouldn’t push him away. He knew because he saw the defeat in her eyes every time they were in these close situations. She was fighting herself to reject him, but it was a losing battle.

“This is where I tell you to push me away – to tell me to fuck off,” Harry challenged, looking straight into her eyes. Her eyes narrowed at him instantly, but she didn’t say the words. She didn’t protest at all.

“But you never do. You never have, Nora,” he breathed in her ear.

“Do you want me to?” She snapped at him, pulling her head back slightly so they were looking into each other’s eyes again.

“Only if you want to,” he said lowly.

“Why do you do this? Why do you play games?” She asked, pressing her hands to his chest.

“I’m not playing games, Nora. That was you when you told me you didn’t remember our kiss on the 4th of July,” he said, sending her a salacious grin.

“This is too much,” she breathed, her voice wavering with uncertainty, yet she didn’t move a muscle away from him.

“Tell me to back off, Nora. That’s all you’ve got to do,” he told her as his grasp on her waist tightened.

“I-I…” She whimpered, looking more than a little flustered. Proof that Harry was in her head, that she wanted him.

With her hesitation, Harry pressed his lips against hers, his fingertips digging deeper into the flesh of her hips, pulling her closer and closer to him. Her mouth moved hungrily against his as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Their kisses were heated – all tongue and teeth – as his hands moved slowly up her shirt, touching the warm skin at her sides.

Harry’s natural attraction and physical demand for her was unstoppable. And he was greedy, going after her with everything he had. Watching Zayn hit on her all night had all his senses heightened and his libido was screaming for her. He was sure there was no way of reigning it in, especially since she was being so eager.

His hands worked farther and farther up, trying merely to rid her of her shirt more than anything as their mouths and tongues moved fluidly with one another’s.

Nora pulled back, letting him pull off her shirt, watching him closely. Her eyes were black with lust and Harry knew he had her. Once her shirt was discarded onto the floor, his mouth went straight back to hers, kissing her hard, his hands working up over her bra-covered breasts. She was practically purring for him.

She moaned against his mouth as her fingers worked frantically to pull up his own shirt. Harry pulled back letting her, before grabbing her by the waist tightly and guiding her back to the bed. She giggled as she fell backwards onto the mattress and he couldn’t help but smile down at her. This was what he wanted from the moment he saw her. But now, after months of touring, it was so much more. Nora wasn’t the only one with feelings she wouldn’t admit to.

Harry ran his hand down her abdomen, admiring her perfect frame and she looked up at him contemplatively, pulling her body up to rest on her elbows. Their eyes met and he knew how she was feeling, he could see it in her eyes. If he slept with her now, it would just be him taking advantage of her. She was pretty drunk and he knew this would be the exact opposite of how she really wanted it to go down.

Harry took a deep breath, running his hands over his face as he looked down at her.

“Harry…” she breathed.

“Nor…” he said quietly, taking a step back.

“No,” she growled, sounding angry. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Don’t even pull back now, Styles. Don’t fucking do it. This is it, okay. This is it,” she said, sitting up, staring straight at him.

“Nora…” Harry breathed, feeling guilty that it even went as far as it did.

“No,” she said firmly, standing up in front of him. All he could do was watch her

“If you don’t want to be a dick, Harry… just… god damn it… what!? Am I not good enough now? Was it all just a fucking game, Harry?” She growled, looking completely offended.

“No, Nora,” Harry said, shaking his head.

“You’ll fuck everyone else, but me?” She asked drunkly.

“I don’t—” He shook his head. She had no idea how little fucking around he actually did.

“Fuck you, Harry,” she spat at him.

“Is this what you want? You just want to fuck, Nora? Cause I can fuck you,” he shouted at her, getting angry.

“Then fucking do it,” she challenged him, her eyes narrowed.

There was a stare down, a face-off for a few moments, before Harry crashed his lips against hers, gripping onto the back of her neck.

Before he knew it, her bra was falling at their feet and he was crawling up her half naked body on the bed. His mouth immediately attached to her neck as his hands freely roamed the perfect peaks of her breasts. Her body arched up against his, sending agonizing bouts of pleasure through his lower regions. He groaned against her neck as his hands moved down her body. He lifted himself up just enough to look down into her eyes before he gripped onto the hem of her shorts, ripping them and her panties down her legs. His hands roamed up and down her body, truly appreciating every curve, every contour. She was already panting, looking up at him with her jaw slightly ajar. She was fucking magnificent, everything he imagined her to be.

Harry leaned down kissing over her belly button, making his way up the perfect valley of her stomach before cupping her breasts in his hands and letting his mouth work over both of them. Her moans were just about doing him in, but he knew that a woman like Nora deserved a little foreplay and he was going to give it to her.

Once he fully appreciated her voluptuous breasts, his mouth moved back down her body, leaving kisses all the way down.

Mm, Nora,” Harry breathed against her stomach, moving to kiss both of her hips as his hand cupped against her mound. Her fingers were already intertwined in his hair and she moaned out in pleasure when he dipped a finger inside of her, then another.

“You’re already ready,” he smirked smugly, feeling just how wet she was for him.

“I’ve been ready,” she moaned, looking down at him.

Harry left a few kisses on the top of her mound before he came back up, kneeling in front of her. Her eyes never left his as he began undoing his black jeans. She sat up and helped him push them down. He leaned in pressing their lips together, his hand gripping the back of her neck again as she opened her mouth to his.

Mm, Harry,” she breathed against his lips and he knew what she wanted.

But as soon as he pulled off his jeans completely, the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach stopped him in his tracks. He didn’t have his wallet on him, which meant he didn’t have a condom on him.

“Do you… Nor, do you have a condom?” He asked, looked back at her.

“I… no,” she said and shook her head.

“I don’t have my wallet. I-I don’t have one on me,” he told her, feeling like a proper idiot.

“I… well, I’m on birth control,” she said hesitantly.

“Nora…” he sighed.

“Just fucking do it already, Harry. Just do it,” she said impatiently. Harry looked into her eyes for a few moments to give her time to protest to the situation, but she didn’t.

“Alright,” he said, crawling up her body. 

He leaned down to kiss her quickly before he grabbed ahold of his shaft to guide himself in. As soon as he pushed in, she moaned out, tipping her head back. She was so fucking sexy in that moment, he almost couldn’t handle it. He leaned down, attaching his lips to her neck as he began a slow rhythm at first, building up to a faster pace.

“Oh, god,” she moaned as he felt her arms wrap around him, her fingertips pressed firmly into his back.

Harry kissed up her jaw line before reaching her lips again. She kissed him back before another moan escaped her lips.

“I’m totally getting fired,” she breathed.

“You’re not getting fired, Nora. I-I won’t let them,” he told her as he moved smoothly in and out of her.

Mm,” she hummed, forgetting all about it as soon as it fell from her lips.

As Nora’s moans got louder, Harry knew she was getting closer and closer, so he pulled up, grabbing onto her legs, letting himself rock in and out of her even faster than before. She was nearly choking on her gasps right before her body tightened up and she let out a low whimper, the pleasure thoroughly engulfing her.

Harry couldn’t help but smirk to himself as he watched her, feeling a swell of pride for giving this girl an orgasm. It only helped push his along. He could feel all the familiar tingling and pleasing sensations as it built up inside of him and with a low groan, he let himself loose, falling forward with his hands against the mattress. 

Mm,” Nora hummed as she leaned up, kissing his lips.

Mm-hmm,” he breathed as he pulled out of her and fell onto his back next to her.

He turned his head to look over at her. She lay there with her wrist lying over her forehead and her eyes closed, her breathing slowly going back to normal. She was so beautiful, everything about her. As he lay there with her, he pushed away all of the negative feelings about what they just did. All the guilt and the concern – he repressed it so he could just be there with her.

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