Of Doves and Guns

Jake x Reader
Part of the Of ___ and ___ series


1. Wedding Day

Just in case, I do not own any rights to Homestuck or its characters. Homestuck is owned by Andrew Hussie.

This has been changed back to x reader format for numerous reasons. Sorry if this causes any inconvience. Thank you ^u^





" Okay... I-I think I'm ready now."


" Jake, you've been ready. We are literally at the end of the alter waiting for your soon to be wife to come bursting through that door, and knowing how you two are, she might literally do it."


" Ah how right you are my best man. One of the many reasons why I love her!" Yep today is the day English. You finally get to marry the love of your life, [Name]. God, just the thought of it sends millions of butterflies into my stomach.


The music starts playing, " Get ready English, this is finally happening."


We all stare at the door, curious as to how she will enter, being as unpredictable as ever...


........Wow, she is really adding some major suspense.


........Okay something is up, and I'm not quite fond of the gut feeling that is starting to form.


" Don't worry Jake, I'll go look for her. Knowing how she is, she is either lost or staring into space."


" Thanks Dirk, but please be quick about it. I'm starting to worry."


" Just who the hell do you think I am?" And with that, Dirk flashsteps out of the room.


  Several hours have passed, and still no sign of my love. The guests, who already left, assumed she left me at the alter... but that's impossible, I know her better than she even knows herself, and I know she would never do this. I have hope that she will pop up eventually. Probably on an adventure thinking that the wedding is tomorrow, which wouldn't surprise me cause I almost forgot myself.


" Sorry Jake, I looked up and down the block, but she isn't around. Jane says no one has seen her since a couple of days ago."


" What about Roxy, did she find [Name] at home?"


" She hasn't called yet."


" Well maybe she- *ring*" Dirk glances at his phone.


" It's Roxy... Hello? .... Yeah he's right here.... You found what? ..... Alright calm down... We're on our way right now.... okay thanks Roxy." He hangs up and looks at me, a frown present on his face, " Roxy found a letter. I don't know what it says, but she says it's very important. Now come on, let's go." We immediately head towards our house... oh dear I hope everything is okay.....




  We arrive in only a matter of minutes. Roxy swiftly hands me the letter and takes Dirk outside.......... I..... I-I just can't believe this.................


Dear Jakey,


I decided that I don't want to get married. Adventures are too much fun. We would only hold each other back. I can't stand to see you looking sad, and I don't want you to see me cry either... so I'll leave this letter here, hoping you read it before heading to the church... If you were left at the alter, I'm sorry I never showed up with the big entrance I promised you. For now I think it's best if we stay away from each other... so don't look for me... I love you my dear and wish you the best.....



[Full Name]

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