Dimensions is the main chain of my stories, others including Untouched Dimension and Alpha Dimension. Tohru Hinada, our crazy protagonist, is a dimensional traveler, constantly jumping from world to world. Throughout her 300 years of jumping, she has gained many different powers and ablities, along with lots of new friends. The appearance of an alternate version of herself starts to cause some major problems. Who knows what will happen next or where she ends up next.


4. High Society Dimension

  We eventually make it a decent ways away from town. I stop and turn to Soul with a raised brow, “ So what was that about?” I cross my arms as I await for an answer.


 He shrugs, " It's normal everyday life to me, after all I am an outcast."


" Outcast?"


" Yeah, outcasts are hated greatly anywhere in the world.... which you clearly haven't been paying attention to."


" Well how does one end up as an outcast?"


" Well we have certain customs that MUST be followed or you will end up being disowned by your family and end up as an outcast. Doesn't matter if you're a child or an old geezer."


" That's terrible!" Victoria and I are both shocked, and I'm also slightly pissed cause I mean, why kids.


" How did you end up as one?" Victoria asks, like me, wanting to learn more about this high maintence society.


" Oh I broke off my arranged engagement with my 'soulmate'. Honestly I find the whole ' you are born with your soulmate' thing a load of bull."


" Wait... its decided who you will marry when you're born?" I ask, a bit puzzled.


" Yeah, its in order to maintain certain bloodlines or to keep the lower and higher classes apart. The middle class however can mix with them. I was to marry some painter from the lower class, but I can't be tied down so easily. Not when there are so many lovely ladies to meet~" He winks before chuckling, and I can't help but facepalm. Before I can retort we hear someone shouting his name, and by the time I turned around to see who, there was already a fist to his face....

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