All Because Of Him.

someone leaves a baby on Dan and Phil's doorstep


18. We're not gonna make it

Dan(iel)’s POV 


“What do you mean put my shoes on? Where are we going?”


“No time to explain, Philly. We gotta go right now.” I ran to his room to find the first shoes I could grab and threw them at him.


“What the hell, Dan- these are your shoes! Just calm down, call a cab and I’ll go get my shoes.” As he went to put on his shoes, I called for a cabbie to come get us. 


“Okay I have my shoes on, what’s going on? Where are we going?” he questioned as he looked down at his phone, "-oh look Mel called me, I wonder what she wants-”


“That’s exactly why we’re leaving. Phil, Mel scheduled an inspection with a social worker for tomorrow. We literally have nothing prepared to show the social worker! When they come in tomorrow and see that we have nothing ready for Liam, they’ll give us a negative note on the assessment!” At this, Phil went from completely confused to completely worried. I don’t know how we’ll pull it off but I know we’ll make it on time. Even if it means staying up all night, I don’t care. I will do whatever it takes. 


Once we got in the cab, all I was thinking about -despite that I literally just said it’d fine- was how we weren’t going to make it on time.There are so many people shopping for last minute gifts, traffic is going to be hell and it’s not like we can just carry around this stuff- cribs and dressers are too big to be carrying around, how are they even going to fit into a cab?? We are so screwed.


“Hey Dan don’t stress, I got an idea. Hopefully they’re not busy.” He said the last bit to himself, as he pulled out his phone to call someone.


“Hey Caspar, is Joe there?- Of course you two are having a sleepover- anyway could you guys do us a favour? Yeah I know that we always ask for favours recently but this is for Liam. Hold on let me put you on speaker-“


“Okay so we need you guys to help us take things back to the flat and we need you guys to help us to move things out of Dan’s room-“


“Hey why my room? Why not your room?” I protested, I didn’t necessarily like the idea of two twits going around and touching my stuff.


“Well because we basically sleep in my room all the time so I mean does it really matter?”


“Yeah it does! I film in my room!”


“I’m sorry princess but we need to put Liam somewhere and the gaming room is too small.”


“Fine but only because its for Liam.” 


“Okay so now that you two are done bickering, can you tell us what we are moving into the flat?” Joe asked.


“We’ll tell you when you guys get here, I’ll text you later. Thanks guys!”


“I had to hang up before they realized they need to go take a crib and dresser back to the flat.” He laughed, I’m glad those two agreed to help us, hopefully they can manage to go up the stairs without breaking anything.




We were now at some baby store that sold baby furniture, we didn’t even know what to look for so I decided to google ‘essential baby nursery items’. It was currently 5:45 pm and this store closes at 8, we’re going to have to hurry up. 


“I looked up a checklist so first thing we need is a crib, we need to go find those first.” Phil and I grabbed a trolley then walked around until we came across a bunch of cribs, there was so many colours to choose from. As much as I wanted to spend 2 hours deciding a colour, we had to just pick one.


“Which one do you want? I was thinking maybe a white one?” I suggested, looking at the white coloured cribs they had. They all looked the bloody same.


“I think this is the best!” Phil exclaimed, pointing at a creamy white wooden crib that slightly arched at the ends.


“Load it up, I’ll text joe and Caspar to come pick it up.” 


As I tried to get the box in the trolley, I nearly tripped on my feet because an employee came up behind me asking if we needed any help, but luckily I caught myself before I broke something.


“Um yeah, we were wondering if you could help us find a few things. We are looking for nursery essentials but we aren’t particularly sure what to get.” Phil answered for the both of us. 


“I don’t recommend buying everything at once because its rather expensive-“


“Money’s not an issue, we would like to get everything by today.” I interrupted her, if we weren’t in a rush, I would never act so rudely but this was different. 


“Alright then, if you follow me I’ll show you where you can get bedding for the crib.”


As we followed her, Phil nudged me in the side.

“What the hell was that?” He whisper-shouted at me.

“We’re in a rush Philip. Im stressed, sorry for being rude.”

“It’s okay, just don’t do it again.” He said sternly. Something about Phil putting me in my place aroused me, I just wanted to kiss those plump pink lips of his and defy him- I lost my train of thought as the girl spoke up. 


“These are all the bedding sheets we have, if you need me just come get me.” and with that she left.


“There are so many to choose from. This is going to be the end of me.” I said making Phil roll his eyes at me.


“You’re so overdramatic, I think we should get this blue sailor themed one.” He suggested but I wasn’t really feeling that theme.


“Um how about this cute white and grey one with elephants on it?”


“I still think we should get this sailor one-“


“Phiiiiil but this one will look so good. Please?” I gave him my best puppy face which could hopefully convince him, I mean it works every time on the gaming channel.


“Our baby boy will love this one, Philly! Look at the cute elephants on the mobile! We have to get it!”


“Ugh fine but only because you look like you we about to cry!” 


“Did not!” I began to protest but was interrupted by a certain duo.


“Yeah you did mate,” Joe spoke up, Caspar nodding his head in agreement.


“Whatever, we have to go find one more thing you guys have to take back to the flat.”


I was already half past 6 and we just picked a white dresser and changing station. Whilst Phil continued for the other items on the checklist, I went with Joe and Caspar to the checkout so they could to the flat. 


After she rung it all up, the total was nearly 1000£ just because picked the most expensive crib but I didn’t care, I would only get the best for out little baby. 


“Everything is paid for, good luck getting everything to the flat. Don’t. break. anything.” 




“Hey, I have the monitor and a diaper bin. What else do we need?” I read over the list and now all we needed were stuffed animals, a night light, and other decorations. 


By the time we finished picking out decorations, it was nearly 8 and an employee told us they were closing soon so we decided it was time to check out. At the end we got so many stuffed animals, including a huge 5ft elephant because Phil thought it was too adorable not to get; hopefully Liam doesn’t find it absolutely terrifying like I do. I swear I saw it’s eyes move but Phil insisted so now Liam’s gonna have a -possibly sentient- 5ft elephant in his nursery. 




Lucky for us everything fit into a cab now our only worry were Caspar and Joe so Phil texted the group chat.


Phil: how’s everything going? 


Joe: we found like 24829 socks under dans bed and a bunch of other stuff behind his furniture 


Caspar: How you build a crib?


“Oh dear, they’re going to break everything.” We were no where near the flat and there was loads of traffic so we weren’t getting anywhere for a while. 


“Hey Dan, I was thinking that maybe we should move. We need a bigger place for Liam and the french construction workers outside are constantly working outside, its going to drive the baby insane- its driving me insane!”


“Uh yeah sure, I mean we’ve lived in that flat for what- 5 years now? I think moving into a bigger place is a great idea, we could get one with 3 rooms, that would be nice.”


During the cab ride, we discussed getting a new place and how the phandom was going to react to it. Speaking of the phandom, what are they up to? Possibly coming up with more theories like they always do.




For the rest of the night, Phil, Caspar, and Joe stayed up tidying and trying to pull off the impossible: put together a nursery and move all my stuff into the office downstairs where we stuff everything. We really need to more, we have no more storage. 


By 7 am, we were finished with everything, we would’ve been done sooner but Caspar insisted on taking a break that lasted nearly 3 hours. The crib was up, the nursery was aesthetically pleasing, and the entire flat was baby proofed ready for inspection also Joe and Caspar were passed out on the floor but it didn’t matter because we were finally done. Now I just wanted to sleep-


Knock knock.



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