All Because Of Him.

someone leaves a baby on Dan and Phil's doorstep


14. Surprise!


Phil’s POV

Dan was sleeping soundly on my chest, we’ve been sleeping together everyday ever since Liam has taken away, it was nice and comforting. I couldn’t help but smile at the boy in front of me. Just yesterday we made the “engagement” official by giving each other rings. I looked down at his left hand that was currently holding on to my shirt, the silver ring was in view. He looked so peaceful and soft. I gently moved a curl out of his face, I couldn’t believe how happy he made me. Maybe someday Dan and I would actually get married and Liam could be our little flowerboy. 

Suddenly my train of thought was broken by my phone vibrating in my pocket. I quickly picked up.

“Hello?” I answered softly not trying to wake Dan up.
“Good morning, Phil. I just wanted to remind you to not forget you and Daniel have a meeting with the adoption agency at 1 this afternoon.”
“Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot.”
“Also don’t forget to get there 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. Bye!”
“Bye Mel.”

My stomach rumbled right after I hung up, why not surprise my beautiful fiancé with breakfast in bed? I thought. I removed myself from the sleeping boy and kissed his forehead before I left my room to go make some pancakes.


“Danny, wake up. Today’s the day of the meeting.” I gently shook him wake. He swatted my hand away and covered himself with my duvet. 

“Oh no you don’t, Daniel.” I pulled my duvet off him which made him groan. 


“You wouldn’t get up, I had to. Now here, eat your pancakes. I made them just for you, princess.”

We were in bed watching Netflix whilst finishing up when Dan started talking,

“Hey Phil,”
“I was wondering,” I nodded whilst sipping on my coffee so he could continue, “why did you start calling me “princess”? “ he asked, adding air quoted around the word princess.
“What do you mean, princess?” 
“See you did it again! I’m not a princess, Philip. I’m a motherfucking queen!” 
“Whatever you say, my little princess.” I laughed while Dan mumbled something about not being a princess.


We were now at the adoption agency and were told to take a seat as someone would be with us shortly. There was a few other couples here, Dan and I were trying to figure out who was the other couple interested in our baby. After 30 minutes of waiting we called up as well as another couple.

We were led into an office by a man, where we could discuss if we wanted to take the adoption further. 

“Hello, I’m Felix Joseph and you are?” He was a dark haired man who seemed to be in his mid-forties. 

“Philip Lester,” I said shaking his outstretched hand.
“Daniel Howell, pleasure to meet you.” Dan said politely.

“I’m Matthew Turner and this is my wife, Isabella Turner.” They seemed nice but I couldn’t help but feel like they didn’t particularly like us. I mean they probably don’t like us because we both Liam but I feel like theres something else? I don’t know, I’m probably over thinking the situation. 

“Please sit down, I’m aware that Liam was matched with the Turners but Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester have requested to adopt him as well, as they cared for him when the mother left him with them. In a situation like this, the adoption agency has decided to allow Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester to proceed with the adoption,” Dan’s hand found it’s way to mine which I glad for, we both needed reassurance that we were in this together. I shifted my eye from our hands to the Turners who had disgusted expressions on their faces which I decided to not think anything of it. “but we have also decided to let the Turners proceed since they are just as qualified and have been wanting to adopt an infant for months now. The agency will place the child in the best suitable home, whether it be with the Turners or Howell-Lester’s, that is if both parties agree to this arrangement. If one couple backs down, then the other couple will automatically be chosen to carry on with adoption. “ Mr Joseph explained to us.

There was no way Dan and I were going to let Liam go this time. I will make sure to do everything I can to adopt this baby. We can’t lose him again.

“I will let you discuss this amongst yourselves, I will be back in a few minutes to see what you decide.” He told us before he left.

“That baby is going to be ours, we can’t let him grow up with two boys.” I overheard Mrs.Turner say which pissed me off. Who is she to say Liam won’t be better off with us?

“Hey, you still want to go through with this?” Dan looked up at me with determined eyes.

“I’m not losing him again, Philip. We’re going to not only go through with this but we’re going to get him back. I’m willing to do whatever it takes.”

“That’s the spirit, princess.” I said, causing him to lightly push me. I know the pet name annoys him but it suits him.

“Should we introduce ourselves?” Dan whispered.
“Uh, I guess so.”

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, I’m Phil and this is my fiancé Dan.” I outstretched my hand for them to shake but after I realized they weren’t I awkwardly dropped it and put my hands in my pockets. Dan and I didn’t know what to do, they obviously didn’t like us they didn’t even try to hide it which is pretty rude.

After 5 minutes of awkward silence and stares from the Turners, Mr. Joseph came back in.

“So do you still wish to proceed with the adoption?”

“Yes.” Dan and Isabella said at the same time. 


“Hey princess, do you want to order some pizza for lunch?”

Before we left the adoption agency, we were given information on what the next steps of the adoption were which I read as soon as we got home. Now Dan was on his laptop doing who knows what.

“Yes please,”

Once I finished ordering the pizza, Dan tweeted saying he was going to start his live show early.

“Why are you starting your live show at 3?” I questioned since he usually starts around 9.

“I have to go get a suit for the BONCAS remember its next week.”

“I completely forgot about that. We can go buy suits together after your live show.”

“Alright. Can you get me a drink please?” 

“Why should I?”

“Well because I’m a princess according to you and peasants get their princess’s whatever they want.”

“I thought you hated it when I called you princess,”

“Not when I can use it to boss you around.” I just rolled my eyes and smiled at his lazy ass.

When I got back, Dan was logging onto YouNow to start his live show so I gave him the ribena and went to my room.

“Hey guys!” Dan greeted his audience and that’s when I remembered that he still had his engagement ring on.

I didn’t want to interrupt his live show but I also really didn’t want the phandom to see his engagement ring. I quickly got up, took off my ring, and went to his room. 

“Why are you guys typing “Phil” in the comments?” Dan asked the computer screen.

“Possibly because I’m here? Hey guys!” I gave a little wave then subtly grabbed Dan’s left hand under the desk. Dan looked at me with wide eyes for quick second before realizing I was taking his engagement ring off. Meanwhile I talked with everyone to distract them from the fact that Dan’s ring wouldn’t come off. Dan noticed it wasn’t coming off so just put his hand under his leg so he wouldn’t be tempted to lift it up. 

I decided to stay for the live show just in case Dan subconsciously tried using his left hand. 15 minutes later the doorbell rang which I made Dan answer so he could take off his ring.

“Phil entertain my audience, I’m gonna go get the pizza.”

I looked through the comments to see that everyone was wondering why Dan wasn’t using his left hand so I decided to change the topic by announcing that wouldn’t be able to do a live show this or next week as I will be busy. 

“I’m back! Thanks for keeping my audience company while I was gone, Philly.” 

“I’m going to go now, bye guys!” 

Once I was back in my room, I picked up my phone only to find that my mum had called me 3 times. I immediately called her. You know when you have a missing call from your mum and you know she’s going to be mad as hell and is going to shout at you when you call back? Thats what I feel was going to happen. I know I’m a grown man but I’m still scared of having missed calls from my mum. 

“What on earth took you so long, Philip! Oh doesn’t matter, is Dan there?” my mum asked.

“He’s doing a live show at the moment.”

“His mum is here with me, the live show can wait! We have news for you two!” 

“Hold on, I’ll go get him.”

I didn’t want to interrupt him again but I couldn’t make our mums wait. I made a note on my phone that said to end the live show because our mums called then I walked into Dan’s room which nearly made him fall off his chair.

“Jesus Christ, Phil!”

“Sorry, Danny. Look you dropped your phone.” 

“This isn’t- oh” 

“Sorry guys but I’m going to have the live show short. I’m really hungry and Phil’s probably going to eat all the pizza if I don’t go. Take care of yourselves, have a good week!” 

“That was such a lame excuse,” I laughed.



“Mum, Dan’s here now. What was the big news?” We were now on my bed talking to out mums about the "big news."

“Well we know you two don't want a big wedding but ," My mum started. I knew where this was going to but I let her finish anyway, "we've already organized a wedding for you two with the help of two of your lovely friends!" Dan's mum exclaimed. Two friends? What two friends?

"Who helped out?" Dan asked looking at me with a confused face.

"Joseph and Caspar! They went on and on about how we couldn't let you two not have a memorable wedding day!"

Of course it was Joe and Caspar.

"Don't worry Philip, Janet and I have taken care of all the wedding details so all you two have to do it get there and look pretty." My mum then went on and on about how everything had to be absolutely perfect while Dan's mum agreed with her. After they hung up I started thinking about the wedding. I didn't know how to feel about this since I didn't want people to know about our engagement because well first of all this was all fake and second of all, I didn't know if Dan was comfortable with any of this. On the other hand, I've always wanted a wedding but I guess there's no going back now, our mums already sent out the invitations.

"Hey its going to be alright. We're in this together remember?" Dan said giving me a soft smile. Well as long as Dan was okay with everyone knowing, then I guess it was fine. Everything was fine. Soon enough we'll have Liam and everything will be perfect. 

ding dong

"That better not be those twats, I swear I'm goin-" 

"Get your shoes and let's get going! We have so much to do!" Caspar interrupted Dan. Wait, how did they get inside?

"How did you get in our house?!" Dan shouted at Caspar. Caspar, with the straightest face he's ever made, replied,

"I'm from South Africa."

A/N- hey guys I usually never interact with you guys but I'm going to start to. What do you guys think of this story? I would really appreciate some feedback. I hope you have a good rest of the week! Thanks for reading :)

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