All Because Of Him.

someone leaves a baby on Dan and Phil's doorstep


13. It's time for a wedding part 1

Phil’s POV

I couldn’t believe we were actually getting married. This tiny human meant so much to us, I don’t know what we would do if we never got to see him again; I really hope this plan works. Not even last week, I was focusing on the present but now, now I want a future, a future with this baby and Dan by my side. I’ve never not pictured a future without my best friend, I’ve always pictured him by my side, through good and bad. I wasn’t completely sure what my exact feelings towards Dan were but I always knew we were something a little over just friends; I’ve never confronted Dan about these feeling, just because of the fear of rejection but I have a feeling he feels the same. Thing is, whenever he asked me to propose, it sort of felt right? I don’t know, I’m probably over thinking the situation, but what I do know is that I’m getting married to my best friend and I’m very happy about it.

“Hey Phil, could you book us a date at the register office?” Dan asked, breaking my train of thought.

“Uh, sure.” Wait, I had no idea how to get married; was there some sort of waiting list? Did we have to give a notice? Where do I even call?

“Dude, look.” Apparently Dan was thinking ahead and had looked up “how to get married in the London,”

“Fuck, says here that there’s a 28 day notice before we get married. What do we do now?” Dan asked me. We can’t cancel, we need to get married as soon as possible.

“I’m going to call to see if we can sort something out,” He dialed the number and stepped out into the hall. I wasn’t sure what he was saying but I trusted Dan knew what he was doing.

While Dan was out talking on the phone, I decided to tweet something to let everyone know I wasn’t dead.

“Trying to watch tv but dan won’t stop talking on the phone :(“ and tweet.
I immediately got loads of replies, asking if Dan was alive too so I decided to answer the first person I saw:
“@PhansSnowflake @AmazingPhil r u sure u didn’t kill Dan and didn’t tell us?”
I got up and took a sneaky pic of Dan on the phone. He looked really stressed, I wondered how everything was going.
"@PhansSnowflake nope! he’s right here!”

I answered a few more until I heard Dan come back into the lounge. He was rubbing on his temples and smiling, which I hoped meant he did it.


“We’re getting married, Philip.” I was so happy I got up and tackled him in a hug, causing us to almost fall on the floor but luckily Dan caught himself. “Woah calm down there Philly, let’s go sit down on the couch to avoid an incidents.”

“So how did you persuade them to let us get married in such a short notice? You didn’t threaten anyone right?” I questioned half jokingly as we sat on the couch.

“No, I just desperately said that I would kill myself if I didn’t get married to the most amazing man on earth-“


“Ugh fine, I was about to give up and just give her the 28 day notice but then she realized I was “danisnotonfire” so she told me if-"

“If you gave her kid an autograph, she’d slip us in?” I cut in.

“Not exactly, you see her daughter’s 14th birthday is coming up and she wanted to know if we could ask Troye to play a song at her party and I said yes! I don’t even know if Troye’s available! I panicked and accepted to the deal."

“So basically if Troye doesn’t want to do this, we’re not getting married?” What if Troye is busy? What if he doesn’t want to do this for us?

“Hey, it’ll be alright. I’m going to give him a ring and see what he says.”

“Hey, mate, I have an insanely huge favour to ask of you-no I didn’t kill anyone! Jesus Christ.”

“Put him on speaker,” I told Dan.

“Hey Troye!”

“Hey Phil! What’s up, why are you guys calling me? I’m about to binge watch some Netflix.”

“Okay so remember Liam? The baby we asked you to watch over while we were live? Well anyway, Dan and I need to get married to get him back. It’s a long story but to shorten it up, we need you to preform a song at this girl’s birthday party or else we won’t be able to get married in time.” I explained. He probably thought we were crazy or something but if getting married was what it took to get Liam back, that’s exactly what we were going to do.

“Uh sure? I know how much he means to you guys if you’re going through this much trouble. Yeah, I'll help out.”

“By the way, if anyone asks, Phil and I have been engaged for months now and we this is definitely not a fake wedding just to get Liam back.” Dan added.

“Okay, bye guys, text me the details later! My show is about to start!” I was relieved he agreed to our plan, I didn’t know what would’ve happened if he said no; to be honest, I think I would’ve convinced Dan to leave his hobbit hair and pose as Troye.

Lucky for him, we won’t have to do that.


The next day, I woke up with back pain and a numb arm. We fell asleep binge watching Buffy since we already finished everything on Netflix. Dan was lightly snoring onto my chest, his hair no longer straight, like him. The ends of his hair were starting to curl up, revealing his cute hobbit that he seemed to hate so much. He seemed so peaceful, I really didn’t want to wake him but I really needed to pee.

As gently and carefully as I could, I untangled myself from a sleeping Dan but failed miserably because he wouldn’t let go.

“Please don’t go,” Dan muttered.

“I need to go to bathroom, I’ll be back.” I told him softly.

“Okay don’t be long.” He said before wrapping himself in the blanket again.

After I got out of the bathroom, I realized it was 3 pm. How did we sleep for that long? Doesn’t matter we gotta get up and figure out what we’re gotta do next for this wedding.

“Wake up, Danny boy!” I said pulling the blanket off him.

“Phiiiiil you promised you would come cuddle but instead you take my blanket. I hate you.”

“I love you too, Danny.”


“I’ve been reading this website about how civil ceremonies work and it says here that we need to have two witnesses to make it valid. Who should be our  witnesses? I think we should have Martyn and Cornelia. What do you think Dan?”

“I think you should stop eating my fucking Crunchy Nut but yeah Martyn and Cornelia sounds fine.”

“Hey I said I was sorry!” I defended almost choking on his cereal.

“Fuck your sorry, I don’t have anymore bloody cereal. Go buy some you spork or I’ll file a divorce!”

“Fine! Do you need anything else, princess?” I said giggling whilst over dramatically bowing to him.

“Get me some chocolate too, peasant.” Dan commanded, using his spoon as a scepter.

Once I was done with the cereal, I put on my shoes and went out the door in search of more cereal.
As I was walking, I decided to call Martyn to ask if he could be our witness.





“Yo what’s up.”

“Hey Martyn, is Cornelia there? “

“Hey Phil!”

“Hey guys, so as you may know, Dan and I are getting married and we wanted to know if you two could be our witnesses on November 29.”

“Wait since when are you two getting married?” Martyn questioned, I would’ve thought mum told him already.

“Mum didn’t tell you?”

“No? I feel offended. I am your older brother and I am the last person to hear this? Shame on you little brother. Also here you go Cornelia.”

“Wait did you guys bet on us too? Did everyone bet on us or something? Why didn’t I know about this? Oh whatever, so what do you say, are you two in?”

“I’m going to have to decline that offer, little bro. I just can’t believe you didn’t tell me sooner, I am hurt.”

“Oh shut up Martyn. I’m sorry Phil but we’re going to be in Scotland and we won’t make it in time. I’m so sorry, I hope you find someone.”

“That’s alright, I’m sure we’ll find someone else. Thanks anyway Cornelia!”

“No problem- I am hURT BROTHER.” Martyn yelled, cutting her off.

“Bye Martyn.”

After I hung up, I immediately texted Dan telling him everything.

Dan: who are we going to ask now?

Me: Idk

Me: How about Joe and Caspar?

Dan: ugh not those two twits

Me: They already know the situation, I bet they’ll understand

Dan: fiiiiine, i’ll give them a call


I just shook my head at his last text before I pocketed my phone.


“Danneh!” I called out when I got home.

“My room!”

I walked up to his room and threw the Crunchy Nut at him.

“There you go, princess.”

“Gee thanks. How nice of you, peasant. Hey you already bloody opened it!” That was my cue to leave before he started yelling at me.

“Phil come back!”

“No! You’re gonna yell at me!”

“No I won’t!”

“You promise?” I asked quietly as I walked to his door.

“No! How could you eat it! You already had like 20 bowls!”

“It was so good though!”

“I don’t care!”

“Will you stop yelling at me if I give you some ice cream?”


“I bought vanilla and maltesers!”

Once I came back with two spoons, I sat next to him on his bed so we could watch some movie on his laptop.

“Oh by the way, Joe and Caspar said they’ll be the witnesses.”


“Come on Dan, we have to go down to the register office and drop off all the requirements and to confirm the date.”

“I don’t wanna go! Can I please just stay home?”

“No, come on get dressed. I’m not going to dress you.”

I was already dressed and ready to go but Dan wasn’t. He never wakes up on time, no matter how important the day is, he always over sleeps.

We got a call yesterday to come to the register office and check in with "Linda" to keep everything intact.

While Dan was getting ready, I called a taxi to come pick us up.

“How much longer, princess?” Dan was so difficult sometimes, I don’t know how I even deal with him sometimes but he’s my best friend and fiancé now so I’ll have to deal with his lazy bum for a while.

“Coming! Geez, I can’t even straighten my hair today. I think it’s going to rain later, I’m going to have to keep my hobbit hair.” He complained while attempting to fix his fringe. 

“You look cute with it just leave it alone.”

I could see the blush starting to form on his cheeks which made me smirk. Dan gets so easily flustered, its adorable.

“Okay let’s go, the taxi’s outside waiting."

When we finally got to the office, a middle aged lady, who I assumed was Linda, was already waiting for us. She ushered us into her office so we could fill out the paper work.

“So before we start, did Troye Sivan agree to preform for my daughter?” Linda asked, her icy blue eyes seemed to be searching for any indication of lying.

“Yes, he just needs to know the details.” Dan told her but she didn’t seem to believe us.

“I’m going to need some proof, gentlemen.”

I quickly took out my phone and gave him a ring which he thankfully answered.

“Hi, Troye remember when we told you about the whole you have to perform at a birthday party? Well the mum, Linda, would like to make sure we weren’t lying so could you please tell her we actually know you.” I told him before passing the phone over to Linda.

I looked over at Dan who seemed to be spaced out. I swiftly linked our hands together to assure him that I’m here for him. I’ll always be with him. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get over the fact that this is just a pretend wedding, but hey, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

“Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester, lucky for you, a couple cancelled on us so the only available time for the ceremony is November 29 at 6 am. Is that alright?”

“Yes! I mean yes, it’s fine.” I said, not caring that it was so early, as long as it was on November 29 I was okay with it.

“Now, I’m just going to need a few things from you two to confirm the date.”


After debating with myself for an hour, I decided to go out and buy us some wedding rings. We have to make this thing convincing. One thing I didn’t know was that Dan had the same idea.

We both bought a set of rings. Dan bought 2 silver engraved rings with the letters “D.H. & P.L.” craved in the inside, which we decided were going to be the engagement rings.

While I bought us 2 silver rings with a diamond in the center of each, maybe the diamond was a little too much but I didn’t care, Dan was worth every penny. On the inside of his, I chose to have “ 19/10/09” craved in it, while mine is “29/11/16” ,the date of our wedding.

“I love you, Dan.”

“I love you too, Phil. Thanks for agreeing to do this for me, I really appreciate it.”

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