All Because Of Him.

someone leaves a baby on Dan and Phil's doorstep


3. Hot drinks and Disney movies

"That took two hours!" I complained going up into my room with Liam. After tesco, we decided it would be faster to walk home, luckily no one recognized us. 
Liam stopped crying once Phil gave him a dummy to suck on to distract him from the fact that he needed a nappy change. 
"Hey Phil could you change Liam- wait no. I think he needs a bath. Could you help me by washing his bottles and make his bottle?"  He yelled back an 'okay' and I changed Liam so he was ready for his bath. 
" hey baby, do you like baths?" I asked him setting him on the sink once the water was warm enough. He started to make a face and tear up so I hummed him the Totoro theme song, which seemed to work. I poured some baby shampoo onto my hand to make sure I didn't pour too much, then onto Liam. 
"See this isn't that bad. " I smiled at him whilst he just stared at the bubbles forming on my hands. 
"You like these? They're called bubbles. See?" I popped a few causing him to laugh. 
I was rinsing him off when Phil abruptly came in and took a picture of me with Liam. 
Phil just giggled and went off into his room, almost tripping as he ran to his room. I rolled my eyes and wrapped Liam up into a towel burrito. He was falling asleep once he was wrapped up but be needed to be changed so I had to break his little bundle of warmth. 
"I'm sorry baby but I have to change you now. "
I gave him a dummy so he wouldn't cry then quickly out his nappy on. Phil had laid out Liam's outfit on my bed which consisted of a white long sleeves body suit and blue overalls with a bear face as a pocket on the front along with turtle socks.
"Aw what a good daddy you are. Isn't that right Liam?" Phil said coming into the room, handing me Liam's bottle and a bib. I took them then started feeding him. 
"Why are you taking a picture? Phiillll." 
"You look every cute like this." I blushed at this. 
" would you like to give it a try?" I signaled him to sit down so I could had him the baby. 
"Okay a put this arm under his head and this one over here so he'll be steady." I instructed him then handed him the bottle. 
"See it's not that hard. " I told him 
I picked up my phone and took a picture of then while Phil wasn't looking. 
"Hey! I saw that!" Phil laughed
"Aw look Liam's smiling." I zoomed in so Phil could see. 
"What are you so smiley about, Liam?" Phil asked him 
"He's probably happy he's finally clean. Fuck. I just realized we forgot to get those  those suits for BBC Radio 1 on Sunday because they close tomorrow!" 

"I forgot too! Crap,Dan. We have a meeting tomorrow before the actual event in Sunday. " 

"Are you actually kidding me? Why didn't you tell me earlier it's nearly 4pm?!" I had to calm down since Liam was getting upset. 

"It's alright Liam. Calm down, here have your dummy." Phil told Liam. 

"Let's get going. " I said. 

As we were about to leave we realized we should've gotten Liam some blankets since it gets chillier in the afternoon. Phil already made a baby bag so we grabbed it and left. We walked all the way to the dry cleaners without being recognized which was every unusual. Usually at least one person would see us but I'm glad no one has seen us with Liam. Once we were at 'Dry Dry' Phil started laughing.

"Phil stop laughing, dry dry isn't that funny. " I told shushed him but failed. 

"How are you not laughing? Who even named this place?" Phil asked between giggles. I gave in and started laughing 

"Aw look Liam's laughing too. See Liam thinks it's funny!" 

Once we were calmed down, we walked inside. 

"Welcome to Dry Dry! How may I help you?" The lady asked us. 

"We have a pick up for Howell and Lester." I said whilst Phil giggled with Liam in the corner. The lady went to the back to get our suits and came back a couple minutes later. 

"Ah, here you, Mr. Howell-Lester? You and your husband have a good day now!" I didn't want to correct her so I smiled and left. 

While we were walking , Phil said he wanted a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks meaning more walking. 

We walked around for about 30 minutes when we came across a Starbucks. Phil went to order whilst Liam and I waited for him at a table. 

"Look Liam, Phil is getting our drinks. Speaking of drinks, I have to make your bottle. You must be hungry. " 

It didn't take long to make his bottle which was fortunate for me. 

"Where the hell is Phil? He should've been here by now." I whispered to myself whilst feeding Liam. I looked around from where I was sitting to find Phil with 2 fans. Shit. Phil looked like he was handling things well. He pulled out his phone, typed something, then talked the girls again. I felt my phone ringing from my pocket. It was a text from Phil. 

Phil: don't look. Fans near. Pretending I'm alone. They can't see Liam.

I turned towards the wall so I didn't get recognized and stayed on my phone. After about 5 minutes, Phil was back. 

"Hey, here's your latte. Sorry it took so long, these girls wanted to know where you were. " He apologized.

"Thanks. I think we should get going so no one sees this little guy with us. “ I said whilst burping Liam when suddenly, he spit up his milk.

“Liammm.” The baby started crying so I had to change him so he would calm down. Phil and I went to the restrooms to clean him up.

“Phil, can you change him? I always change his nappy, it’s your turn now.” I cleaned the spit up from Liam’s face and off my shirt.


After my shirt was clean, I picked out a baby blue jumper and black trousers with panda socks from him to wear. Phil was finished once I had the outfit ready

“Okay now we’re good to go. You look so cute! Yes you do, yes you do!” Phil put a blue baby cap/beanie on Liam and picked him up. 

People are staring, lets go. I told him since people were starting to come into the restroom

We walked around town for a while till we saw a baby shop called Babies Plus. Phil wanted to check out the place so we went in. There was bright colours and strange looking creatures that were supposed to be cute and adorable cartoon characters or something. Phil looked around the clothes whilst I just awkwardly stood in the middle of the store looking like a dork. 

“Hello sir! Are you looking for anything in particular?” A sales associate came up behind me and asked me. 

“Oh um no, I’m just looking, not really sure what to get.” I laughed awkwardly.

“Does your wife need any help looking for something?” She asked nicely.

“I don’t have a wife-“ She looked really confused and she probably thought I was some kind of creepy child molester who stalks kids.”Uh I mean I have a husband, he’s over there.” 

“oh- well let’s go over to ask if he needs any help.” She followed me to where Phil was.

“Hey Philip, this nice lady is asking if you need any assistance?”

Phil looked up at me.

“Uh do you guys carry any baby carrier?” Phil asked. What the bloody hell is a baby carrier?

“Aw he’s so cute! What’s his name? and yes we do have baby slings.” She asked us to follow her

“His name is Liam.” I replied 

“That’s such a cute name!” She said once we were in front of the baby carriers. “Do you guys need anything else?”

“No, thanks for your help though!” Phil replied politely.

“If you guys need anything else, just come find me.” and with that she left.

We looked for a while through the store and left with a galaxy coloured baby carrier,3 baby blue blankets, and a few baby toys.

The baby carrier is a good idea till we realized one of us had to wear it, making us look like twits. I decided we play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who gets to wear it today. 

“okay so on ‘shoot.” I said. 

“Rock paper scissors… shoot!” We said in unison. Phil threw a rock. Hey wait- that means…

“I won! Paper covers rock!” I did a little victory dance but then phil told me were staring so I still continued dancing but Phil walked way with Liam. 

“Phiilllll! Wait up!” I ran to catch up.

“Hey so where should we go?” I asked Phil once I caught up to him. I was carrying the baby bag and the shopping bags so the extra weight held me down.

“Uh, are you hungry? It’s nearly 5pm.” As if on cue, my stomach started growling. 

“Haha, yeah. Where do you want to go?” 

“Do you fancy some pizza?” Phil asked.

“Sure. I’ll see which the closest pizza place around.” I got out my phone and pressed down on the home button.

“Siri, what is the nearest pizza place around?”

“Looking up the nearest strip club around”

“Aghh tHAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID.” I quickly got off Siri before it could give me any results and decided to just type it manually. Phil shook his head and laughed whilst I typed in my destination. Loads of results came up so I decided to just pick a random one and go to that one. Whilst we were walking, I secretly took a picture of Phil with that baby carrier, unfortunately, Phil caught me but I kept the pictures. Liam was sleeping cozily in a blanket bundle in the baby carrier so hopefully he would nap whilst we ate. In about 15 minutes of roaming the city of London like complete idiots, we got to a small pizza restaurant. Once inside, the hostess lead us to a table after Phil said it was a party of 2. 

“May I get you something to drink?” The waiter asked.

“Uh could we 2 Ribenas please.” Phil ordered. 

Liam was starting to stir in his sleep. He must feel uncomfortable, I can imagine sleeping sitting up does not feel pleasant. I told Phil to hand me Liam, he obliged and gave him to me. I carefully took Liam out of the baby carrier and onto my arms successfully.

“Now he can sleep without feeling uncomfortable.” I told Phil.

“If you want we can take turns so you won’t get tired whilst you eat.” He offered.

Before I could say anything, the waiter came with our drinks and asked what we wanted to eat.

“Can we get 2 caesar salads, breadsticks, and a small spinach Alfredo pizza please?” Phil ordered for us once again. 

After that, we just talked and shared some cheeky bants whilst eating the food. Liam woke up during we were eating but didn’t cry so I gave him a dummy to entertain him.  We were discussing the latest anime when we realized that we’re been there for almost 2 hours. We paid up front and headed home. 

When we finally got to the flat, I was exhausted. 

“Can you watch him? I need to take a shower.” I don’t think I’ve showered in ages. 

I didn’t take long because I didn’t want Phil to have to watch Liam all by himself. I changed into some oversized black shirt and found some boxers then went to find Phil. As I expected, they were in Phil’s room.

“Oh hey Dan. I changed Liam’s nappy and put pjs on him.” 

“Of course you made him wear a lion bodysuit with lion socks.” I shook my head and laughed.

Phil went to go shower so I decided to make come hot chocolate and put on a disney movie for Liam.

I brought my duvet and Phil’s into the lounge so we could watch the movie comfortably. 

“Hey what’s all this?” Phil asked.

“We should watch a movie with Liam.” 

“Where’s Liam?”

"He’s right there, on the duvets. Could you pick a movie? I forgot to make Liam’s bottle.” 

I went to the kitchen and quickly made the bottle. When I went back to  into the lounge, Phil had The Little Mermaid on the TV and had Liam wrapped up in one of his blankets.

I handed Phil the bottle then grabbed our hot drinks so I could sit down. 

“This is so good, Dan.” Phil said whilst pressing play. 


“I don’t remember this part of the movie?” I said half way into the movie. 

“Phil?” I looked over to find Phil asleep with his glasses on and Liam in his arms.

I smiled and took a picture. I then proceeded to take his glasses off and carefully taking Liam from Phil. Liam was still awake so i decided to watch the rest of the movie till he fell asleep.

“Hey baby, let’s finish this movie.” 

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