All Because Of Him.

someone leaves a baby on Dan and Phil's doorstep


4. Do We Have To?


Why does my back hurt? I think I slept wro- wait!
Everything came back to me. I was watching The Little Mermaid with Phil then he fell asleep so I took Liam- Liam! Fuck. Where is he?
I frantically looked around the room but couldn’t find him.
“Philll!” I yelled out; my heart racing.
“In the kitchen?” He called back to me. I quickly ran into the kitchen to find a perfectly calm Phil.
“Is something wrong, Daniel?”
“Where’s Liam? He was in my arms but he wasn’t there when I woke up!” I blurted out. Phil just looked at me and laughed.
“Dan, calm down. He’s fine! I woke up around 10am and saw we were still in the lounge. Liam was wake and I didn’t want to wake you so I took him from you. I fed him and gave him a bath.“
“Where is he now?” I asked more calmly.
“Oh he’s sleeping in my room. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes!” I left the kitchen before he finished talking but I heard what he said.
I went straight to Phil’s room and was relieved to find Liam sleeping soundly. I went over to him and saw he was wearing a bodysuit with the word “RAWR” on it. He looked so peaceful, I just left him and went to go brush my teeth.
After I got out of the restroom, Phil called down for me to come eat.
"Just on time” I thought.
I double checked on Liam before I went to the kitchen.
“Dannnielll! Food’s ready!” Phil screamed in my ear.
“Oh there you are!”
I helped Phil get the coffee as he took the breakfast into the lounge. We decided on watching whatever was on TV which was some cooking show. Half way into the show, I heard a faint sound of crying. Liam must be awake. I looked at Phil and Phil looked at me, signaling me to go get him.
"I'll go get him." I whined.
Once I got to Phil’s room, I saw my tiny baby- wait did I just say ‘my?’ No Daniel, he is not yours. You can’t even take care of yourself, what makes you think you can take care of a tiny child?
I repressed all my thoughts to the back of my mind for now to attend to the weeping baby in front of me.
“Hey baby, don’t cry. Dan’s here now. Let’s go to the lounge with Phil. Speaking of Phil, of fucking course that spork gave you mismatching socks.” I chuckled to myself as I picked up Liam and noticed him wearing a whale sock and a tiger sock.
“I think you need a nappy change too, mister.” I said tickling his belly. Liam just laughed whilst I changed him.
After I was done, we went into the lounge with Phil. Phil was on the phone when we got there, I wasn’t sure who he was talking to but I had a feeling I was going to find out soon.
I resumed eating once I sat down with Liam still in my arms. My food was quite cold but I didn’t mind, I was so hungry.
Phil ended his call with “Great, see you then!” so I guess it was good news?
“Guess what?” Phil piped up.
“What? Is Kanye finally coming to adopt me? If that’s not the case then I don’t care.”
“Fine, what?” I asked nonchalantly.
“BBC wants us to go down to Hyde Park later today at 3pm.”
“Ugh I didn’t wanna leave the flat today. Do we have to?” I prayed to any higher power out there that I didn’t have to leave the flat. I’ve been out more these past days than ever! I know I didn’t leave the flat at all after coming back from the Australian TATINOF but staying in is better than going out.
“We have to. Stop complaining, they have to show us what we’re going to do so we don’t mess up.” Phil told me.
“We’ll mess up no matter what. We’re Dan and Phil, thats what we do. Also what about the baby, can he even go?” At this point, I was just trying to find an a excuse to get out of this ridiculous meeting but I knew Phil was going to talk me into going either way.
“Uh we can just take him.”
“No, we can’t. He might get sick.” I was trying to fine any excuse to not go but Phil was not going to take any of my bullshit.
“We can wrap him up in a blanket and dress him warmly.” He explained.
“But what if-“ I was interrupted by Phil.
“Shut it Daniel. If you agree to go I’ll buy you a big bag of Maltesers but if you don’t, I’m gonna drag your ass there.” He compromised well more like threatened.
“Fine. I better get those Maltesers.”

It was almost 1pm so we decided to start filming for spooky week. We were making some recipe Phil found online or something. Liam was on a blanket on the floor, out of the shot. Phil apparently looked up that babies need to have something called ‘tummy time’ so that’s why he’s on a blanket surrounded by some weird dangling toys.
“Hello my spooky minions, its that time of the year again, when the leaves start changing and pumpkin spice is in the air. Yep that’s right, its time for spooky week!” Phil exclaimed.
“Today we are going to be baking Tanya’s rainbow layered cake from Tanya Bakes with a spooky twist! But for this, I will need a lovely assistant! Oh lovely assistant!” Phil said that last bit in a sing-song voice.
“Oh ‘lovely’ is all I get? Why not ‘fabulous’ or ‘phenomenal?’” I joked. Phil just rolled his eyes and laughed.
We continued on with the video and got all the ingredients together without spilling anything. Apparently instead of the traditional rainbow colours, we’re going to be using orange, black, gray, vanilla, and brown. Once all the batter was throughly mixed, it was time for pouring the mix into the pans, welp this is going to be a complete flop.
“Okay so this part should be fun, get all your food colouring and bowls then pour the same amount of batter into all 5 bowls. Next, pour as much food colouring you’d like.” Phil instructed.
As I suspected, we ended up smashing a bowl on the floor which startled Liam, causing him to cry.
“I’ll go get him.” I told Phil.
I picked up the little bugger and cradled him in my arms.
“Hey baby,its alright. We just dropped a bowl no big deal. I know what will make you happy- Now where is that damned thing?” I was trying to find his dummy so I went into the lounge but couldn’t see it anywhere.
“Philll!” I yelled out.
“What is it?” He yelled back from the kitchen.
“Where’s Liam’s dummy?”
“It’s in my room, in his baby bag!”
“Alright, thanks!”
We went in Phil’s room and soon found the dummy but Liam didn’t want it. I figured he was hungry so I decided to fix up a bottle. I went back into the kitchen and saw that Phil already cleaned up the smashed bowl and had a bottle ready.
“Wow you’re a real life saver.” I thanked Phil then went into the lounge to feed Liam. Phil said he was going to zoom in and finish the mixing by himself since we’re running short on time.
Whilst Liam was eating, I went on Twitter.
“so @AmazingPhil promised me a bag of Maltesers earlier today so I will be awaiting a bag of Maltesers by the end of the day”
As soon as I posted everyone kept asking why Phil owed me the chocolates. I only replied to a few people then I saw Phil’s reply.
“@danisnotonfire new phone, who dis?”
“@AmazingPhil k.” With that last tweet, I looked down and noticed Liam was done with his bottle.
I wrapped Liam up in a blanket and put him in my room.
“Hey so where are the cakes?” I asked Phil once I got into the kitchen.
“I was waiting for you to put them in the oven. Come on, we don’t have loads of time so we gotta put them in now.” Phil turned the camera back then we went back to filming.
We put the cakes in the oven and now we had to wait for about an hour before icing them. Phil and I went and waited in the lounge, on our laptops. Some time while we waited, I checked the time.
“Hey Phil?”
“Yeah?” Phil replied, not bothering to look up from his screen.
“When’s the meeting?” I questioned.
“Uh at 3pm.”
“Holy mother of fish sticks. Do you think we can decorate a cake in less than 15 minutes?” At this Phil looked up.
“I’ll go turn off the oven, you go get the baby. I don’t think we have time change so Halloween jumpers it is. By the way, dress Liam warmly since we’re going to be outside.”
I went straight to my room and pulled out the first outfit I managed to take out of the drawer for Liam. Coincidently, I pulled out a black and white long sleeves bodysuit with a ghost on it which matched with Phil and I’s jumpers. I put his teddy bear jacket on then wrapped him in a blanket.
“Okay I think that should be warm enough for you.” I told the sleeping baby.
“Hey are you ready? We have to get going, I have the baby bag and carrier so let’s go. We can’t be late like always.”
We were at the front door where Phil stopped me.
“What’s wrong? Did you forget something?” I asked.
“Um Daniel? Where the hell are your shoes?” Phil face palmed.
“Jesus fucking Christ! Hold on.” I ran back upstairs and put on the first shoes I could find then went directly back downstairs.
Half way down, Phil texted saying he was in a cab and to hurry up. I practically flew down, locked the door, and got into the cab.
The ride there wasn’t very long but long enough for Phil to scold me about not being ready on time except this time I didn’t get deodorant in my eye causing me to temporally blind.
We got to Hyde Park with literally one minute to spare. I put on the baby carrier since Phil had to wear it last time and speed walked to the middle of the park, where the event will be held.
“Hey there you guys are!” Alistair, our producer, told us as we were coming into view.
“Okay guys so what we want you to do is, interview the artists and all the different bands coming in. As you guys know this music festival is a big deal since many people are going to be attending. Do you guys have your suits? Remember to dress formal but not too formal.” We nodded.
“So what else do you want us to do tomorrow?” I asked him.
“Here’s the list of the artists coming,” He handed the list to Phil so we could look over it.
“We want you two to get exclusive interviews of as many artists you can and do a tour of the place. You guys will have a camera guy to help. Go look around the area, be careful though, we’re still setting up.” Alistair instructed us.
We were about to explore the area when Alistair stopped us.
“So what’s with the baby? I’m not the only one seeing things right?” He questioned us.
“Long story.”Phil spoke up.
“Don’t worry about it.” I added.
We walked around whilst looking at the list. It wasn’t an extensively long list so I think we could manage it.
“Okay so Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, other people, I don’t care, I don’t care, Conor Maynard? Didn’t know he would be preforming. Oh Troye’s coming, I haven’t seen him in a bit.” I said whilst looking over the list.
We roamed around to get a better feel of the place but people kept looking at us weird. It was probably because watching two enormous nerds with a tiny baby, is an unusual sight to see.
We walked a good hour till we bumped into Victoria, our other producer.
“Aw! He’s so cute! I knew you guys were together this whole time!” She came up to us and hugged us.
“We’re not, it’s a long story though.” I awkwardly laughed.
“Whatever, he’s too cute. Oh Alistair forgot to give you this, it has everything you guys need to know for tomorrow. See you guys then!”
“Okay thanks, bye!” Phil told her cheerfully.
Phil and I walked back to the entrance of the park when I remembered a certain someone promised me a giant bag of happiness.
"Hey Phil, so are you going to-"
"Yeah, yeah. Let's go to the store, you big dork."

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