All Because Of Him.

someone leaves a baby on Dan and Phil's doorstep


7. Are you actually kidding me?


We were currently trying to figure out where the bloody hell Joe and Caspar disappeared to.
“Hey, Joe just texted me saying they went into the city to get some food.” Phil told me showing me his phone.
“Why the hell didn’t they text me? More importantly, why did they have to go into the city? There’s plenty of options here!”
“Caspar said he didn’t text you because they were scared you would get mad at them.”
“When did he send you those texts?” I asked.
“Uh about 3 minutes ago.”
“They shouldn’t be that far. If we go now, we can probably catch up to them-“ I was interrupted by someone tapping at my shoulder. I turned around to see a teenage girl.
“H-Hi Dan? Phil? C-can I possibly get a picture?” The timid girl stuttered out.
“Yeah of course!” I could never deny a picture with any of our fans even if that meant that I couldn’t go get Liam now.
We spent quite some time having a mini meet up with fans but I was internally freaking out over the baby the whole time. What if he wasn’t covered up enough? What if he gets sick? What if they drop him?
Loads of different scenarios were going through my head which didn’t help me calm down at all.
“Hey Dan, you alright? You seem really tense. Don’t worry about Liam, he’s probably fine. Go back to the trailer, I’ll go buy us some food.” Phil reassured me.
I agreed and went straight to the trailer. Maybe a little Tumblr will help me ease my nerves.
I opened up Tumblr and the first thing on my dashboard was a set of screenshots from Joe and Caspar’s snapchat stories. Some pictures were of Liam being held by a few celebrities such as, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, fucking Niall, and Joe Jonas.
Liam looked adorable in all of them since he was wake and you could see his soft blue eyes.
“I’m back! Sorry it took so long there was a long line.” Phil placed a pizza box on the coffee table then handed me a hot chocolate before sitting down. We ate whilst watching Stranger Things.
Half way through the episode I felt Phil’s phone vibrate since he was literally sitting right next to me.
“Who’s that?” I asked once Phil took out his phone.
“Caspar. He asked where we are.” Finally! I wanted to go out and look for them myself but I refrained myself from doing so as that would look a little too desperate.
After what seemed like an eternity, there was a knock at the door and I practically ran to get the door open.
“I could punch the life out of you two but I’m just glad you brought Liam back.” I grabbed Liam and slammed the door on Joe and Caspar’s faces. Phil just shook his head and laughed whilst he opened the door for Joe and Caspar.
“Why are you wet?” Phil laughingly asked.
“Your little bundle of joy over there,” Caspar pointed at Liam, “weed on me!”
After our little fit of laughter was over, we talked about how apparently Liam was becoming very well known around the internet; reason being, is because he has been taking selfies with all the artists at the event. Fans were starting to wonder who the baby was and who his parents were; too bad they’ll never find out.
“I have an idea!” Caspar announced out of no where.
“Don’t strain yourself thinking now Caspar.” Joe joked.
“Haha Joe very funny. Anyway I was thinking, Dan and Phil should take a picture with Liam! They’re like the only ones who haven’t been seen with him.”
At first we were a tad weary about this idea but eventually agreed. I held Liam putting him up to my face. Liam was awake and sucking on his dummy, making him look even more adorable.
“Say, ’Caspar is not a pineapple!’-Dan don’t roll your eyes at me! Smile!”
Caspar didn’t even give us a chance to look at the picture before he posted it on BBC’s Instagram, twitter, and snapchat.
“What the hell Caspar? I wanted to look at it!” I said snatching his phone from his hand. I didn’t look that bad in it and neither did Phil. We actually looked like Liam’s parents; Liam looked like an actual mix of us, sort of like Dil but as a tiny baby.
There were many comments regarding Liam’s identity and others were just them gushing at how freakishly adorable Liam looks with us.
“Omg! The baby makes his appearance once again!” Phil read out loud. All of us read through the comments and laughed as more and more people commented. Joe and Caspar left soon after claiming they needed to meet someone but Phil and I know it was because Liam started crying. Phil gave Liam his dummy then started rocking him to sleep. We watched some movie on Netflix then browsed through the internet until it was almost time to go back.
“Do you reckon Troye is at his trailer? So we can drop Liam off. “ I asked Phil.
“Why not ask Joe and Caspar to babysit again?” Phil questioned.
“Do you really trust them to give him back on time?”
“Good point. Let’s go see if Troye’s even here yet.”
I gently picked Liam up from the sofa and wrapped him in a fluffy baby blue blanket.
“There we go baby, nice and snuggly.”
We went over to Troye’s trailer which was conveniently 2 spots down from us.
Once there, we knocked on the door and were greeted by a curly haired Australian.
“Troye!” I hugged him, “Its been ages since we’ve seen you!”
After the small talk we dumped the baby and his stuff on Troye and left with a simple “thanks.”
Phil texted Troye telling him everything, it’s not like Troye cpu;ld say no to us; he can’t just leave Liam outside. If Caspar and Joe watch a baby without killing him, Troye is more than capable.
We interviewed more and more people for a long hour and a half until we had to interview Troye.
“As you guys have demanded, we are now going ti interview Troye Sivan!” I announced.
“We were informed Troye was backstage, warming up before he performs later tonight!” Phil added.
We walked up to the stage, thanking the higher powers from above that we didn’t trip or break anything in the process. As we walked further backstage, we heard faint singing.
“I think I hear singing!” Phil whispered, facing the camera.
We saw Troye feeding the baby, on the floor, in front of a huge speaker.

I say I wanna settle down
build your hopes out like a tower
I’m giving you the run round 
I’m just a lost boy
Not ready to be found 
I’m just a lost boy
Not ready to be found 
I’m just a lost boy
Not ready to be found

Troye, everyone!” We said in unison as Troye finished up the song.
“Oh I didn’t see you guys there! I was trying to put this little one to sleep.” Troye whispered whilst smiling down at Liam. I wasn’t expecting Troye to have the baby out with him by the time of his interview but I was glad we told him no one knows who Liam is and how no one needs to know he’s with us. We asked him to tell us a little about his experience so far then we went to ask him some fan questions.
Since we were live, people on the internet could send us questions via Twitter but instead of asking about Troye, everyone was asking about why Liam was with Troye.
“Wow people are asking more about the baby than they are about to, Troye.” I laughed.
“I feel unloved!” Troye said pretending to be hurt.
“So to answer all of your questions regarding the baby-” I started,
“The baby just came to have a good time but he’s honestly feeling so attacked right now!” Phil interrupted.
“Did you really just- ah! Im cringing so hard right now. Phil, stop. No.” We all laughed and finished up Troye’s interview.
After the interview, Troye handed Phil the baby.
“Thanks loads, Troye. He likes you more than Joe and Caspar.” I told him.
“Joe and Caspar watched over him and didn’t kill him?! Wow thats very surprising.” Troye laughed.
“Hey Troye?” Phil said getting Troye’s attention.
“Yeah, Phil?”
“Um where did Liam’s pink jumper go?” Phil questioned. I didn’t even notice Liam was wearing the brown and white bear pram suit.
“Oh yeah, he needed a diaper change so as I was changing him, I turned around to get the clean nappy and he weed on my shirt and on his cute jumper. By the way that jumper looked so cute on him, I had a little photo shoot with him, I’ll show you guys in a second. Anyway, I took off his jumper and got someone to wash it, its in his baby bag now. Since I needed to come out here to warm up, I figured I’d get him into something which is why he’s wearing that.” Troye said pointing to Liam’s outfit.
“Thanks for not getting him sick, also you said you did a photo shoot with him? Why is everyone doing that?” I asked.
“Well he’s super adorable also nice shirt choice; “daddy’s boy”? Really?” Troye giggled taking out his phone.
“It was Phil’s idea!” I stated, feeling the blush on my face. Phil just rolled his eyes at me.
“Okay I just sent them on our group chat. As you can see, they are all super adorable. If guys don’t mind, I posted one on Instagram.”
“It’s fine; which one was it?” Phil asked.
“This one.” Troye showed us a picture where Liam was wearing his pink jumper with a flower crown on his head and was being held by Troye with a matching pink flower crown.
We continued looking through pictures till it was time Troye really needed to perform. We bid our goodbyes and went to the trailer.
“Hey Dan, could you do me a favour and go get Liam some hot water for his bottle. I did as Phil instructed and went to the breakfast tent from this morning. As I got closer, I noticed there was a sign blocking the entrance that read ”CLOSED.”
“What the fuck do you mean closed?!” I took my phone out to text Phil saying I was going to have to find water elsewhere.I walked around looking to see if anyone sold warm drinks but literally no tent had hot water they could sell me. I texted Phil once again telling him I was going to be a bit.
“Hey Siri, where is the nearest petrol station?” I asked after pressing on the home button.
“Here’s what I could find.” Siri showed me a few options and the nearest one was one fucking mile away. I can’t just leave the baby without eating so I guess I’ll have to go. It was getting pretty cold since it was 6 but unfortunately for me, my blazer wasn’t helping much.. On my way to the petrol station, I stumbled upon a couple of fans.
“Hey it’s Dan!” A squealed to her friend.
“Oh my god it is Dan!” I had to stop in my tracks to greet otherwise I would probably seem rude.
“Hello girls, would you like a picture?” I laughed at their excitement.
After the picture, I noticed her phone read 6:15 PM which caused my eyes to widen.
“It was nice meeting you girls!” I said walking away. Its been about 30 minutes since I promised Phil I would be back with the water. I sped up my pace and got to the shop in no time. I quickly went in then noticed no hot beverage machine was working, making me panic a little .
“Um pardon me, but do you happen to have another hot beverage machine?” I asked nicely to the teenage boy at the cash register.
“Sorry dude. They’re all broken.” He replied nonchalantly.
If he thinks I’m leaving this bloody place without water for my babu, he’s fucking wrong.
“Listen here buddy, I literally walked to this fucking place in bloody cold weather to find some damn hot water of my baby because he’s crying and hungry so I suggest you fucking find somewhere I can heat up water.” I demanded raising my voice. The cashier looked a little scared but said he thinks theres a microwave in the back I can use if I bought some water. I quickly purchased a bottle of water and a thermal cup then heated the water; I left with a simple thanks after taking the water. Phil must want to kill me right now for taking so long. I went straight to the park without stopping but when I got back, I found Phil asleep on the sofa. He had Liam in his arms who was just staring up at Phil and attempting to touch Phil’s face with the hand that out of his blanket. I quickly took a picture since they looked so adorable then took Liam from Phil so he could sleep. As I picked up Liam, I noticed Phil hand a nearly empty formula bottle in his left hand.
“Are you actually kidding me?! Philip Michael Lester! Wake up!” I yelled but not enough to scare the baby.
“I’m up! I’m up! Jesus, Dan.” Phil yawned, falling off the couch.
“Where the hell did you get the water from?!” I can’t believe Phil never told me he got water before I literally walked out to get some.
“Oh yeah! About 15 minutes after you left, Liam got very fussy so I went out to look for some myself. I was Troye and asked him if he knew where I could get warm water and he said he had a microwave in his trailer.” Phil answered.
“”All you did was ask?”
“Yeah. Why are you getting upset, Daniel?”
“Well, Philip, I actually looked around every tent then walked a freaking mile to the petrol station. I WALKED, Phil! Then I had to practically run over here because I thought the baby hadn’t eaten yet.” Phil just stared at me still trying to wake up.
“Wait so, you walked? A mile??” Phil chuckled.
“Yes, Phil! Just because of him!” I said pointing to Liam who was currently sucking his little fist.
“He probably appreciates your effort. Also, I called and texted you multiple times saying I had water already.”
“Are you actually kidding me!? Oh whatever I just want to nap!” I stated, handing Liam to Phil then flopped onto the sofa.
“Well actually, you took so long that its almost time to go live again. We have to look for Joe and Caspar now.” Phil said.
“Ughhhhh I’m gonna text them. They should be around here somewhere." I said calling Caspar.
"Yo yo what up Danny boy?" Caspar answered after the first ring.
"Don't call me that. Also where are you and Joe?"
"Because Phil and I need you guys to babysit again. We would get Troye to but he has to perform later."
"As much as we'd love to, we're at my flat."
"What the hell Caspar? I thought you were supporting Conor, he's about to go on."
"We left that loser."
“Caspar literally made me go with him to his flat because he refused to use a port-a-potty. I can’t believe this, kid.“ Joe said.
"Joe shut up!" Caspar cried.
"Whatever you dorks. Gotta go find a babysitter."
"Good luck!" They both said before I ended the call.
We looked around for someone to watch over Liam for a couple of hours but we couldn't find anyone. Surely no one will care if we took Liam with us? After talking Phil into it since he thought it was “unprofessional," he finally agreed only because we procrastinated for so long.

"Hey guys! Dan and I are backstage! And look at who's joining us!" Phil said pointing at Liam who was in his baby carrier, wearing a sound blocking headset so he could be around all this loud music. After Phil lost and did an “ ll or nothing” round, I lost so I had to look like an idiot and wear it.
"It's the baby!" Phil added.
"Anyway up first is- Conor Maynard!" I announced.
It was nearly 9 by the time Troye performed. I was so tired at this point, we’ve been standing up for nearly 2 hours and I was freezing my ass off since it was 7 degrees out here. I had to make sure to wrap Liam in two extra fluffy blankets.
“Okay next up is Troye Sivan with “Fools!” We both said before sitting down on some chairs Phil “burrowed” from who knows where. Luckily for us the cameras turned their attention as the performers sang so we got to snuggle up close for warmth. As Troye sang I looked around me, thinking how lucky I was to be doing this as a living.

Oh, our lives don't collide, I'm aware of this
The differences and impulses and your obsession with
The little things, you like stick, and I like aerosol
I don't give a fuck, I'm not giving up, I still want it all

I looked over at Phil who was too busy focused on Troye’s performed to care that I was staring at him, my best friend of 7 years whom I love dearly.

Only fools fall for you, only fools
Only fools do what I do, only fools fall
Only fools fall for you, only fools
Only fools do what I do, only fools fall

I looked down at Liam who was being held by Phil. How I’d love to have a baby like him someday. Liam has been so precious these past days but I loved that little bugger.

I see swimming pools and living rooms and aeroplanes
I see a little house on the hill and children's names
I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray
But everything is shattering and it’s my mistake

I looked around me to the fans, to Troye, to everything around me. How did I every manage to get this life? I’m just Dan Howell; no one special, yet I managed to get this far just because of Phil Lester.

Only fools fall for you 
Only fools do what I do 
Only fools fall for you 
Only fools do what I do, only fools fall
Only fools

Phil caught me looking at him and stared back at me, smiling.
Matt ruined the moment by ushering us to get back up because the camera was about to be live.

“This has been Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1 hosting the music fest today! See you guys next time.” I was exhausted and it was only 10:30 pm.

“Phillll I wanna go home!”
“Aren’t you hungry? Its been a while since we last ate.”
“Uh yeah I guess we could go eat. What are you in the mood for?” I asked as we started walking into the city.
“Burgers maybe?” Phil suggested.
“Yeah sure.”

We walked to the nearest burger place I could find which was a 7 minute walk. Thank god. The rest of the night was a blur since I was so tired. Last thing I remember was changing Liam’s diaper and putting a pumpkin onesie on him before passing out next to Phil in my bed.

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