The Mystery Ahead

Awakening in a cave with strangers with no memory of her life before is something Nanami didn't expect to happen, not to mention she's suddenly a Pokemon! Trapped in an unknown world with an unknown purpose, Nanami teams up with some unlikely Pokemon and tries to unravel her past and help her partners along the way, but can she accept her past life while trying to keep her developing future?


2. A Forgotten Past and the Beginning of a Journey

My head is pounding! Where am I? I slowly opened my eyes and took in the luminous cavern around me. I barely had time to register the blurry figures approaching me before everything disappeared from my eyes and it suddenly became too quiet and too dark. What's happening?! Did the light go out?? It feels too cold from before. I tried to speak, only to realize that I couldn't get my mouth to move; my mouth felt as if the world's entire mass was forcing it to stay shut. I swept the entire darkness, but began freaking out with each passing minute as I remained in the dark. Suddenly without warning, a screech emitted through my ears and I felt my head practically explode from the impact of words saying, "YOU MUST STOP THEM! THIS WORLD DEPENDS ON IT, NANAMI!!", many words were following, but I couldn't concentrate on the screams. The words began morphing into incohearant yells and I felt my conscious slip away...


"Hey, don't you die on me!" Yo, wake up I saw you open your eyes!"

"Zeke! Leave her be or I'll throw you out the opening!"

"Don't y'all think all this screaming could be botherin' her,by golly?"

The constant bickering brought me back to reality and I opened my eyes to meet hardened, crisp-blue eyes. I froze, startled, and I went to move a leg, only to find them pinned underneath the blue-eyed creature. It only lasted a minute, however, before all the weight disappeared and I heard a crashing sound, followed by unmentionable words. "Zeke, I swear to Arceus, I'll take you out right now! Leave her be!" I wanted to sit up and look at the situation unfolding around me, but I felt something stiff keep my leg in place and my left front paw was completely wrapped in some sort of silky web. "Where..where am I?" I heard all movement pause and then I felt a warm presence on my forehead, which made my face look towards the ceiling. I suddenly heard the same light, feminine voice say, "How do you feel? I tended to your wounds, so they should heal within the next few days. Any pains bothering you?" I muttered a no, which the warm presence disappeared from my forehead and were on my back, gently helping me sit up and face the two other creatures, a brown-furred, toothy grin and the same blue-eyed creature from before. Who are these creatures? And why do they all look at me like I'm the most fragile artifact? I cleared my throat and said, "Who are you and what am I doing here? Also, what exactly are you?" They all looked at me like I've went mad, but once my head cleared up, I got a better look at all three of them. The one who helped me up had very fluffy golden-white fur with nine long, luxurious tails with pale orange tips. Her figure as a whole was very slender with an extremely fluffy chest and short, curled fur upon her head, which was held back by a ruby red flower. A gleam caught my eye and I realized she was also wearing a chain necklace dangling a small, multi-colored stone. "Layla, I think she took quite a lookin' to you." Turning towards the sudden voice, this creature had damp, brown fur with a flat, darker brown tail. Looking at their face, I realized "it" was a "he" when I noticed his furrier, slightly curled hair on his jawline, which brought out his oversized tooth and forest green eyes. Noticing my stares, he turned a deep pink and stuttered out, "whelp, I should go and alert Alphonse on her awakening. I'll see y'all later." He turned quickly and exited the lighted cave. Has their always been light in this cave, or am I still imagining things? My eyes followed to the source of the light, which to my surprise, was a clear, illuminated rock. Laughing, the female creature,I believe her name is Layla, came to sit next to me and began talking. "It's beautiful isn't it? Alphonse gave it to me during one of our beginning adventures and later on, I figured out how to trap a little bit of flame in there. It only goes out when I sleep, neat huh?" I nodded, completely absorbed looking at the afire rock. My gaze left the rock when I heard someone clear their throat practically next to me, making me jump. Turning towards a chuckling creature, I knew instantly it was a male because of the look he was giving me. It looked fiercely agitated, but curious. He had the familiar icy-blue eyes which contradicted his orange fur and black stripes. The extra fur on his head, chest, and face were pale brown which brought out the glimmering claws on each of his paws. He also had two small, silver loop earrings near the bottom of his floppy ears and wore a matching silver scarf on his lower right hind leg. His teeth clenched, taking in my appearance, and turning, without a word, he left the cavern. "Oh, don't worry about him much. He's a little rough around the edges, but he's a nice person. Without Bibarel and him, you would've perished." My eyes tracked the hot-headed boy's shadow until it completely faded from the cave's opening before speaking. "I am really confused. What exactly are you guys and where am I? I don't have the faintest clue where I was before waking in here." Layla looked astonished, and tilted her head to the side, looking confused, and responded, "Do you even know your name? Or what YOU are?" Her last question hooked me. What I am? Isn't that human? Does she know what that even is? And what about my name? The pounding I felt earlier came back and I remembered my weird vision. I looked at Layla and promptly told her my name was "Nanami". Nodding in response, Layla left the room, but returned holding a slim, reflective object in her mouth and placed it right in front of me. "Well, take a look at yourself, Nanami." Confused, I looked into the reflective object and I felt my entire body freeze into place. I'm not human?! What the hell am I? What even happened to me?? Deciding to say nothing about me being human, I asked Layla what I was. "You silly Spinda! How do you not know who you are? know your name, so I'll give you that, but I would guess you're a Glaceon, one of those Eevee evolutions." What even is "Eevee evolutions"? Glaceon, Spinda? I don't even know what those things are! Taking a deep breath and regaining my composure, I took a good look at myself. I was mainly light blue, but my paws, tail, and forehead were a deep blue. I even had dangles on both sides of my face that were dark blue, which brought out my bright, snow-white eyes. Well, whatever I am, I need to learn about it, fast. In fact, I should learn about everything I've forgotten, no matter how long it takes! I turned towards Layla, who was looking out the cave's opening and with every drop of determination I could muster, I said,"Layla, please tell me more about what I am and what kind of creatures we are." She smiled and gave me a small nod and I turned to look out her cavern's opening. Although I do not remember anything, nor do I know for certain my name is Nanami, I intend on remembering the person I once was. 

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