Royalty X Bangtan Boys

Royalty and BTS are both world wide famous groups. Follow these 13 people as they live life to the fullest.

(Ps. Royalty is actually group. We decided to form together last year. AND we are NOT famous.. lol. There are 6 members and all of the girls in the story are real people. So please forgive me and my bad language. Im guessing you will be able to figure out which one that is. XD )


4. Kings Dominion ||Part 1 ||

Royalty x BTS|| Kings Dominion ||
Nat P.O.V

"Welcome to America boys!" I lead the boys out of the plane and watch as the girls lag behind.

Hey there! So it's Nat from Royalty. Since Royalty and BTS are still currently on a break , me and the girls decided to bring the boys to the USA. We are going to bring them everywhere. But tonight we are going to bring them to Kings Dominion where we will also be meeting up with some old friends. Kathy and Suga decided to stay behind since Kathy was pregnant and they didn't want anything to happen to the baby. But yeah. Tonight is going to be a great night!

"Woahh...."  The boys explain together.

"It's soooo great to be back!"

"IKR!" Gabi starts twirling around in a circle obviously very happy to be back.


"Who are they?" BTS started at Kei at the mention of those names.

"Oh they are old friends. We invited them to meet us up in Kings Dominion."

I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and a hot breath on my neck.

"I'm really excited! So what exactly is in Kings Dominion?"

I turn around and stare up at my beautiful boyfriend.

Yep sorry to beat it to you girls but Taehyung is taken ..... By me! We've been together for 6 months now! About the same time as Jimin and Kei.

"Its an amusement park Tae! You and the boys are going to LOVE it! The girls and I use to go there every year. It use to be an annual thing but then we had to stop since we moved to Korea. This will be our first time back there since like 3-4 years." I explain to The.

Taehyungs mouth makes a O shape and nods his head. Then he pecks my lips.

"Hehe. What was that for?"

"Can I kiss my girlfriend."

I will never get use to that.

"Of course you can. Haha."


"Okay okay! We're going! Geez. So ... Which mom and dad are we visiting first?"




Jungkook P.O.V

Finally after visiting all the other girls parents we went to Aya's house. And tbh I am quite nervous. Not about meeting her parents but meeting her brothers. Lets hope I don't die.

"Here it is." Kei's loud and somewhat obnoxious voice snaps me out of my thoughts. Don't tell her I said that though... For she will kill me if she finds out.

I stare at the mansion about the same size as the other houses we visited.

"Tbh we use to all live in regular sized houses. But after Royalty became famous we all decided to give our parents mansions all fairly close to each other." Aya explains.

Which was true. All the houses we already visited are only about 5-10 minutes away from each other.

We all pile out of the car and follow Aya up to steps. After Aya knocks on the door I hear barking inside. A loud and low dog bark and a small high pitched bark.

"LUCKY! LEXI!!" The girls all scream together.


Before I could finish my question the door swung open and two dogs , a big brown dog and a small dog came out and tackled Aya.

The other girls started petting the dogs. When the small dog caught eye of us she started barking and ran towards us.


Taehyung and Jimin started running away from the small dog and that got the attention of the bigger one. With both dogs chasing after Taehyung and Jimin the rest of us just laughed at the two idiots. Just then two more boys came into view.


Kei ran to them and embraced them. Aya and the other girls followed. Me and the boys just awkwardly stood there. The shorter brother runs after Lucky and Lexi and Tae and Jimin.

"Oh Kuya! (Kuya in Filipino means older brother.) This is BTS. You already know them.... And yeah."  Aya introduces us.

Me and the boys wave not knowing what else to do. The shorter brother comes back holding the dogs and passes Aya the smaller dog.

"So... You must be Aya's boyfriend. Im Jm , Aya's older brother. Please take care of my sister."

Jm shakes my hand.

"I plan on it. And thanks for actually not getting protective of your sister."

"Haha. Oh I am but i'm the easier brother to get along with. Owen the younger one over there might need some convincing. But don't worry about it."

"Ha... Yeah."

"Hey Owen come over here!"



Gabi P.O.V


Finally it was time for us to go to Kings Dominion! After everyone visited their families we settled down at Aya's house until we went to Kings Dominion. But that wasn't the only thing I was excited for. We were meeting up with Chels,Brent and Brian. Lets just say.... Aya and Brent had a thing back then but now they're just friends. As for Kei and Brian...... Yeah this is going to be interesting.


I look outside of the car and sure enough there it was. Kings Dominion and all its glory. All those roller coasters waiting once again to be conquered by Royalty!

"Ahhh.... I forgot how much I missed this place!"

"Same here bruh same here!"

We all get out of the car and once we got inside the first thing I did was look for Chels,Brent and Brian.
And sure enough not a minute later I found them taking a group selfie.

"THEY'RE THERE!" I shout pointing towards the trio.



Aya.... Wrong choice of words. Well you see ... When Aya was younger she would call Brent Oppa. And I guess it just stuck. By the look on Jungkook's face it was pretty clear he already HATED Brent Sunbaenim.

"Hey chels!" I pull her into a hug practically squeezing her to death.

"He-e-y G-abi! I-i c-ant-"

"Oh yeah... Sorry."

I let her go and go hug Brent. After I hug Brent I go over to Brian who is talking to Kei.

"Hey Ace! I've missed you!"  

"Haha. Missed you too Brian!"

I look over at Jimin to see how he was doing with this. He was staring at Keio (Ac was her nickname when we were little...) and Brian. Jimin heard stories of Kei and Brian and he obviously was not liking his girlfriend talking to her ex-boyfriend.

"Hey ehm... Sorry to ruin your little reunion but I just wanted to say hi and give my big bro a hug."

"Haha its okay. I was about to ditch this person anyway." Kei says.

"Mhm.. Like you could resist this." Brian flexes his biceps making Kei fake gag and me laugh. "Okay yeah. Whatever. Go and hug Chels!" Brian gives Kei (Ac) one more hug and comes over to me.

"Hey Gab. How are things?"

I hug him and squeeze him to death like Chels.

"Things are amazing! But I do miss being home with you guys!"

"Yep it sure seems like it."

"What? IT'S TRUE!"

"Okay hahah whatever. So not wanting to ruin things right now but that's Ace boyfriend right?"

Brian points over to Ac and Jimin who were hugging each other.

"Ummm yeah...."

Lets just say when Brian and Kei broke up Brian still had a thing for her. Unlike Brent and Aya who stayed friends Brian still felt a bit possessive. And now Kei is back with a new boyfriend. I feel bad for my Sunbae.  

"Okay... Just wondering."

Uh-oh..... Seems like someone is jelly.

"Brian? Are you... Jealous?"

"Wha-what? No Gabbie! Why would you-"

Brians voice drifts away as he stares and Jimin and Kei again.


"GUYS! CMON! LETS GO AND RIDE SOME RIDES!" Nat screams. And to think that girl use to hate roller coasters.......


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