Royalty X Bangtan Boys

Royalty and BTS are both world wide famous groups. Follow these 13 people as they live life to the fullest.

(Ps. Royalty is actually group. We decided to form together last year. AND we are NOT famous.. lol. There are 6 members and all of the girls in the story are real people. So please forgive me and my bad language. Im guessing you will be able to figure out which one that is. XD )


6. Kings Dominion || Last Part ||


Kei P.O.V




Chaos... One word.. Chaos.

I understand that Brian still has feelings for me but I really need him to stop making Jimin feel bad and jealous.... Its starting to get on my nerves.

"HA! I WIN!"

Brian's voice shakes me out of my thoughts. He walks up to me and holds out the big fluffy tiger.

"Awww! Thanks Bri. Seriously!"

"Anything for you Ace." He winks and walks away.

I look over at Jimin and notice his disappointed face.
Jimin P.O.V

That jerk.... I feel horrible now...i feel a lump start growing in my throat. Why can't I do anything right! This damn bastard! He keeps making moves on MY girlfriend!  

(Bruh while writing this I felt so bad for my poor chimchim.. 😭😭😰)

"Jiminie? Is everything okay?" Kei grabs my hands in her's and looks at my eyes.

"Yeah everythings fine Jagi! Lets go to Taehyung and Nat and ride the ferris wheel."

"Not until you tell me what's wrong!"

I sigh rubbing my hands over my face.

"It's just... Your friend.. Br-"


"Um yeah.."

I take this chance to look over at the group and notice Brian talking the Gabbie and Aegis.

"Jimin.... I'm sorry you feel this way... I understand that he is being a total flirt. And trust me... I hate it just as much as you do. I wish he would stop doing things like that. And I was just about to go talk to him. But please please Chimchim....  Try to be civil with him."

I stare at my beautiful girlfriend and smile a big cheesy smile.

"I'm sorry i'm making this trip dramatic and annoying.."

"Nooo! Not at all!"

Kei drops a bomb of kisses on my lips and hugs me tightly.

"Just so you know... I would choose You over anything in the world!"

"Even over Ramen Noodles?"

"Okay Chim. You need to learn your limits."

We both break off into laughter and  walk back to the group.

"I will be right back. Just let me talk to Brian."

Kei struts off and walks over to Brian and pulls him away from the two Maknaes.

Gabbie walks over to me and whispers "What is that all about?" Pointing towards Kei and Brian.

Still smiling I just shake my head

"I have no idea. Come on, let's go to Taehyung and Nat!" I shout to the group.

I drag the maknae with me and shove the others leaving Kei to talk to Brian.  


Kei P.O.V

"Please Bri. I'm really sorry. But what we had.. It was fun at the time. And I really did love you. But I've moved on. And you are making Jimin really uncomfortable. I'm sorry that things couldn't go the way you wanted. But Im happy now. And i really want us to just be friends. I'm sorry if that's not what you want..." I stop talking and look up and Brian to see how he's taking all this and he's smiling like an idiot.

"Brian ... What th-"

"Aira Celeste Ombiga. I'm fine. I see now that you're happy with him- " he points at Jimin and continues " And I understand that you no longer have feelings for me. Today.. When I first saw you I was so excited thinking that maybe, just maybe you and I could happen again. Just for the time being. But when I saw how happy you were with Jimin I understood that what we had could not compare to how happy you are now. And I fully understand. So you don't have to worry about me. As long as you happy... I will be happy. And i'm sorry for being really flirty today and making your boyfriend uncomfortable."

When Brian finishes I stare up at him , tears brimming my eyes.


Brian looks genuinely taken aback for a second but breaks into laughter.  

"Come on cry baby."

He grabs my hand and we run up to the others. Then he shoves me towards Chimchim who catches me with ease due to my light weight and shortness. -.-

"Don't worry anymore man. She's all your's. Take care of her okay?" Brian smiles a Jimin.

"Of course."  Jimin and Brian exchange handshakes.

"Okay so how about that Ferris Wheel ride?"

We line up with the rest of the group and the girls immediately group around me.

"What the heck was happening between you and Brian and Jimin?" Gabi asks.

"Um... We just cleared some stuff up. Dont worry. Everythings okay now."

The girls still look a bit skeptical but they let it go. All except for Gabi.

"Seriously though. Come talk to your manager!"

"Seriously Gab?"

"Yes! I have been your manager since what... 6th Grade?"

I shrug my shoulders and slip away from Gabi and run to Jimin screaming " HELP CHIMCHIM! SOME CRAZY WOMAN IS TRYING TO KILL ME!"


Jin P.O.V

The boys and I turn our head towards the lunatic... *cough cough * sorry... Towards Kei with Gabi in pursuit.

Kei slams into Jimin sending them into Jungkook and Aya. And Gabi skips her way over to me.

"What was that about Jagi?"

Gabi is laughing so hard that i'm pretty sure she's dying.

"Gabi... Jagi.. Breath please."

She looks up at me and inhales a whole bunch of air she starts to choke.

This is my little princess.

(I feel like I can see Gabbie... Whenever I write about her... It's scary ... 😳😰)

I pat her back as she continues to choke and cough.

"Oh Jagi... What am I going to do with you?"

She stops coughing and looks up at me.

"For starters... You could kiss me."

I smile down at her and wrap her around my arms.

"Maybe later Jagi... When we are alone." I whisper making her shiver.

Gabi slaps me lightly and shakes her head.

"Jin oppa. Stop being so naughty... I think Frankie is rubbing off of you."

I peck her lightly on the lips earning a small giggle.

"C'mon. We're next." I guide Gabi into the Ferris Wheel cart and wave down to Kei,Jimin,Aya and Jungkook.


*after the ferris wheel*

Tenshii P.O.V



"You wanna break dance under there?" I point towards the mini Eiffel Tower with lights and music blaring at the bottom.

"Ohhhh! Sure!" Hobie's eyes light up as he hears the his favorite song playing.

"Guyssss! Let's go dance!!" I grab the attention of the others and point towards the lights and music.

Everyone starts running for the music.

"OMG ITS MY FAVORITE SONG!" Aegis screams.



We all start dancing and since me and girls made a choreography for this song years ago we started busting out our dance.

Hobie and the other boys just stared at us , eyes full of astonishment.

When the song finished we all rushed out of the amusement park and made it to the bus giggling and holding on to our boyfriends. (All except for Aegis... love chu! 💕)

"Time to go home guys!"

"Home as in... Korea,home already?  Jimin whines.

"Chimchim.. We are staying with Aya's parents." Kei says to her boyfriend.

"Ahhh. Okay!"




Everyone starts moving around finding their seats.

I sit next to Hobie and cuddle in his side feeling his arms wrap around me.

"You know..... Never in my life did I ever think of Tenshii being the.... Cuddly type... Ever." Kei blurts.

A chorus of agreement echoes through the bus.

"Shhhh. I'm going to sleep. All you idiots shut up." I tell everyone.

J-hope chuckles making his chest vibrate.

"Sleep Jagi. We all had a long day today."

I fall asleep ... Unaware of the pranks Kei and Nat were planning.


Nat P.O.V

During the rest of our break in the USA , we brought the boys out to all the amusement parks , our favorite parks, and our favorite malls. By the end of the break , Kathy's baby bump grew to the size of a watermelon and it was almost the baby's due date. We all made wonderful memories during our break. Me and my wonderful family.

                     The End

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