Book of secrets

What if you opened a book and was transported inside that book? Well me and my friends are about to find out what might happen if that happens. Do try to keep up because you are in for a whirlwind of an adventure t hat is truly I guess you could say a bit...different.


1. Prologue



"Burn he books! all Of them!"A short man yelled rubbing his balding hair from either stress or lets admit it probably old.His green eyes seemed to glare at the lady calmly half in shock back on the shelves as another younger man that was tall was writing in one.


"We can't risk it..It could possibly bring these spirited books out into the real world."The lady said calmly her brown hair straight with a few silver streaks beginning to appear.


"SPirited?!How about cursed!"The man said obviously mad as he stomped about his face bright red.The man finished his writing closing the book fixing his glasses from the tip of his nose his brown eyes peering through.


"Miss Alain is right. We can not simply burn these books but simply let them fade from exsistance. After all this library is just a silo. We simply take it all to the woods in a bunker.."He started thoughtfully.

"Yes then we may brick it over then wooden it."The chubby man said the red fading from his face slowly but surly.


"No the only way in would simply be  puzzle of some type,a challenge or riddle perhaps?"The tall man said thoughtfully.All the wile the lady strayed over almost in a daze deep in thought.


"Alain?"The chubby man asked looking at her carefully.


"I will hide it at my property. If it is found by my children I will tell them about it and if their children find it they will share the secret with and only with them. You gents may do the same but the books will be under my care in my grandfathers old storage bunker in the woods."She calmly and dismissively.


The two men knew better then to argue with her simply nodded.


"Its settled lets us get this going then shall we?" She said clapping her hands filling the echoing silo with piled books all without title's on their dusty hardback covers.


"what about the ability tests?The tall man asked curiously running a hand through his greased back hair.


"Keep it private practices only if one of us is in the presence."She said dismissively, walking towards the door .The men followed quietly.


"We are going to need some help moving all of these books.."The short man said grumpily walking out.


"Probably going to do it ourselves Stuart."The tall man said shutting the door behind him only for a muffled what coming from only the short man and his short patience.


The lady sighed to the bickering two knowing people are going to be after them if they are ever found. Deep down she hoped it wouldn't happen but some part of her know that it will happen eventually if not on accident on purpose.

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