Book of secrets

What if you opened a book and was transported inside that book? Well me and my friends are about to find out what might happen if that happens. Do try to keep up because you are in for a whirlwind of an adventure t hat is truly I guess you could say a bit...different.


5. Lawilet's POV

     After Brian told his confusing joke we all looked at each other we looked at the book Elizabeth had. Adriana was really excited as she got her book. 

"I have a book that's called The Secrets of your Life. Do you think it could be the same thing?" Adriana said and Elizabeth nodded

"It could be a possibility... I mean we all have a book with the name Secrets so it is quite odd" Elizabeth said and everyone laughed

"What's funny?" Elizabeth said and I looked at her

"You sad it is quite odd when we are talking about going into a book! That is really ironic don't you think?" I asked and Elizabeth nodded.

"In my book the only thing in their is a paragraph. It says 'Look into your heart and you will go to where you always wanted. Look into the past you must not as you reach the Book of Secrets. Reading this you must of seen the main book. The book that puts your dream into a reality. EABL the friends for life. Joins into an adventure and as they call mystery, please help the world of books in your dearest dreams." Adriana read in the book and everyone looked at her

"Are you saying that we are EABL? Elizabeth, Adriana, Brian, and Lawilet" Brian said and Adriana shrugged

"I don't... what's happening?" Adriana said as we were covered in light. Elizabeth in green, Adriana in blue, Brian in yellow, and I in red. Soon I passed out.

 3rd Person POV

Where the four friends once were was nothing... just an open book with the letters EABL has came to stay. When the four friends woke up they were all in different places. This was just the beginning of their adventure.

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