Book of secrets

What if you opened a book and was transported inside that book? Well me and my friends are about to find out what might happen if that happens. Do try to keep up because you are in for a whirlwind of an adventure t hat is truly I guess you could say a bit...different.


2. ➹ Elizabeth's POV ➹

Elizabeth wandered into the trees to her tree house. It was Saturday! No school! A small smile wandered over her face.The tree house was her place of peace. A time to enjoy the quiet of the day.

She eagerly climbed up the old wooden play set that has been around since her mom was her age. 17. She climbed up the freshly replaced boards that still creaked under her small self as she climbed up to the house.As soon as she emerged she breathed in the air enjoying the smell of old and new wood mingling with the woods around her as birds sing in the branches around.

"I'm back"She smiled sitting on a pile of pillows in one corner grabbing a book from a corner busying herself in her books unaware of what lays beneath her safe haven.


She sighed finishing the last chapter after so long of waiting to be able to come back to her castle in the trees as she likes to think.She stood up to put her book up  walking to a stack the boards groaning and creaking under her feet as she hummed softly. She set down her book before a board strained under foot causing her leg to burst through.

She yelped as her knee broke through another board causing her to fall the rest of the way through. She landed on her back knocking the breath out of her as she lay there panting letting her heart rate calm down taking deep breaths shakily.

She took a deep breath  standing up picking leaves from her copper dirty blonde hair dusting herself off.

"well that was something"She mumbled to herself only to hear more familiar wood groaning from under the leaves around her before falling down once again into a dark black pit as boards broke beneath her. She landed with a thud suddenly, her surroundings so black only the light filtering in from where she fell gave a small clue to what she has fell into.


Piles of old books scattered about,left and right, piled and shelved. Everywhere. All without a title. She stood up again making sure she was standing on a more sturdy ground before a old leather book caught her eye. She picked it up dusting off the cover. The only book hear with a title. 


She frowned slightly running her fingers over the engraved leather. "Book of Secrets?"She asked herself. Her surroundings had a faint echo as though they were all in a tunnel. She looked around climbing out where the light shone on a pile of books organized high enough for her to climb out. 


As she climbed out wincing at her sore muscles and scraped knees as she tried to grip the loose underbrush and as soon as she was out she laid back panting tiredly. She needed to get Brian,Adriana, and  Lawilet. She pulled herself up against a tree dragging herself home as though she just drug herself face first through a Monday morning with only coffee keeping her up. Tired,sore,curious.

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