Letters I wish I could send to him......

Rants... Feelings.. Emotions. If you dont like any of these.. Please kindly leave. :) Have a wonderful day.


10. Rant

Just when I thought things were going great between us and our friendship , I had to be curious and ask him who he likes. Of course this took a lot of guts... Like a lot of guts. But then he replied "Sorry I cant tell you." I dont know why this hurt me a lot but it did. I asked him if he still liked her. He said no. Btw this is the conversation. Idk ... but it hurts a lot because I know that he doesn't like me. And its probably someone else who is close to me. DSJFHJDShf .... ughhhhh! I really just wanna curl up in a corner and cry all night long. 



i have to ask . Do you still like Brandy?          


i cant answer that        




  because i cant        


whyyyyy? Are you two dating?          




then why cant u answer if you still like her or not?        


  i cant   


i did a promise         


with her?          


no    some1 else        






..... *puppy face*    please?    






i can tell you   cant        


.......... u   *ughhh   do you like someone else?   did you promise someone to not say that?      


yes   i cant tell you    anything         


????? why   Can you not tell just me? Or you cant tell anyone!?!?!?      


i cant tell anyone         aisdfhaiudshfiahd   ughhhhhhhHH!      




  ........                          does that person like u back or no?

can u tell me that?   yooo   yo  

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