Letters I wish I could send to him......

Rants... Feelings.. Emotions. If you dont like any of these.. Please kindly leave. :) Have a wonderful day.


2. Hello

Hey people of Movellas!


I am new here... found this site thanks to wattpad! Please follow me there to at @Thefandomfeels_55. Im not much of a writer, but when I found Movellas I noticed how people were writing about their feelings. Writing a diary, and sharing their experiences with others and I thought, okay, why not! So this diary/journal/ whatever you want to call it, is going to be based on my feelings. Mostly towards a very important someone.


I have had trouble talking to my friends about this new someone because ... they dont really approve. But I know now that there are people on Movellas who feel the same way I do. So please, If you have nothing nice to say, or dont understand and just want to put out hate and whatever, kindly fuck off. 


Thank you again. And really... all these letters and feelings... I really wish some expert on crushes/love/whatever will be able to give me some good advice. So please if you have really good advice on what I should do or how I should act or what not , feel free to comment. Thank you again and again. <3 

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