Letters I wish I could send to him......

Rants... Feelings.. Emotions. If you dont like any of these.. Please kindly leave. :) Have a wonderful day.


4. Dear Crush #2

Dear Crush ,  


We are close... like very close. You tell me about your day , we talk, I tell you about my day, and we talk some more. But you only think of me as a friend. A really close friend. 


Today we were playing soccer. We were on opposing teams. You kicked the ball and I tried to kick it away. As I was doing so I backed up into you. You put your arms on my shoulders to steady me and I could feel how close our bodies were. I panicked and skidded away. You looked at me and asked me if I was okay. I just nodded my head and smiled up at you. 


You're pulling my heart strings here. I fucking hate you but I don't.... 


Things would be so much better if I was lesbian and dated my best friend for crying out loud. 



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