Into you

Gratsu Fanfiction


2. Unknown (Natsu POV)

I always loved Fiore in winter, even though it wasn't my element.  I, Natsu Dragoneel, a fire mage at the world renowned guild, Fairy Tail.  Fairy Tail was my home and its people my family.  Winter may be cold but its also very beautiful unlike summer.  Most people don't see the beauty in winter but I do, (only because of one special person).  That person barely knows I exist but I know he does.  

My cat Happy flew into the guild.  Happy was born from an egg and he has been my friend ever since.  The only problem he likes to talk a lot. Like today he came in rambling about some people on the street.  

He then lit up and asked, "Can we go fishing? Please!!!!"

There was no way I could say no to him, so I said, "Yeah, let's go."

"Wait I want to ask somebody to join us."

"Who and why?"

"Gray-sama, he looks so sad and lonely and I think he would enjoy fishing with us."

"Okay Happy you have never asked him to tag along before."

"Well, I misjudged him and I want to know him better and he'll make a good addition to our team."

Our team consisted of Erza, Lucy, and myself all S-class warriors and Happy came along on most of our adventures.  He rarely went on missions by himself anymore.  "But then it would make it kinda awkward because he would be new," I stated.

"All the more reason to do it," he said looking at me hopefully.

"Okay let's go ask him."

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