Valdis H. Troublefield.


Little Troublefield.

"A name represents identity, a deep feeling and holds tremendous significance of its owner." ▬ Rachel Ingber


2. Devil's Time


Thursday, October 30th 1996


3:00 AM


Devil's Time


It has been months since Mrs. Troublefield felt various physical symptoms and new emotions. Although she felt some anxiety during months of pregnancy and found it hard to believe it was really happening to her, there was also joy and excitement.

It was a typical Friday night on October 30th when partway through the labor, Mrs. Troublefield felt a sudden, much worst pain than she had ever felt before. She was at Good Moonhwa Hospital. A hospital which had became famous for its success in IVF for the first time as private medical facility in Busan and Gyeongnam area. With 36 years experience and service in English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian, this full-service hospital had everything to take care of medical needs.

She hit the nurse-call button shrieking for help. Two nurses came in a rush. A second nurse came in as the first one lifted the sheet to check and they both exclaimed, "Stop pushing!"

They started wheeling her out of the room. They kept shouting, "Stop pushing!" and she kept shouting back, "I'm not pushing!"

It was almost 3:00 AM in the morning. They slammed through the double doors of the delivery room and the bed sort of did a Tokyo Drift to a stop in the middle of the room. The momentum caused her to drop from her side onto her back as soon as her back landed on the bed, more pain filled in. The nurse standing at the foot of the bed was pulling on gloves and she snapped the last glove on and exclaimed, "Tell the doctor he can take his time now."

Five minutes later, Mr. Troublefield who just got back from his boys night out and the doctor walked in and went, "Okay, so, are we ready to have a baby?"

"I am sorry. You missed the whole show. The baby is already here."

Right after the baby was born and they sewing up Mrs. Troublefield's degree tear, her husband said, "Whatever you do, do not look in the mirror. It is a disaster down there."

Indeed, in the delivery room, they had a giant mirror on wheels so the patient could watch the delivery if she wanted. Brushing off what her husband just said, Mrs. Troublefield asked him to wheel it over and he is surprised, "What? Do you really want to look in the mirror? You are one brave woman."
"Hell no, I just want to check my hair."

"How was the delivery?"

"It was strange."

"Why?" Mr. Troublefield asked out of pure curiousity.

"The baby was popped out of nowhere. I meant I felt the pain and all but I did hardly push it."

"Then, who helped you delivering the baby?"

"I don't know. It was strange but I'm happy the baby was born safe." she smiled endearingly.

They both headed back to home in the morning of November 1st with a baby secured in an embrace, Halloween Morning. Unfortunately they missed the fun of a night before Halloween or known as Mischief Night and the Halloween itself. Mischief Night, as it is most commonly known in the United States, has been around in its present form for at least 50 years, when it became a day for playing tricks while Halloween itself was reserved for the little ones to gather treats.

Strolling the path to the front door, they were standing in frozen, unable to speak, only to find their house egged, their pumpkin smashed and yard toilet-papered. The scene was a total ship-wrecked mess. The question was who the hell did it?

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