Demon Kiss: New Life



3. I'm a Mother...

I'm a mother.

"Push!!" Was all I heard the doctor say. I pushed all right, then all the tension that was straining on my pelvic area released. I heard a crying sound. "It's the boy." The doctor said, handing him off to the nurse. "Time to start pushing again Amy." The doctor said. I pushed with all my might before I felt that same release of tension in my pelvic area. I was so excited to meet my daughter, I didn't hear her cry like new born babies were supposed to. I looked up at my doctor who was holding my rather still child. "Why isn't she crying?" I yelled. The doctor met my eyes as he handed her to the nurse. "It's time for the afterbirth, you aren't done yet..." He said. "Answer me!" I screamed, I then looked over at Erik, he was crying. Tears then fell from my eyes, she's dead. The nurse then confirmed her being a still born, "let me hold her!" I yelled. The nurse looked sorrowful as she placed the corpse of my daughter into my hands. She was so small, much smaller than a regular new born baby. Her skin was so pale, her tiny hands and feet were stiff. I watched my tears fall onto her little face then I handed her back to the nurse who then placed a heavier bundle in my hands. It was the boy.

I thought he was going to be an ugly monster. But he wasn't, he was a beautiful little boy, he looked surprisingly like Erik. I looked at the doctor. "He's not a demon." I questioned him. The doctor, who was filling in for doctor Strap, gave me a puzzled look. "He is the result of the 2 Royal succubus bloodlines mating." I told him. His eyes widened and he stepped back. Recently I had been informed that Every type of fable has 2 main bloodlines, none of those blood lines had yet to produce a girl, succubi were the first fabled to have the opportunity to join their main bloodlines. The doctor stumbled backwards, I couldn't tell what kind of fable he was, but he resembled a normal human. "It will destroy everything!" He cried. "Get it out of here!" He yelled. Electricity began to spark off of him. Erik who was holding the corpse of our daughter picked me up and sprinted out of the room. We ran out of the building, Erik flew me back to our building and placed me on my bed. I was stunned, I looked down at the two bundles in my arms. "We have to kill it." Erik said.

I looked up at him, tears falling from my eyes. I then looked down at my son, who wasn't the monster I thought he'd be, his small eyes fluttered open and locked with mine. His eyes were greenish blue, just like Erik's, he smiled at me and reached for my face. "No." I said. Erik continued to stare at me. "Amy, we have to kill it. This was the plan all along." I knew he was right, I knew we had planned to kill the monster, but my son wasn't the monster we thought he'd be."his name is Oryn." Was all I said. "No," Erik's voice boomed. "That THING will kill every human on earth! Peri, your mother, father, brothers, and sisters! Stevie, lily! They will all be dead because of the monster in your arms!" He yelled. "He's not a monster!" I yelled. "He's our son, I know he's not a monster." My voice shook. "That BEAST is not MY son." Erik said bitterly. "He is!" I yelled. "Think about it, he has your eyes, and your smile! And he looks like an ordinary, beautiful, healthy baby boy. Maybe the tests were wrong. Maybe you were the father of both of them." I looked at Erik who scowled at me.

"Hold him." I suggested, placing the blue bundle into Erik's arms. Erik stared down at Oryn, with a smile on his face, in one fluid motion Erik reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. I slid it toward Oryns throat. I jumped out of the bed and snatched Oryn away from him, getting my cheek cut in the process. "Amy!" Erik yelled "are you okay?" He tried to hug me. "You're the monster!" I screamed. "Get away from me!" I yelled, my cheek dripping blood. Oryns tiny hand touched my chest, the cut instantly healed. I stared down at my son in disbelief, "you healed me." I smiled, my stare snapped back to Erik. "He's your son!" I yelled. As I sprinted out of the room.

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