Demon Kiss: New Life


2. Birth

"Erik!" I yelled down the hall, "we have an appointment with Doctor strap today!" Erik came running down the hall with my purse. "Oh thanks baby." I kissed his cheek. Each building had 5 golf carts that could be used by those who needed them, in my pregnant condition there was no way I was walking 3 miles.

I finally sat on my cot and Doctor strap came in, he was a very short, spritely little elf with tinted green skin and white hair. He wore regular clothes covered by a lab coat. "Hey Amy." He smiled, "hey Erik." I then told my doctor about my frequent and intense pains. He then took me down to the room with both the ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, and X-Ray machines. Dr. Strap put the cold gel in my stomach and slid the small object across my stomach. "The heart beat of the girl is getting weaker." He said calmly. "At this rate, the boy will take her life force before you can naturally deliver. He looked at me. "I'm sorry." He mumbled. "I'll give you two some private time." He strode out of the white room. Erik and I went home, there was nothing else we could do.

I felt the tears flood out of my puffy eyes. That night I laid in bed, crying, with every tear I gained more stress. The doctor would have given me a C-section but it would have killed me. If a succubus fetus feels threatened it draws intense amounts of energy from its mother in order to stay alive. Abortions and C-Sections are out of the question. I cried louder. That's when I felt it. My nightgown was now wet, it was warm and felt like I pee'd. I screamed for help, Erik and Daniel were rushing upstairs, but were in my room in just a few moments.

Erik sprouted wings to fly me to the hospital, while Daniel called ahead of time to make sure they were prepared. I felt even more intense pain, I screamed.

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