Pieces of My Mind

Just a collection of my works.


25. the ABCs of an abusive relationshio

I am anxious, what will you say, how could I possibly respond

I am bored of the nights I can't sleep, endless hours of wasting away

I am confused as to why everyone targets me

I am a disappointment to my friends and family 

I am embarrassed, of the situation I let myself into

I am frightened of everyone around me because a high five could easily be misguided

I am gentler now than I was then

I am hesitant to engage in conversation, there are so many wrong things to be said

I am inadequate, nothing I can do will be good enough

I am judged before I am talked too 

I am lonely for I cannot trust nor will others stay

I am mediocre on my best of days

I am needy, I always draw attention to myself

I am overwhelmed by daily life

I am powerless to help myself much less those dear to me

I am quiet because I've misplaced my confidence

I am a rebound, always have been, always will be

I am scared of the people around me

I am terrified of being alone

I am unappealing in every way imaginable

I am vulnerable and easily hurt

I am withdrawn because I don't have what it takes to be outgoing

I am xenophobic for anything I don't know about it one more thing to screw up on

I am far too young to know what I'm talking about, it's simply an overreaction

I am zesty, I will leave a bitter memory ingrained into your mind when you decide to go.



Anxious, bored, confused, disappointed, embarrassed, frightened, gentler, hesitant, inadequate, judged, lonely, mediocre, needy, overwhelmed, powerless, quiet, rebound, scared, terrified, unappealing, vulnerable, withdrawn, xenophobic, young, zesty



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