Pieces of My Mind

Just a collection of my works.


18. Stressed

Just a tad

You're just a tad close.

Your hand is a tad low.

Your eyes are a tad demanding.

Your eyes are a tad accusing.

You're a tad protective.

You swing a tad hard.

You anger a tad easily.

You're a tad violent.

I'm a tad uncomfortable.


I stress

different than most.

I stress within the confines of the glass box that is my captor.

I can't stop the words from spilling

like boiling water bubbling up and tipping the lid.

My assignments are done, I've been working, I'm on top of it, don't worry about it, I've got this.

Inside my glass box, I'm thrashing.

Blinded fists direct themselves at my own head,

they aren't mine.

Crumpled to the floor like a paper doll,

shaking, but the tears don't come,

I scream silent cries for help.

I am an actress,

 I open my work and get everything together.

I sit and read over what I have done so far,

and my mind flutters.

Like the monarch outside my window,

resting on the other side of the glass.

My motivation flies away with it,

and so I procrastinate.

The process begins again

and I am writing this instead of the essays that are due tomorrow.

On the outside I'm confident,

on the inside, I'm slowly killing myself


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