Pieces of My Mind

Just a collection of my works.


8. Still life

So I actually wrote a poem on my own in the middle of the night. I really like it, here goes. It's about a moment on a canoe trip I went on, at night we would all go down to the river and stand in the middle again the current, looking at our surroundings.

Still Life

Swaths of darkness settle over black waters

Chilling the whispering ripples in which the river flows


Bats swoop in a downwards spiral toward the glass surface

Glistening bass sprout up shattering the crystal reflection and scattering drops of mercury


The stars gleam and twinkle

Shooting across the sky when you blink


The moon brightest of all casting its radiance over you

Whitewashing your skin and shining your hair


The river is your stage and you delicately dance around the surface pirouetting to the epicenter of the stillness

Gravitating lower until your soles grace the smooth pebbles congregating at the bottom


Gaze at the beauty around you 

Lean backward into the current


It's stronger than you thought

The rush of water is cold but the pressure is warming


Rock back further

Until you float and drift


Your hair darkened and flowing

Droplets of crystal beneath your eyes


Glide on the icy road ahead

Glaring cold and bright


Meander among the quiet

Socialize with the tranquility

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