Pieces of My Mind

Just a collection of my works.


2. Pleasure-

Another one I wrote in creative writing, again you couldn't use the word pleasure or any synonyms, this one just might be altered and made into a chapter in my book "Beautifully Tragic."



I cantered swiftly throughout the lush green field, leading toward the somewhat distant treeline. My friends, Alexys and Kaya, alongside me. The sky is a vibrant blue, checkered with white clouds. The air is warm, accompanied by a cool breeze, refreshing us during our long ride. My horse, Arabella, moves fluidly beneath me, and I need no mirror to know my face is flushed pink with exhilaration, and some of my hair has fallen from its ponytail, wisping around and framing my face. I slow Arabella to a trot, and then a walk, my friends following suit. Grinning madly we came upon the dense treeline. After a quick half-circle we turn into them, down the trail and toward the river, the sunlight shone golden through the canopy.

The earth was soft, the footing was good. It smelt rich with plants and minerals. All these thoughts flashing through out my mind distracted me as we trod down the trail. Soon we came to a grove of bushes, and a sweet fragrance filled the air. At first, I recognized it from my childhood as blackberries. Although not all of them were ripe, we stopped off the trail to collect some. We each had sandwich sized Ziploc bags with us, for an abundance of purposes, this I suppose was one of them. Filling our bags with the sweet berries, and tasting some along the way, we chatted about how nice this trail was, and why hadn't we explored here before. I made a mental note to come back here soon, when all the bushes are ripened I could make a pie, or even tarts.

The sun sank lower into the sky as we set back out, each with our own berries in our saddle bags along with the rest of our supplies. The sky had cleared out, and there were no more clouds when we finally arrived. Our destination was gorgeous, it had long sand banks, and we stumbled on a cove in the middle of a clearing, so we could look straight up into the sky. There was a good sized pasture to our right, three sides enclosed by trees, the other the river, and a bank about six feet wide leading to where we had set up camp. We took our saddle bags off the horses and untacked them, leading them to the pasture and leaving them to graze.

Then we unpacked our own possessions. Kaya took out a blanket from her saddlebag and smoothed it on the sand while Alexys and I retrieved glow sticks and water bottles from ours. We laid beneath the milky way, snacking on berries every once in a while, just taking in all our surroundings. The bats swooping down on the crystal clear water, the rustling of the trees, the whinnying and snorting of the horses. The rushing and gurgling of the pristine water, the full moon reflecting on its surface.

We were left only to our thoughts, and they too faded out into the white noise that  surrounded us.

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