Pieces of My Mind

Just a collection of my works.


7. I saw

Oh the senses, we have 5 of them. But I had to pick ONE. So I chose sight and wrote a poem using only that one sense. 


I saw the barn

I saw the pastures around it

I saw her

I saw her in the pasture

I saw the mare she was working with

I saw the stallion in the back

She didn't see

I saw her rub down the mare

I saw her saying good job

I saw the stallion pick up his head

I saw her walk the mare to a gate

I saw the stallion take a few steps

I saw the mare pin her ears

She didn't see

I saw the stallion trot closer

I saw the mare tense up

She saw that

I saw her saying whats wrong

I saw the stallion cantering over

I saw him beeline straight toward her

She didn't see

I saw the mare buck

I saw her fall off

I saw the stallion charge

I saw the mare kick and run

I saw her on the ground

I saw the stallion trample her

I saw her lay there unmoving

I saw my phone dial 911

I saw a lunge whip nearby

I saw it appear in my hand

I saw the gate open

I saw myself walking through it

I saw the stallion trotting towards me

I saw the whip cracking against the ground

I saw a cloud of dust fly

I saw the stallion rear and turn

I saw her on the ground

I saw myself run over to her

I saw red and blue

I saw an ambulance

I saw her on a stretcher I saw them drive off

I saw police

I saw myself explaining

I saw them walk over to her family

I wish she saw





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