Pieces of My Mind

Just a collection of my works.


4. Haikus for thought

Some funny, some pretty, some dumb. Some are better than others. They're all mine thooo

1) Horses whinnying

lemony cleaner

soft supple leather


2) Shuffling steps

warm winter coats shine brightly

he spooked at his breath


3) Crisp air night sky

the coyotes are howling

I feel at peace


4) Blinding light

the air smells clean

the snow crunches beneath


5) I made applesauce bread

it tastes familiar

I'm not sure why though


6) My arms ache

from lifting this old saddle

I love what I do


7) My eyes follow him

as we both circle around

stay out of my space


8) Walk trot canter lunge

it's not over till I'm done

I'm the boss listen


9) he's scared of water

won't go near it rear and turn

she would swim all day


Short and sweet, I know they aren't punctuated, they aren't supposed to be. They are Haikus. :)


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