Pieces of My Mind

Just a collection of my works.


6. Brag Poem

A brag poem, when you pick something you think your good at, and then you exaggerate; a lot. So this is supposed to make me seem self-centered and egotistical, it's part of the writing.

Brag Poem- Horses 

I am an equine goddess.

I can calm the wildest horses

and ride them like the rolling seas.

I have a gift.

Any horse that has met me will follow me.

and me alone;

their trust undeniable.

I canter on water,

the elements bend to my will.

Mark a bullseye from 200 meters away,

atop a horse, I will hit it;

walk, trot, or canter, it doesn't matter.

My hands are steady.

I am ever-flowing with knowledge,

I know all there is to know.

I can diagnose any illness or ailment,

I can answer any questions;

about horses.

I heal the ailments,

I cure the sickness.

I fasten golden shoes upon hooves.

There is no doubt that I am what you would call a horse whisperer.

I however

am not.

In all my glory, I do not whisper, no. 

I listen.

Oh so perfectly,

I listen.


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