Demon Kiss

Amethyst Jones is adopted along with her other siblings, but unlike them she is a Fable (Term to describe mythical creatures) with two unwanted deaths under her belt. Amy is determined to lay low, however Justin and Erik Are two incubus brothers who have come to retrieve her before her abilities peak to their most dangerous level on her 16th birthday. Emotions grows between Amy and both brothers as they get to know one another. Feelings couldn't arise at the worse time, Amy is the first female pure-blooded succubus ever born, the council of fables intends to betroth her to another pure blood. Rebel fables don't want the line to go on, but why? The question is, who should Amy trust?


5. The Assembly

Since I was quick friends with Justin, principal Perman wanted me to introduce them at the assembly; it wasn’t often that our school got new students in the middle of the year. At lunch both Justin and Erik sat with us at lunch. Justin held my hand and we were met with awkward stares by surrounding tables. After lunch Justin, Lily, and I finished “The Lion King” in Spanish class, Halfway through Home economics everybody was called to the gym for the assembly.

We walked into the gym and sat next to Lily and Stevie. Mr. Perman, our Principal, began to speak once everybody was seated.

“Tonight is the Varsity softball teams first game.” He announced, everybody cheered. “Our girls will be traveling to Essex to defeat the Eagles!” he shouted, the high school crowd roared. The softball team went to stand by the Principal, they were each named off and then they sat back down. “Now, I’m sure you all noticed two new faces both Friday and today. Mr. Perman motioned Erik, Justin, and I up to the Microphone. They stood on either side of me.

“Justin Cooper Is a junior,” I motioned to my right. “Erik Cooper, his older brother, Is a senior.” I said, my voice shaking. Everybody was silent; until some jackass screamed “Is Justin your next victim?” laughs then filled the gymnasium. I looked down, I didn’t want them to see me cry, I was contemplating running out, but I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction. I felt somebody touch my back, in a comforting way. I turned to my right to see Justin, but his arms were both at his sides, his hands were balled in fists. I turned to my left to see Erik; he was the one who was comforting me. He stared into my eyes, his were greenish blue. His face began to lean toward me, and his soft lips touched mine, I tried to pull away but his hands were touching my cheeks, keeping my face still. What was he doing? He is going to get himself killed! I thought. “No I’m not.” He said. But his lips were still touching mine. It was like he was talking to me through my mind, he answered my thoughts. The laughter had died down, all I heard were gasps.

We were kissing for what felt like forever. Erik released, he liked his lips, his eyes were no longer bluish green. Instead they were bright emerald green, practically glowing. He smiled and winked at me. He is still alive! I thought. “Of coarse I am.” He said to me, out loud this time. “What was that about victims?!” Erik yelled into the crowd. They were so silent; you could hear a pin drop. I looked at Justin, his face was horrified, the principal walked up to us, “My office now!” he roared.

Erik and I waited in the principal’s office, waiting for the assembly to be over, and the principal to return. “What in the hell do you think you were doing?” I asked sternly. “You could have been killed!” I raised my voice. “No.” Erik said, and then laughed. He had the audacity to laugh!? Who does this bozo think he is? “You think this is funny?” I got closer to him. He shook his head, struggling to contain the laughter. “Lets just say, your eyes changed color too, you couldn’t have possibly killed me, the look on everybody’s face was absolutely priceless.” He laughed again. I remembered his eyes, how they went from bluish green to bright Emerald. “You’re an asshole Erik!” I pushed on his chest, but I barely made him stagger backward. “What the hell do you mean? I most definitely should have sucked the life out of your stupid body.” I then looked his body up and down, it was lean, he was tall, and his body was absolutely… he then interrupted my thought process. “Stunning?” he asked, with a huge victorious smile. I could feel my face heat up. He knew what I was thinking! I turned around so he couldn’t see me blush. “How is this possible?” I asked, just as the principal opened the door. Principal Perman was a rather short, plump, gray haired man. “What twisted part of your minds thinks you can suck face in the middle of an assembly?” he said very low. “If it happens again I will call your parents Amethyst. Now go home, the bell rang just a few moments ago.” Erik and I hurried out of the office and into the parking lot just as the school busses were leaving. I saw Justin’s car was still parked and so was Lily’s. “Come with me.” Erik said as he stepped up to a jet black car, the license plate read “7H3 D3V1L” I looked at him. “This is a 2006 G6 with a V6 engine, 666, sign of the Devil.” He smiled at me, “Hop in.” he said as he unlocked the doors. I got In and he sped out of the parking lot, down the street. “Where are we going?” I asked as he sped up. He looked at me “To the park.” Then he looked at the road. My phone started making noise, no doubt Justin and Lily. I didn’t even get a chance to read them when Erik snatched my phone away from me. “What the hell? Give it back, Erik!” I looked at him. I tried to snatch it back but he quickly shoved it into the front of his pants and smiled. “Try and get it, I wont stop you.” He winked at me. I laughed a little. What a jerk. I thought. “Oh I’m not that big of a jerk sweet pea.” He kept his eyes glued to the road. “You’re fucking kidnapping me Erik! That’s a pretty dick move.” I crossed my arms. He chuckled “If that’s what you want to call it, I just don’t want you to have any distractions.” I stuck my tongue out at him. We were north of the pine woods which was 20 minutes out of the city of ChesterVille. We stopped on the side of the road. He turned and looked at me. This seems like the ideal place to murder somebody. I thought, taking in my surroundings. “I’m not going to murder you!” he laughed hard. “Stop it! How are you doing that? Are you a telepath?” I stared into those bluish green eyes. “Im going to tell you something that’s going to be hard to believe.” He began. “My little brother and I, we are like you, I am an Incubus, same as Justin, and we feed off of sexual energy just like you. When a succubus turns 13, puberty starts and the danger of our species kicks in.” I was about to open my mouth. “Let me finish.” He protested. “Your mom, your birth mom, wanted you out of our little society; she gave you up in hopes that you would have a better, normal life. She got pregnant at 14, she was young and rebellious and not ready for motherhood, it’s not usually pretty when a child gives birth to a child. It ended up doing more harm than good, We have been looking for you since your mom gave you up when you were 3, we only recently found a news article of the mysterious deaths of those 2 boys. We had to get here before you turned 16, before the real horror show began.” I unbuckled myself and got out of the car; I stepped into the February weather and began walking down the road. Erik came up behind me. “This is insane.” I muttered. He shook his head. “Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow.” He continued “When you turn 16, the hunger gets much worse, you will crave more…” he looked into my eyes. “At first you won’t know what for, regular food seems disgusting and you can’t keep it down. After a few days of not feeding your instincts will take over, you will know exactly what you want, it will be impossible to ignore. You will go on a feeding frenzy, killing innocent people, your human family isn’t technically related to you, and you could kill them. You won’t be able to control it; you will rip the life out of anybody who is closest to you when you finally break down. I kissed you today because you were hungry, you were so stressed during the assembly and extra stress can make you break quicker. I fed you, did you notice you feel a lot better now?” I stared at him for a long time. I did, I didn’t feel hungry. “Justin was supposed to tell you, but he let his feelings get in the way of his job.” Erik sighed. “It doesn’t matter anymore; we need to get you back to Indiana before anybody else gets hurt.”

NO! I thought. I’m not leaving my family. Erik’s soft lips touched mine again, delivering a movie into my head; it was a memory of Erik’s. I was looking through his eyes, he was five, he was watching a four year old boy, Justin, and a three year old girl, Kimberly. That was me; I was holding hands with Justin, playing with him. Erik removed his lips and the memories stopped feeding into my head. “What was that?” I asked him. He smiled. “We have many powers, when I kissed you; I gave you a specific memory of mine.” I nodded. “I need to leave.” I started walking down the road away from the car. Erik didn’t follow me, he just yelled to me. “How many people do you want to kill?” he called. I stopped. “Ten or twenty, maybe thirty? I can guarantee that without my help, the bodies will begin to pile up. You will have so many memories of others, you wont be able to tell which ones are your and which ones are theirs. You will go mad, it’s happened before. Do you want to hurt your mom, maybe your dad, Lily or Stevie; you could take the life of even Peri.” I turned around and ran up to him. “Shut up!” I screamed as I pushed him, his body went flying a few yards. I ran up to him, still enraged, when I saw my reflection in the rear view mirror of the V6. My eyes were glowing exotic blue; the veins in my face were bulging blue as well. I looked at Erik, I was hungry, I bent down and kissed him, feeling power flow through me. Then another slideshow of memories; Erik was 16, he was hungry, he ran off. Erik killed two girls that night, one was 20, and the other only fourteen, Erik is responsible for four deaths. “Lets stop your death toll at two.” Erik said breaking the stream of memories going into my mind. Tears streamed down my face, and down his too, Erik was right, he was like me, so was Justin and hundreds of others, I need to protect my family.

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