Demon Kiss

Amethyst Jones is adopted along with her other siblings, but unlike them she is a Fable (Term to describe mythical creatures) with two unwanted deaths under her belt. Amy is determined to lay low, however Justin and Erik Are two incubus brothers who have come to retrieve her before her abilities peak to their most dangerous level on her 16th birthday. Emotions grows between Amy and both brothers as they get to know one another. Feelings couldn't arise at the worse time, Amy is the first female pure-blooded succubus ever born, the council of fables intends to betroth her to another pure blood. Rebel fables don't want the line to go on, but why? The question is, who should Amy trust?


12. Exile

Later that night, we were roughly half a mile away from the main exiled camp. Mom had explained to me that my faux father, Daniel, would be expecting us. Daniel apparently wasn’t the bad guy he was made out to be, Erik who was part of the council wasn’t informed of this. The council had just elected Erik, so they didn’t trust him with important information yet, Erik was pretty pissed. We were walking down a path, Erik and I both had hiking back packs, Erik’s car was parked on the edge of a forest (once we got that far the rest of the trip was on foot.) my mom had grabbed things from Erik and my room and placed them in an industrial backpack that was now placed on Erik’s back.

“Halt!” yelled a voice, coming from the tree line. Erik and I stopped when a Bengal tiger appeared out of the forest, my eyes widened; Erik’s however, did not. The tiger lurched toward us “Princess, why is a council member with you?” the tiger asked. I struggled for words, id never seen a tiger in the flesh, let alone talked to one. “This is my mate, Erik.” The tiger was silent. Its fur ripples and after each wave a loud sloshing sound rang into my ears. The tiger was now a human woman, she was on her hands and knees. She stood up, completely naked and well proportioned. She has long, straight, chestnut brown hair that fell past her mid waist. “Then he is a prince.” She looked into his eyes. “Your majesty, forgive me.” She bowed to us both. “Excuse me.” She began to shift again, but her body no longer resembled a tiger, it was now a hawk with dark feathers, she sprang into the air and flew in the direction Erik and I were headed to begin with.

Three grey wolves appeared out of the trees, among them was a man, he was older maybe in his fifties; he wore camouflage and held a gun. He was roughly forty yards away from where I stood, and in a flash he was standing in front of me, so he can teleport? I thought. “Princess...” He began to speak in a rough voice that was oddly pleasant and British. “Hold my hand and I will take you to our camp. He holstered his pistol and grabbed both mine and Erik’s hands with his sand paper palms.

In a flash we were standing in a clearing, Fables were walking around us, barely noticing our appearance out of thin air. It was a large field, there were tents everywhere, and the old man led us to the biggest tent that was in the middle of the field.

The tent wasn’t any prettier than the rest, just bigger; it was peach and reminded me of a hut that Native Americans used to use. We walked inside, led by the old man who immediately left after we were in the very center of the tent, there was no furniture or Persian rugs or animal skins like I thought there would be. A man around Erik’s height stepped into the opposing entrance of the tent. He had light brown hair with grey eyes. “Hello…” he began. “My name is Daniel, It’s so great to see you again Amy.” He said, he walked over and hugged me, he released his grip and I could feel how uncomfortable Erik was. Daniel explained everything that my mother had already. He told me how he doesn’t want the human race to be slaves to the fables and neither do his camp of exiled. Just then my neighbor Jack Theresa walked in through the back entrance of the tent, he was my neighbor who had just recently moved away. Simultaneously Erik and I said “Jack?” we then looked at each other. “How do you know him?” I asked Erik. “He’s my older brother.” Erik said, his eyes watering. “Did you miss me?” Jack asked, with his rather deep voice. He had short chestnut hair, and pale skin, he reminded me of Justin. Jack walked up to Erik trying to get a hug, but Erik slugged him in the face; I wasn’t expecting that.

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