Demon Kiss

Amethyst Jones is adopted along with her other siblings, but unlike them she is a Fable (Term to describe mythical creatures) with two unwanted deaths under her belt. Amy is determined to lay low, however Justin and Erik Are two incubus brothers who have come to retrieve her before her abilities peak to their most dangerous level on her 16th birthday. Emotions grows between Amy and both brothers as they get to know one another. Feelings couldn't arise at the worse time, Amy is the first female pure-blooded succubus ever born, the council of fables intends to betroth her to another pure blood. Rebel fables don't want the line to go on, but why? The question is, who should Amy trust?


9. Erik

About half a mile down the wooded trail I began to speak. “I’m sorry for freaking out back there.” I apologized to Justin. He laughed, “I probably would have done the same thing.” He said, still walking. “I just can’t believe they want nothing to do with me.” I stressed. Justin’s phone rang. “Hello.” He said. “Yeah she is with me.” He answered. “We were at Prince Draco’s home.” He looked pissed. “We will be right there, Okay, bye.” He hung up the phone. “They want us back at the house, I have to leave for Iowa to speak with a small village of non violent exiled fables, I’m taking some people with me, Erik is in charge of you.” He looked at me. I nodded, “They were going to send Erik, but they don’t trust me alone with you.” He sighed. We walked back to the house and Justin left. Erik was sitting on the porch steps waiting for me. “So, Daniel knows you’re here, he’s after you.” I nodded. “Justin filled me in.” I explained. “So, what do you want to do today?” Erik asked following me into Justin’s room.

“We cleared out the guest room, you can stay there.” Erik offered. I nodded; I didn’t want to be anymore trouble to Justin. He led me down the white carpeted hall past 2 more doors and into the last room on the left. It had Mocha colored walls and a twin sized bed with a multi colored quilt, there was also a dresser which was empty. I smiled at Erik and began to unpack my things. He sat on the bed and we didn’t say a word to each other. Erik finally broke the silence. “I’m sorry about the party earlier.” I smiled at him “Its fine, I’m just surprised Justin is the one who arranged it, I thought he knew me better than that.” I sighed. Erik began to laugh. I looked at him “Why are you laughing?” he looked at me. “Justin knows nothing about you sweetheart.” He breathed. I looked at him. “He knows a hell of a lot more than you do.” I challenged him. Erik sighed, “Justin is infatuated with you, he sees you as perfect, and he puts you on a damn pedestal.” Erik stood up and got close to me. Erik leaned in and kissed me, I didn’t fight it, I embraced it, I wanted his kiss. Erik slid memories into my brain again; he did this to show me things he didn’t know how to say. He showed me how he accidentally took the life of his human girlfriend. He showed me how not many succubus got out of control and took lives, including Justin; Justin was the perfect son. Erik looked at me with wide eyes. “I will never understand what it is like to be alone in what you are. I will never understand what it’s like to think you’re a monster, I do understand what its like to hurt the people you love.” I nodded. “Do you love him?” he asked. Whoa, that was unexpected. I thought. he smiled. “Who?” I asked. He rolled his eyes “Justin.” I swallowed and cleared my throat. “Even if I did, it doesn’t matter does it? I have an arranged marriage.” He scowled at me. “You didn’t answer my question.” He looked me in the eyes. “I don’t know. Yes?” I replied. He was staring at me, reading me like an open book. “It’s me.” He smiled. “You love me.” I blushed and turned around to leave. He grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a kiss. It was passionate, like molten lava under the skin he touched. I kissed him back craving more, I felt my energy replenish. He pushed me on to the twin sized bed and got on top of me, I wrapped my legs around his body, begging for more of him. He slid off his shirt and mine, and we continued to kiss; then we heard somebody clear their throat.

Erik’s mother Eve was standing there. “Hey.” Erik said, like nothing was going on. Eve raised her eyebrows, “Hungry much?” she asked as if she were talking to a child who ate their macaroni too fast. Erik nodded, “Yeah we both haven’t eaten in over a day.” She nodded. “Amy, your parents are here to see you.” Eve said smiling at me. I slipped my shirt back on and headed to the foyer, Erik trailed behind me. I saw Pregnant Kayla, and tall Draco standing side by side. “Where is Riley?” I asked “He is down for a nap, your grandmother is watching him.” replied Draco. “What do you guys want?” I crossed my arms. “Your father and I…” Kayla began, “Stop.” I said, putting up a finger. “You are not my parents, and I won’t allow you to title yourselves that way. My parents are the ones who raised me.” Erik smiled at me. Draco then began to speak, “Blood is thicker than water young lady, and I am your father.” He growled at me. “No, Blood of the coven is thicker than water of the embryo.” Erik said, glaring at Draco, the tension rose. “Meaning you choose your family.” Eve, who was standing behind me, chimed in. I smiled at her. Draco frowned and Kayla began to speak again “Draco and I want to be a part of your life, we don’t want to miss out on the rest of your childhood, we don’t want your brothers to miss out on knowing their amazing sister. Please, give us a second chance.” She said clutching her protruding stomach. “Your first chance was when you gave birth to me. Your second chance was when I came to your house today; this would be your third chance.” I huffed. “Ill thinks about it.” I finally said, ending the conversation. I turned around and went to my new room; I shut the door behind me and got ready for bed, slipping on plaid pajamas. The clock on the wall read 9:30 p.m. I was tired; so I shut the door, turned off my light, and snuggled into bed. The make out session with Erik earlier heightened my senses; I heard Erik step lightly down the hall and smelled him as soon as he entered the room. He picked me up and kissed me; he walked out of the room and brought me into the room right next to mine. This was Eriks room, It had forest green walls with a flat screen TV and a gaming system. There was a computer desk complete with Alien ware equipment. The bedding was blue, but one of the pillows had spider man on it. He sat me on the bed. “My mother wants us to sleep in the same room, Daniel is powerful so I need to be with you at all times.” I snuggled into bed and grabbed hold of his spider man pillow. “You’re lucky; I always claim that pillow at night.” He smiled at me. “What’s you’re favorite food?” he asked out of the blue. “Why?” I looked at him. He shrugged; we were lying on the bed, on our sides, facing each other. “You think I don’t know you that well, I intend to learn more about you, and lets start with the basic stuff.” He smiled at me, a big smile that I wasn’t used to seeing on his face. “I like sushi, Chinese, pizza, Chicken noodle soup, CHOCOLATE.” He laughed. “Mine are pizza and sushi.” He looked at me “What’s your favorite color?” I asked him. “Blue.” He told me, I told him blue was my favorite color too. I learned his favorite animal was a narwhal and he learned that mine was a shark. “Why a narwhal?” I asked him “They are the majestic unicorns of the sea.” He responded. We finally fell asleep after midnight. When I woke up I was in Erik’s arms, The sun was shining brighter than it should be in February, I was hungry so I tried to sneak out of the room without waking Erik. He woke up and quickly grabbed my arm. “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked. “I don’t need a body guard to grab some food.” I said. He pulled me in for a kiss. “I’m not that kind of hungry.” I laughed.

“How am I supposed to be with you?” I suddenly asked. He looked at me thoughtfully. “I don’t know.” He said truthfully. He put his hand over mine “I wont allow you to mate with Jacob, I wont let it happen, I promise.” He told me. I smiled and kissed him.

The next week was great, Erik and I grew closer, and I slept in his room at night. He taught me how to use my basic powers, like my mental abilities. I began to know Erik better, I knew him better than I knew Lily. I missed my family at home but I felt like I belonged here. Justin was still away talking to other groups of fables, asking for their help. The days blurred together and soon it was March, my mother had contacted Kayla (my birth mother) asking her if she knew of my location, the council forced her to lie, sending my mother to northern Canada to look for me, my family was on a wild goose chase, It was best that my family didn’t know my true location.

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