Demon Kiss

Amethyst Jones is adopted along with her other siblings, but unlike them she is a Fable (Term to describe mythical creatures) with two unwanted deaths under her belt. Amy is determined to lay low, however Justin and Erik Are two incubus brothers who have come to retrieve her before her abilities peak to their most dangerous level on her 16th birthday. Emotions grows between Amy and both brothers as they get to know one another. Feelings couldn't arise at the worse time, Amy is the first female pure-blooded succubus ever born, the council of fables intends to betroth her to another pure blood. Rebel fables don't want the line to go on, but why? The question is, who should Amy trust?


10. A Kidnapping

March 3rd I woke up in darkness, I was lying on the ground, but it felt like the ground was moving, I heard cars, I was in a trunk. I screamed and pounded for what felt like hours, until the vehicle stopped and the trunk opened, I immediately kicked my assailant and attempted to vault from the trunk. I was grabbed and tied up before I got my second leg over the edge. I was dragged into a building and thrown into a chair. “Let me go!” I screamed. “Kimberly, calm down.” Was what I got in response, a light flickered on and a man was standing in front of me. “I’m Malcolm.” He said. “Your fathers right hand.” He looked at me. He was about 5”11’ with short brown hair and black eyebrows, he wore a tailored navy blue suit with a black tie and black dress shoes. He smiled at me, a warm, loving smile that threw me off guard. Daniel thought that I was his daughter, Draco, being a royal succubus, had a witch implant memory of him sleeping with my birth mother in his head to ensure he couldn't go back on his agreement to be my pretend dad. Daniel was set on taking me back. Malcolm stared at me, “Call Daniel, and tell him we have her.” He said, not taking his big hungry black eyes off of me. He looked at me as if I was something to eat. “We wont hurt you.” He smiled. “Unless you make us.” He licked his thin lips. His eyes were glowing red, and the veins around his eyes did the same thing. I cringed. “What are you?” I asked. He chuckled. “I’m an Ifrit, a fire demon.” I struggled to loosen the ropes, but I was tired and they seemed to make me weaker. “Don’t bother, these ropes are drenched in Fairy blood.” He looked at me, what did fairy blood do? “Fairy blood is a weakness to all fables but fairies.” He said, almost answering my thoughts, I hate it when that happens.

“Fuck you.” I spat, he scowled. “That wasn’t very nice, say you’re sorry.” He demanded. I laughed “Like hell I will.” His eyes grew angry, he hand engulfed in a red flame, turning his skin into embers, red hot embers, he raised his hand to my face and touched my cheek. I screamed louder than I thought possible, I was burning; it felt as though my blood was lava, delivering the pain through out my entire body. “I’m sorry!” I screamed. He removed his hand and the pain began to stop. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?” he asked cheerfully. “Mary!” Malcolm called. A blonde woman approached me and began to sing, it was beautiful, the music put me to sleep, she was a siren, she could influence me with her song. Damn it… I can’t fall asleep… Erik, Where are you?

“Wake up Amy.” Erik’s sweet voice called to me. I opened my eyes but a cloth was covering them. “Erik?” I called out. “Shhhhh.” His voice said. “I’m talking to you through your mind, just think what you need to say.” He thought to me. “Okay.” I thought back. “Amy, we are sending somebody to get you, we have a few witches on our side that did a locator spell. Drac should be there any minute.” If I wasn’t in so much pain and so sleepy I could have been more excited. After a few minutes of me telling Erik what happened. I heard a loud thud, and then some screams, and more thuds. It sounded like it was coming from below me, I was upstairs. I then heard the door of the room I was in open. My blind fold was removed in a flash. What was in front of me was frightening. A white face, dark eyes, a nose shaped like that of a bat, and blood, so much blood. “Amy.” said a Romanian voice. “My name is Dracula; it is a pleasure to meet you, princess.” His face turned to that of a normal human, He was bald, he looked like the original vampire, except he didn’t have pointed ears. He smiled and looked like he was in his mid forties. “Dracula?” He smiled, his fangs protruding from his mouth. He scooped me up and in less than a minute I was in Erik’s bed at home. Dracula looked at me, “I owed Erik a favor, I’m a lot faster than him so he had me get you, plus he said you wanted to meet me.” I smiled. “Do you really burn in the sun?” I asked. He laughed “Yes, It’s my weakness; most other fables are weak to fairy blood, but mine is the Sun.” he looked at me. Erik walked into the room, “Drac!” Erik smiled, he hugged the count and thanked him, he then went straight to the bed and kissed me, passionately. “I was so worried.” He looked into my eyes, worry was written all over him. “I love you” he said. My heart almost stopped, he told me he loved me. “I love you too!” I exclaimed. I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Be careful Erik, the princess is to be mated with somebody else.” Dracula said. Erik looked at Drac with “Please don’t tell” written all over his handsome face. “Your secret is safe with me, my young friend, but if you two were to mate, they would kill you Erik.” Dracula said. “Why?” I asked. Erik sighed. “There are only two ways to un mate a succubus. To banish them, or kill them.” He looked at me. “Then wouldn’t they banish you?” I asked, he shook his head negatively. “You are a royal Amy, if we mated the bond would run too deep, they would have to kill me.” He looked at me again. I kissed his lips then Dracula looked at me “how old are you?” I asked. He snickered. “I was turned into the first Vampire around 13 A.D. I was 30 when I was changed.” I looked at him in astonishment. “Who turned you?” I asked him. “Hedes.” Was all he said, as if he didn’t want to talk about his transformation further. “Are there other vampires?” I asked “only one, Sylvia, She is the first vampire I ever made, she is my lover. I made 7 vampires other than her, they all made vampires of their own. They turned primitive in the 1600’s so I was forced to dispose of them, Sylvia and I are the only vampires to stay in touch with humanity, It may be because Sylvia drinks my blood regularly, I’m not sure, I just know that…” but then a female voice interfered. “We will never create another vampire again.” I turned to where the voice was coming from, it sounded quite Russian. A pale woman with long blonde hair and a long black dress stared at me, fangs hung out of her mouth, pressed against her red lips. “Sylvia!” Dracula hugged his lover. “My darling.” She kissed him.

We caught up, talking about what our game plan was for the exiled Fables, The council met up and agreed they should be disposed of. The question was, how?

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