monster ~ Xiumin <EXO>

"널 망철널고야, baby girl~"

~in which an innocent, unsuspecting girl falls into the trap of the monster they call Xiumin~


3. o.2

Light streamed through the blinds and poured into Karma’s room. She opened her eyes, rubbing the sleep from them before stretching and yawning, cutely scrunching her nose in the process. She slowly stood up, the oversized jacket hanging loosely on her small frame. She smiled softly to herself as she walked to her closet, picking some simple skinny jeans with stretchy black fabric and a BTS sweatshirt since it was winter, her favourite season.

Suddenly, Xiumin came to her mind. She thought back to his features; most of which were obscured from view by a dust mask. She remembered the way he looked down at her...the way his eyes crinkled slightly when he smiled at her. She giggled softly to herself before shrugging her shoulders a little, letting Xiumin’s jacket sliding off of her body, going down from her shoulders before falling to the floor with the soft, muffled sound of the fabric hitting the hardwood flooring. She then tugged the sweatshirt over her head, pulling on the hem to make it completely cover her previously exposed torso. She ran her fingers through her shoulder-length black hair to get rid of most of the tangles, sighing before briefly glancing in the mirror beside her closer, cringing slightly before walking out of the room.

She trudged down the stairs to her kitchen, where she grabs a glass of water and leaned back against the counter lazily. Karma sighed, finishing the glass in her hand before setting it into the metal sink, the glass clinking quietly against the cold surface below it. She sniffled a little her nose twitching cutely. She blinked a few times, still trying to wake up completely as she turns to go back up the stairs with a granola bar in hand. As she turns on her heel, she does a double-take at the kitchen window, gasping softly. She could’ve sworn she saw a dark figure wearing a mask, looking at her.

Her small, pale hand clutched the fabric over her chest as her brown eyes flickered around over the floor frantically while she tried to pull herself together.

She slowly walked up the stairs, mind still reeling from what she thought she saw. She brushed her teeth and hair quickly, not caring about makeup since she never used it anyways. Afterwards, she checked the time… she had about an hour before her job began.

Today was special, however, because today was the day she became the lead choreographer  for a group she had never heard of before.

“Exo, wasn’t that their name..?” She quietly questioned herself as she decided to get to work earlier than she planned on, grabbing her beanie by the door and putting it on before walking out into the cold, early morning winter air.

Yeah, that name sounded about right. She was told it was an all-male 12 member group. She sighed to herself. Great, just great. She pulled the mask up to cover her face, now red from the cold, and shoved her hands into her pockets.


This was going to be a long walk...


When she reached her destination, she took in a deep breath, feeling the cold Korean winter air stinging her lungs. She shoved her ice-cold fingertips into her jacket pockets as she stepped through the doors, glancing around for the front desk. She easily found it, walking over to explain why she was here and to get directions to her exact destination. The woman behind the desk smiled warmly, asking Karma politely what business she had at the SMTown Entertainment building. She, of course, smiled back and responded back just as politely.

“I’m here to work. I’m the new choreographer for a group..hmm...what was their name...EXO? I think that’s their name… could you direct me to the manager, since this is my first time being in this building.” She shyly tucked some of her hair behind her ear. The woman eyes her curiously.

“You seem a bit too shy to be able to keep those boys in line… Good luck with them. Come with me.” The woman - Sooyeon, from what Karma read from the name tag pinned to her dress shirt -  got up from her perch at the front desk and walked around the dark wooden piece of furniture to lead Karma up to the elevator and down the hallway until they reached a door labeled “Manager’s Office.” Karma visibly stiffened, nervousness hitting her like a tidal wave. Sooyeon, however, noticed the sudden change in Karma’s aura, shooting her a reassuring smile.

“You’ll be just fine, keep your head up. The manager likes confidence.” Karma nodded, nervously smiling back before squaring her shoulders and forcing a convincing smile onto her pink lips before taking a deep breath before knocking on the door. She breathed out a “Thank you” to Sooyeon, who nodded and went back down to her desk. Karma heard a deep “Come in.” from behind the thick wooden door.

Doing as requested, she cautiously entered, making sure to keep smiling to keep her nerves at bay. The man sitting at the desk had a straight face but she couldn’t help but notice the spark of amusement in his eyes.

“Min Karma, correct?” he drawled, smiling slightly. She nodded, sitting down when he motioned her to do so. “I’m Lee Sooman, pleasure to meet you. You’re vaguely aware of why I called you here, right?” Again, he got a nod as a response. “Oh, didn’t take you for the quiet type, luckily, you’ll still be able to hold down the guys and keep them focused.” he smiled brighter, which Karma immediately returned. “Here. I’ll show you the room you’ll mainly be working in. We’ll give you to music as soon as possible so you can begin putting the choreography together, okay?” she hummed in agreement, nodding again. He opened the door that opened up to a rather spacious practice room. The freshly cleaned glass glinting back the rays from the rising sun (considering she got there earlier than expected). She inhaled the fresh scent, a wax warmer plugged in far in the corner. She could recognize that specific fragrance anywhere.

“Peppermint.” she breathed out quietly, a soft smile gracing her features. Sooman smiled as well.

“You like it? I read through your file and figured this would be a nice ‘welcome’ present.” Sooman placed an arm around her shoulders. She smiled up at him, considering the height difference, and nodded.

“Thank you, sir.” to which he nodded. “This is about all I will need to show you, the boys will be here shortly so I’ll trust that they’ll show you around from here.” Karma hummed, still smiling. Sooman then left the room, leaving her to do whatever in the room while she waited for the “boys” he mentioned to arrive. She moved towards the sound system, plugging in her phone to begin an old dance she used to do all the time to help her “de-stress.” She hit play, quickly moving to the centre of the room, facing the mirror. “Save your goodbye” began playing and she followed the choreography flawlessly. Unbeknownst to her, just as she began the routine, the door had opened and 12 pairs of eyes locked onto her small figure moving beautifully around the room without a care in the world. As the music stopped, she heard a thundering applause, followed by a series of loud hoots and hollers. She jumped and squeaked rather loudly, her face now coated in a deep crimson as she instantly sits down and hugs her knees, visibly frightened and flustered by the fact that they had been watching her.

She coughed, still not looking up to see their faces as her black hair shielded her red face, and played with the hem of her sweatshirt.

One of the males came over to her and held his hand out to help her stand up which she hesitantly took and stood up. She finally lifted her head only to see the warm, inviting eyes of a male she had never met. He sure looked good though… She was snapped out of her thoughts when he chuckled warmly, smiling down at her.

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Luhan.” He grinned cutely, and she instantly compared him to a deer. His eyes were very doe-like and his smile was just too cute to be real.

“K-Karma. Min Karma…” she muttered. He nodded, smiling, her hand still in his as he glanced at the other members of the group.

“Wanna meet the guys?” he asked softly, sensing her nervousness. She nodded, keeping quiet. He motioned for the guys to approach, but Karma couldn’t help but notice the short male with the fluffy hair attempting to hide behind the rest. It clicked in her mind as her eyes widened a fraction.

“X-Xiumin..?” She murmured, thinking maybe he couldn’t hear her but sure enough, he did. She could have sworn she saw him twitch before he hummed, lifting his head up to meet her gaze.

But something was off.

His gaze was cold.  


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