Stars in Your Eyes || Harry Styles AU

The stars in your eyes are burning you alive. Shay is the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles is Louis’ best friend. She’s known him since they were kids, but as she grows up her feelings begin to change. Harry no longer annoys her, he intrigues her, and she likes kissing him more than anything. A story about a girl who falls in love with a boy and vice versa.
[American High School AU]


12. Chapter Twelve

Harry came over to the Tomlinson house after school on their first day back from winter break. Except he wasn’t with Shay, he was with Louis. And it made Shay so incredibly jealous. She tried to stifle it, but she couldn’t deny it. She was jealous that Harry was spending time with her brother instead of her. But deep down she understood. He had to keep up appearances and Louis was still his best friend.

Shay was lying in bed, bored out of her mind, so she decided to text Harry just to let him know she was thinking about him.



I wish you were in my bed kissing me instead of hanging out with Louis.


She didn’t get a response which was even more frustrating. She really needed to find something to do to keep her mind occupied. As she pulled out her text book to start her homework, she heard Louis bellow her name down the hallway.

“Ugh,” Shay groaned as she rolled herself off of her bed and lazily walked to the door.

“What?” She shouted as she ripped her bedroom door open.

Standing in front of her was her brother holding Harry’s phone in his hand. Shay swallowed back the fear that was building up inside of her at what it meant.

“What in the fuck…” Louis choked out just as the bathroom door swung open and Harry emerged, looking at the two of them confused.

“My phone…” Harry said, focusing on the device in Louis’ hand.

“Are you fucking—” Louis choked out, unable to finish his sentence as he looked at his best friend.

“Are you fucking around with my sister?” Louis asked Harry with a little more power in his voice. Harry’s eyes cut to Shay’s as he swallowed hard.

“You are, aren’t you?” Louis said, pushing Harry hard against the chest.

“LOUIS!” Shay screamed at him.

“Listen, Louis…” Harry started.

“You’re fucking around with my sister!” Louis yelled, pushing Harry again.

“KNOCK IT OFF, LOUIS!” Shay screamed, worming her way between them before Louis started throwing punches.

“We were going to tell you…” Harry said.

“WHEN!? After you knock her up!?” Louis growled at his best friend, trying to shove him again, but Shay pushed him away instead.

“LOUIS, FUCKING STOP IT!” She screamed in his face.

“I can’t fucking believe you! EITHER OF YOU! He’s like your brother! And she’s your fucking sister!” Louis yelled at them.

“But she’s not,” Harry said quietly.

“Fuck you, man! You’re fucking disgusting!” Louis yelled, pointing his finger wildly in Harry’s direction.

“What’s so bad about it, Louis? You know I’m not going to hurt her! You know I’ll protect her, just like you would!” Harry yelled at him.

“Get the fuck out of my house!” Louis yelled back at him, unable to listen to reason.

“No, Louis! This is stupid!” Shay snapped, staring down her brother.

“You’re right, Shay. This is fucking stupid. You’re both fucking stupid!” Louis yelled.

“Stop it,” Shay said, shaking her head.

“How long has this been going on?” Louis asked, his fiery eyes looking between the two of them. Shay bit her lip and Harry hung his head.

“HOW LONG?” Louis growled.

“Since September,” Shay said quietly.

“Oh my fucking—Oh my fucking god. You’re disgusting,” Louis yelled at Harry again.

“Louis, you’re being a fucking idiot right now,” Shay yelled, getting extremely annoyed with him.

You! You were the girl! She was the girl in your bedroom! You were fucking around with my sister in your bedroom when I showed up there that day!” Louis said, putting two and two together.

Oh, shit.

“Louis…” Harry said quietly.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Louis yelled at him.

“No. Come on, Harry,” Shay said, grabbing Harry’s hand pulling him with her toward her room.

“Fuck no,” Louis said, putting his hand on Harry’s chest to stop him.

“GET YOUR GOD DAMN HAND OFF OF HIM, LOUIS,” Shay growled at him, pushing his hand forcefully off of Harry’s chest.

She pulled Harry with her to her bedroom and slammed the door shut.

“Oh, God,” Shay groaned, running her hands through her hair as she began pacing her floor.

“God damn. I didn’t think… I didn’t think he’d react like that,” Harry said, looking absolutely freaked out.

“I knew he would. Why do you think I pushed for us to keep this a secret?” Shay said, feeling the emotion hitting her hard.

“What… what set him off?” Harry asked, looking confused.

“I-I sent you a text. But apparently you were in the bathroom and Louis saw it,” Shay admitted, swallowing hard.

“What did it say?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know. That I wished you were in my bed kissing me instead of hanging out with Louis,” Shay told him.

“God,” Harry said under his breath.

“This is bad. This is really bad,” Shay said, pacing her floor again.

“MOM!” They both heard Louis bellow and they knew Johannah was home from work. Luckily their mother already knew about Shay and Harry. It was one less thing to worry about.

Shay waited silently for Louis and my mother to come bombarding into my room. It was inevitable.

Several minutes later there was a small knock on the door and Shay knew it was her mother and not her hothead of a brother because of the delicacy of the knock. Still, Shay pulled the bedroom door open carefully, just in case.

“Hi,” Jay said with a small smile.

When Shay pulled the door open all the way, she noticed Louis standing against the wall in the hallway – ironically it was the same wall Harry kissed her against that first time.

“Hi, Harry,” Jay said, and Shay turned to see Harry sitting on her bed giving her mother a silent wave of his hand.

“Uh, maybe it would be better if you headed on home so I can talk to Louis and Shay about all of this,” She told him.

“No, Mom. He’s staying,” Shay said firmly.

“No, he’s not,” Louis grumbled.

“Shut up, dick!” Shay yelled at Louis.

“You shut up, you slut,” Louis shot at her.

“LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON, if I ever hear you call your sister or any other girl that again in your life – it will be the last thing you do! Do you hear me?” Johannah barked at him.

“Yes,” he said sheepishly, angrily tightening his arms around himself.

Jay’s attention fell back to Shay as she regained her calm after yelling at Louis.

“Shay, it’s okay. Harry will be invited back. Harry, you’re still welcome in this house,” Jay said reassuringly.

Louis scoff under his breath and shay knew he was holding back his vile thoughts to escape another lash out from Jay.

“Louis will have to deal with it,” Jay said, turning her head to her eldest child, who stood there brooding.

“It’s okay. I should go,” Harry said quietly as he stood up from Shay’s bed.

“Harry, I don’t… I don’t want you to,” Shay said, feeling the emotion rising in her chest.

“I should, Shay,” he said, barely meeting his eyes with hers.

“Harry…” She breathed, reaching out for him.

He quickly kissed her cheek as he made his way past Jay and out into the hallway.

“Give me back my phone,” Harry said, stopping in front of Louis, holding out his hand. Louis glared at Harry intensely.

“Louis, give him back his phone!” Mom insisted. Louis pulled it out of his back pocket and practically threw it at him.

“Don’t come back,” he spat at Harry.

“Louis!” Shay screeched.

“Louis, knock it off,” Mom shot at him as Harry shook his head and made his way down the stairs.

None of them spoke until they were sure Harry left.

“She’s having sex with him, mom!” Louis yelled first.

“How do you even know that!?” Shay yelled back at him.

“Well, I fucking do now that you just said it, don’t I?” Louis shot at her.

“Watch your mouth, Louis,” Jay growled.

“Your sixteen year old daughter is having sex and you’re not going to do anything about it!?” Louis yelled back at her.

“I’ve already taken care of it, Louis,” she told him.

“You knew!? You knew about her and Harry!?” Louis asked as his eyes flared with anger.

“I found out recently,” Jay said, nodding calmly.

“Oh my god,” Louis growled.

“Louis, it’s none of your business!” Shay yelled, feeling so annoyed that he was ruining everything.

“He’s my best friend! There are a thousand other guys at our school that you could date, but you had to choose my best friend!” Louis yelled at her.

“Boo-fricken’-hoo!” Shat yelled, taunting him, completely sick of his attitude altogether.

“You’re a bitch!” He yelled, not caring that their mother was standing right there.

“I swear to god!” Johannah said, throwing her hands up.

“I’m a bitch because I fell in love!? God, you should be happy for me!” Shay scoffed.

“LOVE!? How disgusting! He’s practically your god damn brother, Shay!” Louis yelled.

“HE’S NOT MY BROTHER, LOUIS!” Shay screamed, so annoyed with him referencing Harry like that.

“STOP IT! NOW! Louis, you go to your room. Shay, you go to your room! I don’t want to see you for the rest of the damn night!” Jay yelled, completely fed up with the both of them.

“This is absolute bullshit!” Louis grumbled as he stomped off down the hall and slammed his door.

Shay broke down into sobs and Jay wrapped her arms around her to console her.

“This is why I never wanted him to find out,” Shay cried.

“It would have never worked out with Harry if your brother didn’t know,” Jay assured her.

“But is it going to work out now that he does know?” Shay cried.

“We’ll see, baby. Your brother will calm down. He’ll get over it. And you and Harry can make it work,” she said confidently. Shay wanted to believe her words. She wanted to believe them so badly.

After the third day of Louis’s hostile attitude toward both Shay and Harry, she wasn’t so sure of it.

“What’s Harry been up to lately? I haven’t seen him around here much lately,” their father asked at dinner on the third day of the feud, completely oblivious to everything.

Shay’s whole body tensed up as her eyes shot to Louis. Louis’s eyes stared into hers and she just knew he was about to inform their father of her and Harry’s relationship.

“Harry and I aren’t friends anymore,” Louis said through a clenched jaw, still staring Shay down with a look of contempt in his eyes.

Shay’s own eyes softened, feeling the guilt wash over her. It was what she feared all along – Louis and Harry’s broken friendship.

“What? That’s absurd. What happened?” Mark asked looking at Louis for an answer. But Louis’ eyes never left Shay.

“Harry’s been having sex with your daughter,” Louis said maliciously, watching as Shay’s jaw dropped before he turned to see their father’s reaction.

“Louis!” Jay shouted.

Mark’s head snapped immediately toward Shay as her face heated up and she felt like throwing up.

“What?” Mark’s voice boomed.

“Mark,” Jay said in a calming voice.

“Shaylynn Johannah Tomlinson, is that true!?” Dad growled at her.

Shay sunk lower in her chair feeling the wrath of her father slowly encroaching on her.

“Mark,” Jay said again.

“SHAY!” Her father shouted.

“What do you want me to say!?” Shay shouted back as tears formed in her eyes and the emotion made her voice crack.

“IS IT TRUE!?” He growled. Shay’s hands came up to cover her face as her tears erupted full force.

“Answer me!” He shouted.

“Mark,” Jay said once again, more forceful this time.

“YES! Yes, okay! GOD!” Shay screamed as she threw her hands down to her sides, gripping them into fists.

Mark took in a sudden intake of breath as his face contorted into a look of anger.

“I FUCKING HATE YOU, LOUIS!” Shay screamed as she got up from the table to run to her room.

“GET BACK HERE, YOUNG LADY!” Mark’s voice reverberated off of the walls in the dining room and Shay froze immediately.

“Mark, stop it right now!” Jay yelled.

“DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS!?” Mark yelled at her.

“Mark,” Jay sighed quietly.

“You knew about this and you didn’t tell me!?” He yelled at her.

“STOP IT! I told her not to! I didn’t want you to know! I didn’t want either of you to know, because you would ruin it!” Shay yelled at her dad and Louis.

“Ruin it!? You ruined our friendship!” Louis yelled at her.

“No, your ignorance ruined your friendship!” Shay yelled at him.

“Stop, now!” Jay shouted.

“This is bullshit. Louis has sex and no one cared, but the moment you find out I had sex – once, by the way – you’re ready to condemn both me and Harry!” Shay cried.

Both their father and Louis looked at her with blank stares on their faces.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me,” Shay cried, her face falling into her hands.

Shay,” Mark said a moment later, his voice coming out sympathetic and surprisingly calmer than before. Shay looked up to see her father looking at her with what she could only describe as pity in his eyes and it sent a streak of fire through her body.

“Louis, you need to grow up! Harry has been your best friend since you were kids! How can you let this ruin that? Harry has never hurt me and isn’t going to hurt me. He didn’t pressure me into this. If anything, I pressured him. I’m just… I’m sick of this!” Shay yelled, directing her anger at her brother. Louis scoffed, rolling his eyes indifferently at her.

“FINE! You didn’t deserve Harry as a friend anyway!” Shay yelled at him before she finally worked up the nerve to storm out of the room.

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