The Au Pair || Harry Styles AU

He was her boss – the father of the children she watched on a daily basis that summer. But that didn’t keep her from going after what she wanted. He never even saw it coming.


3. {three}

Harry woke up instantly regretting the decision to get obliterated off of a bottle of vodka. He literally felt an ache in every single muscle in his body, along with agonizing sharp pains in his stomach. He could tell he wasn’t as young as he used to be. Back in his early twenties he could drink all night, wake up and do it all over again the next day. Not so much anymore, as he was slowly learning.

As he pulled himself out of the bed in the pool house, he felt dizzy and he was almost certain he was going to throw up. When his mouth began salivating, he knew for sure. He drug himself to the bathroom, where he immediately fell on his knees in front of the toilet. After his stomach was emptied, he spent the next five minutes dry heaving into the toilet bowl. After he was completely drained and the convulsions stopped, he pulled off all of his clothes and stepped under the cold spray of the shower. He felt like a fucking idiot. He just wanted to crawl under a rock. His kids were probably awake, being fed breakfast and he was hunched against the shower wall in the pool house trying to pull himself together. And to top it all off, his wife was a cunt, who was determined to ruin his life. 

After getting out of the shower, Harry dressed in the same clothes and slowly made his way back into the main house, being sure to avoid all human life on the way upstairs. 

When he walked into his and Julia’s bedroom, Julia was just walking out of the bathroom toweling her damp hair. She was completely naked, but Harry was determined to keep his eyes off of her. He didn’t need to torture himself by getting a hard-on whose only chance of being fucked was by being fucked over. 

“Where were you all night?” She asked him immediately.

“Out,” he grumbled, grabbing his cell phone off his night stand, checking to see if he missed any calls.

“What do you mean, ‘out’?” She snapped.

“I was in the fucking pool house, Julia,” he snapped back.

“You look like shit,” she replied, staring at him.

“Thanks a lot. As if you haven’t crushed my spirits enough in the past twelve hours,” he shot at her, completely avoiding looking in her direction. Julia sighed.

“Harry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings—” She started.

“I really don’t want to hear it right now, Julia,” he said, disregarding her altogether.

“I think we need to talk about this, Harry,” she insisted.

“Well, I don’t want to,” he said, finally looking in her direction. She had her towel wrapped around her body and her wet hair dangling on her shoulders.

“But—” She started to protest.

“You know what? In fact, I think I am going to go visit Louis for a few days,” he told her.

“You’re just going to leave?” She spat at him.

“Yes. Because I can’t even stand to look at you right now,” he said, walking into the closet to change into his running clothes.

“Why would you say something like that?” He heard her from the doorway.

“Because it’s the truth,” he snapped, glancing back at her for a split second before he started peeling away the dirty clothes from his body. 

Once he fully changed and laced up his tennis shoes, he turned around to see Julia still standing in the doorway, silently crying. 

Bloody hell,” Harry grumbled under his breath. 

Julia had this face she made when she cried that was just so unattractive. She was such a beautiful woman, but every time she would cry she turned into this blubbering, hideous thing. 

“I really don’t have time for this,” Harry sighed, wanting more than anything to not be trapped in the closet by the crying beast.

“You are such an asshole,” she yelled at him.

I’m an asshole? Let’s talk about the level of bullshit I put up with from you on a daily basis. Let’s talk about how you lied to me for five fucking years about something you should have discussed with me in the first place because it affects both of us! It affects this whole god damn family, Julia. Who’s the fucking asshole, huh?” Harry shot at her. 

His rant only made her cry and blubber even harder, thus annoying him even more.

“I’m going for a run,” he grumbled, moving passed her through the doorway.

“Fuck you,” she shot at him.

“Fuck me? Well, you don’t do that, now do you?” He threw at her meanly before he stalked across the room to the bathroom and slammed the door. 

After Harry calmed himself down from his fight with his wife, he freshened up before he exited out through the main door in the bathroom instead of the one that led to the bedroom. He had no desire to see Julia’s self-loathing tears. 

Harry prepared himself before he stepped into the living room. His kids didn’t need to see the frown on his face. They didn’t need to know of the problems their parents were having. He could hear both Jackson and Avery giggling at the TV as they watched cartoons. Harry walked in with a smile on his face, greeting the two loves of his life before rounding them up to get them fed. The three of them walked into the kitchen together and Harry poured them each a bowl of cereal before heading toward the coffee pot. He still felt like shit from his drunken night and could use a little pick-me-up. 

Harry stood against the counter talking with his kids for a little while. They could make him smile on the worst day. Jackson was going on and on about how excited he was to join the summer soccer league. And Harry was so super excited for him.

Mary came into the kitchen not long after, ready to begin her first day of nannying.

“Good morning, Mary,” Harry said to her.

“Good morning, Mr. Styles,” she replied.

“Please, call me Harry,” he told her for like the twelfth time.

“I’d rather not blur the lines,” Mary told him curtly, causing Harry to stare at her in disbelief.

Ohh-kay,” he said under his breath as he turned back toward the coffee pot to refill his mug.

As soon as Niko walked in the kitchen, Harry’s eyes were on her. She was wearing denim shorts, paired with a tank top and zip-up hoodie and Harry couldn’t help but check out her long smooth legs as she entered the room. She gave him a smile before she went toward the coffee pot.

“Mugs?” She asked him.

“Cupboard right in front of you,” Harry informed her. Niko reached up and pulled one out as Harry watched her hoodie ride up, exposing a little of her abdomen as she stretched.

“Thanks,” Niko said as she poured her coffee.

“Cream or sugar?” Harry asked as he watched her.

“I usually take my first cup black because I am usually fiening for caffeine when I wake up. I get fancy once I am energized,” Niko told him, blowing on the steaming hot liquid. He chuckled at her answer. 

The way Niko was eyeing him through the steam off her cup was doing things to him he probably shouldn’t have been feeling. That girl was going to be the death of him. And he secretly hated Julia just a little bit for throwing that kind of temptation at him and then being her usual self. It made him want to act upon his urges. But he knew there would be hell to pay in many senses if he did, so he decided to remove himself from Niko’s presence.

“Well, I’m headed out for a run. You got things handled here, Mary?” Harry asked the Virgin Mary.

“Yes, sir,” she nodded, professionally.

Harry saluted her as a joke, but she didn’t laugh. He looked back at Niko with an “oh my god” look on his face, which made her burst out laughing. Harry chuckled to himself as he dumped the rest of his coffee down the sink and rinsed the cup.

“Well, Niko. Enjoy your morning off. I’m sure these two…” Harry said, pointing to his kids, “will give you a run for your money later.”

“We’re going to have a blast, aren’t we kids?” Niko asked them.

“YEAH!” They shouted.

“Awesome,” Harry said, smiling at his kids, and then focused back on Niko.

“I’ll see you around,” he said, squeezing her shoulder before he took off through the doorway of the kitchen. Was her skin supposed to tingle that much? The spot where Harry touched her felt electrified.

Harry gave both his kids a kiss on the head before he darted out the door for his much needed run. He really needed to run off the tension and run off his hangover.

Once Niko’s initial cup of coffee was finished and she got a bagel in her system, she decided to relish in her morning off. First thing on her agenda – call her sister and rub it in that she was nannying for a member of One Direction. Jacey got a kick out of it, wanting regular updates – even though she herself was married with two kids. She asked if he was still hot and Niko told her “hell yeah, probably even hotter”.

Second thing on her agenda – take some me time by the pool. She wanted to get a tan this summer and the only way to do that was to sit in the sun. She decided she would go talk to Julia first before she just sat around all morning. She might want her to be doing something else – something productive. As luck would have it, Julia was knee deep in paperwork with her Bluetooth attached to her ear.

“By all means, enjoy your morning off,” Julia said, waving her off. 

She didn’t have to tell her twice. Niko went back to her room and put on her yellow polka dot bikini and a black cover up before heading out to the pool. It was shaping up to be a hot day already and it was only ten in the morning. 

Harry pushed himself pretty hard on his run. He ended up having to take off his shirt and shove it in the back of his shorts because he was sweating so much. But it was needed. He needed to sweat the toxins out of his body. When he came back into the yard to start his post-stretching, his gaze fell onto the horizon. California was just so beautiful. Just looking around at where he was made him feel so much better. He had a good life, despite his wife trying to ruin it. He let out a content sigh, realizing it was true that exercising released endorphins in the brain that could make you feel better. Because he did.

Seconds later, his vision fell on Niko laying on one of the lounge chairs by the pool, wearing only a teeny tiny bikini. He was wrecked at just the sight of her. Dear god. He could not pry his eyes away. You’d think a married man, who was in his thirties, could control himself. Apparently not him. His eyes were glued to her body. They raked up and down it as his brain thought up the most immoral of thoughts – all the dirty little things he wanted to do to her. He couldn’t help it. And he couldn’t stop.

Niko laid out for a little while before she noticed, through her sunglasses, that Mr. Styles was just a little ways across the yard doing stretches. Not only that, but his gaze was focused on her half-naked body. Niko waved at him and his line of vision quickly went up to her face. He waved back looking stunned, embarrassed that he was looking – gawking really.

Niko stood up from the lounge chair and put her cover up over herself, but didn’t fasten it. She placed her flip flops on her feet and walked over to Harry who was now bending forward in a stretch. When he came back up she startled him. 

“OH! Niko. Hi,” he chuckled awkwardly.

“Hello, Mr. Styles,” she cooed, smiling at him. He was sweaty and perfect after working out.

“Please, call me Harry. I am way too young to be known as Mr. Styles,” he explained.

“Harry…” Niko breathed.

“So, you’re taking advantage of your morning off, I see,” he said, nodding toward the pool.

“Yes, sir,” Niko said with a bright smile.

“So, the weather’s nice,” he said awkwardly. Oh, really. He wanted to talk about the weather?

“Mm-hmm,” Niko hummed. She noticed Harry’s line of vision fall to her breasts before he caught himself and looked back into her eyes.

“Is that all you do? Work out?” She asked, smiling at him.

“I’ve got to stay toned,” he chuckled, sliding his palm across his abdomen subconsciously.

“I’ve noticed,” Niko flirted and he chuckled once again.

“You won’t be seeing me much the next couple of days. I’ll be headed out to Los Angeles to catch up with my best mate, Louis,” Harry informed her.

“Well, you’ll have to tell him Jacey says ‘hi’,” Niko joked.

“Ha! Yes. I will tell him he missed out on his one true love,” Harry laughed.

“That he did,” Niko laughed. Harry was smiling widely at her.

He enjoyed her sense of humor. It sort of mirrored his in a way. They were quite similar. And Harry missed that in a companion.

“Well, Mr. Styles – uh, Harry. I should go in and change now. You see, I’ve got this job I’m supposed to be doing this summer. It’s a really sweet gig,” Niko said playfully.

“Sweet gig, huh?” He asked with a sideways smile.

“Oh, yeah. I get to live in this amazing house in Malibu and the view… the view is nice,” Niko said, checking him out in an obvious manner. And she could have sworn she saw his cheeks flush pink because he most definitely caught the innuendo.

“Yeah, it’s an excellent view,” he said, looking her over in the same obvious manner. Niko smirked before turning on her heels and making her way into the house.

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