The Au Pair || Harry Styles AU

He was her boss – the father of the children she watched on a daily basis that summer. But that didn’t keep her from going after what she wanted. He never even saw it coming.


6. {six}

Niko was antsy. The whole way back to the house, she was antsy. She couldn’t sit still. She nervously tapped her foot on the floor of the car and bit at her finger nails like a heroin addict fiening for their next fix. Harry’s insides squeezed tightly, feeling as if he was the biggest con-artist in the word. Did he pressure her into this? Did he persuade her unfairly by telling her his sob-story about how his wife won’t fuck him? Did she just agree out of pity?

“Are you okay, Niko?” Harry asked curiously, looking almost worried.

“What? Yeah. I’m fine,” she told him. Harry’s eyes fell to her bouncing knee and she steadied it before crossing the other leg over it to weight it down.

 “Are you sure?” He asked, giving her another curious look.

“Super,” she said with a smile.

“We…” He started to say, but looked back at Jackson to see if his seven year old son was paying attention to anything they were saying. Thankfully he wasn’t. He had headphones on and was watching the movie that played on the screens inside of the SUV.

“We don’t have to do this. We can just—” Harry said in a hushed tone before Niko cut him off.

“No. What? Harry, I’m fine. I just… I’m still really excited that I got to see Hollywood today,” she said, giving him a genuine smile.

“Okay, so you’re not freaked out then?” He asked.

“What? No,” she said, giving him an odd look. If anything, she was excited. It was what she wanted from the moment she saw him. He was all she could think about.

“Cause if we’re being honest… I’m a little freaked out. I’ve never done something like this before,” he said in his hushed tone.

“Are you… are you having second thoughts?” Niko asked uneasily.

“No. No, no. I just… I don’t know. This is not something I do,” he said.

“Well it’s not something I do either,” she told him.

“Good. So, we’re okay then? You’re not freaked out by the creepy old guy coming on to you?” Harry asked.

“Harry, you’re neither creepy nor old,” Niko said, smiling widely at him and he chuckled.

“Thanks,” he said, turning his eyes back to the road, unable to keep a smile off his face.

The anticipation made Harry jittery, like he was on drugs or something. He couldn’t still his body if he tried. It was times like these that he wished he had a vice, like smoking or something to calm his nerves. Then he remembered, in most cases, running could always center and calm him down.

“Where are you going?” Julia asked him as he laced up his trainers.

“I uh… I’m going for a run,” he told her.

“In the evening?” She asked, looking at him like it was the most bizarre thing in the world.

“Yeah, in the evening,” he scoffed as he continued tying his shoes.

“But you… you run in the morning,” she stammered, looking wide-eyed, almost scared.

“Well, I want to go for a run now,” he snapped.

“But… but what about dinner?” She choked out. 

Harry sighed, rolling his eyes. She was only worried that she might have to cook dinner for once in her life. 

“Don’t worry. Mary offered to cook tonight,” Harry said, shaking his head, annoyed with his wife.

“Oh. Good. I-I just… I…” She let out a sigh.

“Yeah, yeah. Work,” Harry grumbled, knowing what she was really worried about.

“I’ve just got… I’ve got a lot going on right now,” she said for the millionth time.

“I assumed,” he said sarcastically.

“Harry…” She sighed.

“No, it’s alright, Julia. Go. Go work,” he said, shooing her off as he stood up.

“Can I… can I at least have a kiss?” Julia asked. Harry sighed, but leaned over, leaving a quick peck on her lips.

“Enjoy your run,” she told him, trying to sound supportive.

“Mm-hmm,” he hummed unenthusiastically, walking out of the room.

When Harry got outside he took a deep breath and walked toward the stairs that led down to the beach. Once he was in the sand, he started stretching quickly, trying to push Julia out of his mind and bring Niko to the forefront. Excitement ran up his spine, leaving a smile on his lips as he took off on foot down the beach. 

As he was running, thinking of only Niko and what her body looked like and would feel like, a thought struck him. They needed protection. He didn’t have any condoms. He hadn’t had sex since April, his wife wouldn’t touch him – why would he have condoms? And he didn’t expect Niko to either. He immediately turned around heading for home. When he got back on the property, he snuck into the house, grabbing the keys for one of the vehicles and took off toward the store. He felt like a deviant walking up to the counter with only a box of condoms, so he threw in a bunch of other shit to add to the order. No, he didn’t need chips or a candy bar or the over-priced bottle of water he purchased, but he didn’t care. 

When Harry got back, he went straight for the pool house, feeling like he would get caught with those god damn things if he brought them into the house. He paced the floor, trying to find a place to put them. His mind was a mess with all the sneaking around. But god damn it, it was going to be worth it. In the end, Harry shoved the condoms in the nightstand drawer in the bedroom of the pool house and quickly left the exterior building to head to the main house. Dinner was most likely almost ready and he needed a shower.

Dinner was absolutely daunting. Harry just wanted it to be over. He wanted bath time to be over with the kids. He wanted them in their beds. He wanted Julia sound asleep. He wanted to sneak into Niko’s room. He wanted Niko. The way she watched him during dinner, biting her lip, made him go absolutely mad. He had to keep looking around to make sure no one noticed this thing between them. She was all sorts of trouble. But he wanted to jump in head first with her.

Niko’s eyes focused on Harry’s lips – the wonderfully voluptuous pinkness that knew how to ignite the deepest spark inside her. Her eyes roamed over his face – noticing how in the past couple of days, he let his stubble grow out into a fine sheathing of hair that took his masculinity to another level. And those eyes – those eyes that could seemingly see right through hers to the place where all the upside down images turn right side up again. Her eyes moved down his face to his neck, his collar bone, his gorgeously tanned tattooed skin – every place where she wanted her lips to explore.

She could feel herself growing excited as she sat there fantasizing about him. She had to look away – if only to make her intentions less obvious to the others in the room. She focused on her plate – chicken parmesan. It took everything she had not to sneak another look. He was like a new toy on Christmas – all she wanted to do was play. And she couldn’t wait to have her turn. 

Getting the kids ready for bed that night was a task. Niko’s mind was elsewhere and even the patient Virgin Mary was having a tough time with her lack of enthusiasm for her job that night.

“Nikola… earth to Nikola,” Mary said as they sat by the bathtub the kids were in.

“Huh? What?” Niko asked, snapping out of her daydream.

“Can you please pass me the shampoo?” Mary asked a little curtly. Niko had no idea how long Mary was trying to get her attention.

“Oh, right. Sorry,” Niko said, grabbing for it as the kids giggled at her.

“It would be appreciated if you could help out,” Mary said.

 “Sorry. Yeah, I’ll help,” Niko said, grabbing a wash cloth to soap up Jackson and then Avery.

“I’ve been working all day whereas you have just driven Jackson to practice and back. What do you do for three hours while you’re gone?” Mary asked as she rubbed shampoo into Avery’s hair. Niko bit her lip, trying to think of a lie to tell her.

“Daddy drives me to soccer. Daddy and Niko,” Jackson chimed in. Niko’s eyes shot to him. Damn you, kid.

“Uh well, Harry – Mr. Styles was just showing me how to get there so I can drive the rest of the time. And uh, as for the time… I pretty much sit in the car while Mr. Styles runs errands – like business stuff,” Niko stammered.

Ugh, she sounded so guilty. But Mary, being the trusting person she was, just nodded and began shampooing Jackson’s hair. Whew. She really needed to snap out of it.

The kids were put to bed and Niko was free. And as she was coming down the hallway she ran into Harry.

“Hey,” he breathed lowly, his eyes watching her.

“Hey,” Niko said wide-eyed, biting at her lip.

“Umm, I don’t know when but…” He started to say.

“That’s okay. Whenever,” she said, shrugging it off as if she wasn’t just obsessing over it for the last two and a half hours.

“Yeah…” He said before his eyes quickly darted down the hallway behind her.

“Great job tonight, Niko. You have a good night,” he said formally and then walked passed her altogether. Niko turned around to see Mary coming down the hallway with the wet towels from the bathroom.

“Goodnight, Mr. Styles,” she said to him in a nonchalant manner.

“Have a good night, Mary. I will see you in the morning,” Harry said before passing her too.

“Goodnight, Mr. Styles,” Mary said quietly.

“Here, let me grab those, Mary. You go on to bed. I’ll finish up,” Niko told her, grabbing the towels from her hands.

“Thank you,” she said and hurried off.

Niko took the towels to the laundry room and threw them in the hamper. The cleaning lady would be coming by tomorrow. She wasn’t about to start a load of laundry at this hour. 

Niko made her way to her room, grabbing her shower supplies before heading off to the bathroom. She turned on the radio on a soft volume so she had something to hold her attention other than what had been bombarding her brain for the past – what… eight hours? 

When she was done with her shower, Niko made her way back to her room and dug through her clothes. She needed to find something to wear – something sexy. She decided on a pair of black lace panties, a pair of black shorts and a magenta camisole. It was the sexiest thing she had going for her. All her clothes were so casual.

Niko laid down in bed and waited… and waited. She didn’t realize how tired she was until she was lying there. Soon enough her eyes became the enemy and fluttered closed.

It was nearly midnight when Julia decided to finally come to bed. Harry was fuming as he lay there, flipping channels on the TV. The later she stayed up working on her shit, the longer he would have to wait for her to fall asleep and he didn’t want to deal with it. Once he turned off the TV, he lay there waiting for her breathing to even out so he could try to sneak out. But every time he made a move to leave, she would shift and make his heart nearly beat out of his chest as he tried not to panic.

When Harry woke up to the sun shining through the windows, he was infuriated. He looked over to find that Julia already got up for the day and he missed out on his chance with Niko. He was livid. Niko was going to think he stood her up – that he got scared or something. When in all actuality, it was his wife fucking up his life even more.

Harry dressed in his running clothes, needing to release some tension. He hoped to see Niko on the way out, but she must not have been awake yet. Or she was avoiding him. He grumbled to himself as he took to the beach again, pushing himself as hard as he could because he was so angry at himself for falling asleep and angry at Julia for being the lightest sleeper on planet fucking earth.

Niko woke up confused to see the morning sun beaming through her curtains. Disappointment and rejection washed over her. Harry never showed. She waited and he never showed up.

 She dressed quickly and went through her morning routine before she headed to the kitchen. Mary was in there with the kids, who were just finishing up their breakfast. No Harry in sight. She wanted to grab some coffee but decided against it, because even more than being caffeinated, she wanted to find Harry and see what the hell was going on. 

She went outside by the pool to see if maybe he was out there doing his morning stretches, but he wasn’t. She sort of felt like a stalker or a lover scorned, so she decided to just sit down on a lounge chair and calm down. She knew she was being ridiculous – he must have his reasons and no matter what they were, she was cool with it because it was just supposed to be casual. It was just for fun. 

Niko laid there for a little while enjoying the warm sun very much. It calmed and centered her.

When Harry ran back up the stairs from the beach and walked into the backyard by the pool, he spotted Niko lying on a lounge chair in the sun wearing shorts and a tank top. It wasn’t her usual bikini, but it was still sexy. He walked over to her, knowing it was now or never. Now or never. Harry hovered above her, blocking the sun from her face as his chest still heaved from his run. She slowly opened her eyes and let a smile spread across her lips.  

“Meet me in the pool house in twenty minutes,” Harry told her in a hushed tone.

Niko nodded and he walked away. She watched him go, feeling flustered. And what would they be doing in the pool house during the daylight hours?

 Harry dashed up the stairs to the master bath and immediately removed his clothes, jumping in the shower. He was about to get laid for the first time in months and he was going to make sure to be clean when he did it. Just the thought of what was about to happen made him get so hard that he had to turn the water to cold. Because fuck—he was not about to jerk-off before his big moment. He needed all the stamina he could muster because he wanted it to be good for her too. He didn’t want to be pathetic and either a) not be able to get it up, or b) bust like a god damn inexperienced teenaged boy.

Harry jumped out of the shower and toweled himself off quickly, still sporting his god damn hard-on. He was certain it wouldn’t go away until he did something about it. So when he put his shorts on, he just tucked it up into his waist band and put on a long enough t-shirt to cover it up. 

Niko made it to the pool house before Harry. She really had nothing better to do, obviously. She walked around the small apartment-style space, closing whatever curtains were open and making sure all the doors were locked just in case someone decided they wanted to stumble in there – although she highly doubted anyone would.

Harry weaved his way through the house undetected, before walking through the backyard to the pool house. When he opened the door, Niko was already waiting for him, which excited him even more. Harry locked the door behind him and moved toward her as she stood up from the couch.

“I’m sorry about last night…” He started to say.

“Harry, no. Whatever,” she said, waving it off nonchalantly.

“I just… I couldn’t get away. Sometimes Julia is a really light sleeper. It seemed like every time I made a move to get out of bed she would toss and turn. It was just…” Harry trailed off as his eyes roamed over her. He needed to just shut the fuck up and take this woman, like planned. 

“Seriously. No big deal,” she said with a smile. 

Harry eagerly pressed forward, grabbing her face in his hands, planting a firm kiss on her lips. She kissed back momentarily before she started giggling and pulled back altogether. 

“Whoa there, Tiger,” she giggled. Harry smirked bashfully as his cheeks burned with blush.

“We can’t… not… not during the day…” She stammered.

“Why not? Nobody ever comes in here. Seriously, who’s going to come in here? Mary is with the kids. And Julia… we all know where Julia is,” Harry explained, putting his hands on her hips, slowly pulling her body toward his.

“Are you sure?” She asked, biting her lip.

“I am sure,” he breathed against her lips.

When she pushed forward, pressing their lips together, he knew it was on. He couldn’t help the guttural moan that escaped his throat as he kissed her. She was making him a very, very happy man. 

Harry’s fingers danced around the flesh of her hips before he grasped onto the hem of her tank top wanting more than anything to rip it right off of her. So he did. He pulled it right over her head and she let him. He tossed it onto the floor at their feet before his gaze fell to the top of her breasts. Dear god, they were magnificent. Niko smirked up at him as her arms reached around behind her, undoing the clasps of her bra. It fell forward on her arms, revealing the most perfect set of nipples on the most perfectly rounded breast he had ever seen. God.

Harry reached up, cupping both of his hands around them. He didn’t know what it was – maybe the fact that men didn’t have them – but breast were about the most amazing things to knead through fingers. They were soft and playful and bouncy and just so sexy. 

Harry looked up into Niko’s eyes and caught the smirk that was playing across her lips. He smirked back at her before he dipped his head down, taking her right nipple in his mouth. It had been so long since he got to play like this. It was just so amazing. He swirled his tongue around it and tugged at it with his lips and teeth before he moved on to the next one, giving it the same treatment. He heard Niko’s moan and it was like an electrical jolt of pleasure shot straight to his penis. 

“Your body… it’s amazing,” Harry breathed against her warm skin before he stood up straight again, pulling her hips against his.

Mmm,” she hummed before he took her lips with his own again.

 Niko let her fingers wrap up in his hair as she kissed him hard. He let his own hands move down her body until they grasped firmly onto her bum, pulling her body up into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her into the bedroom as they continued kissing. When he laid her down on the bed, she let out a giggle and he smiled down at her before tugging at the collar of his shirt, pulling off. 

Harry watched as Niko sat up and he waited on baited breath as she wrapped her fingers around the waistband of his shorts, tugging them down until they were pooled at his ankles. He was standing in front of her with the hardest hard-on he ever had in history and she was just staring at it, licking her lips. His excitement level was through the roof and he was sure if she stopped them from going any further, he was sure to keel over and die. But she didn’t stop. Her eyes worked over his thickness and he smirked down at her as she grasped it gently in her hand.

Before Harry could even focus on what to do next, Niko wrapped her mouth around the head of his penis. All intelligent thought went straight out the window. He was lost in the hot, wet rhythm of her mouth. He was certain he let out some unnatural noises at some point as his body twitched in front of her. She was going to make him lose his mind. 

Harry’s jerking and moaning were gratification enough for Niko to know she was doing a good job. She learned early on in college that she had some skill in this department. Not to say she was a slut going around blowing every hot guy she saw, but it was college – a time for experimentation. But then again, so was this.

When she pulled her mouth off of him, he looked straight down at her, finding her eyes already looking up into his. 

“That was… that was… fuck. It’s been a long time,” he stammered, smiling euphorically.

He couldn’t even remember the last blow job he got. Probably somewhere in his fourth year of marriage. So to feel a mouth on that appendage was so gratifying in itself, he might have just been satisfied with that. 

“You poor, poor boy. Let’s put an end to your sexual drought,” Niko said, smirking at him seductively, lying back on the bed as she unbuttoned her shorts.

Let’s,” he agreed enthusiastically, smirking at her as he bent down to pull the shorts off of her body.

Niko was wearing black lace panties and it was probably one of the sexiest turn-ons for Harry. Black fucking lace. He ran his palm over her mound, appreciating the fine fabric before he pulled them down her legs and off her body.

“Are you ready?” Harry asked, looking her in the eye. He wanted to know that she was really up for this.  She looked back into his eyes and smiled up at him before nodding her head. 

Harry grabbed her leg, kissing his way from her ankle up, savoring every moment he spent devouring this girl. Once he reached her womanhood, he smirked up at her before his mouth began to pleasure her. It was one of his specialties back in the day. He made woman come left and right from just his mouth. It didn’t take long before he had her moaning and writhing below him and when her orgasm hit her, she let out a deep moan that boosted the hell out of his ego. He still had it

“Are you in for more?” He asked as he crawled up her body, ready to really give it to her.

“As long as you make it feel that good,” she giggled as her chest rose and fell rapidly from her heavy breathing.

“I’ll make it feel better,” he promised, smirking at her confidently.

Niko smiled widely, letting out a soft chuckle as Harry leaned over to grab a condom out of the nightstand drawer. 

“I was prepared for this,” Harry said, smirking at her as he got on his knees, ripping the condom open

“Good thinking, babe,” she giggled, but slowly began to blush when she realized what she called him.

Harry didn’t seemed too incredibly freaked out by her little pet name, he just smiled down at her as he rolled the condom down himself. Niko watched with attentive eyes, really enjoying her view of his fit-as-hell body and all of his many, many tattoos. She could see all his definition in his abdomen as he leaned down, concentrating on really getting a tight fit on the condom. God damn, he was sexy.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” He asked, finally bringing his attention to her again as he leaned forward, pressing his hands against the mattress on either side of her.

“Are you expecting me to stop you? I’m not a virgin, Harry. You can have me,” she told him seriously. 

Harry’s entire body reacted favorably to her words. Oh—just ohmyfuckinggod. She was killing him. 

He didn’t waste any more time. He needed to have her. He needed to feel what she felt like. As lined himself up and he slowly pushed inside, he felt her body welcoming him, enveloping around him with her warmth. She let out a low moan and the combination of that and the sensations coursing through his body made him feel drunk. At least his brain did. He felt hazy and perfectly content all at once. 

Harry’s rhythm was slow and steady at first, sending waves of pleasure through his entire body, hoping she was feeling something akin to what he was. He wanted to be good for her. After a few moments, he felt her start to buck her hips into his and he knew he needed to step up his game. 

“Faster, Harry. Please, faster,” she moaned helplessly, which made him smirk wildly. If that’s what she wanted, then that’s what she would get.

He sped up just for her, just to hear the gasps and moans escape from her lips, just to give her the same pleasure he was feeling from her. The faster he went, the more breathy her gasps got and it was probably the sexiest thing on earth, literally. He buried his face in the crook of her neck as he pushed harder and dug deeper. Niko’s blunt fingertips were digging into the flesh on his back and Harry was gripping fists full of the sheets in his grasp. He kept his rhythm for quite a while, surprising himself with his stamina after only having his hand to sate him for months, but soon enough he was literally ready to explode. 

“Oh… oh…” She breathed, the sound coming out a few octaves higher than her normal voice.

“Are you gonna… are you gonna…?” Harry asked breathlessly as he pulled up, looking at her face, thankful that he wasn’t about to come before she got a chance to again.

“Uh-huh… ohhh,” she moaned loudly as he continued moving in and out of her. Harry watched as she lost herself again, her body becoming rigid, her nipples hardening further. It was so entrancing, so sensual. 

What Niko felt was better – so much better than she could ever imagine. Harry was good, so fucking good. He kept rocketing into her, even when she could tell he was well on the way to finding his end. Quickly, he pulled himself up, only to grab onto her thighs as he pushed and pulled her body at a new angle. When he felt the oh so familiar tingles of orgasm, he ran his right hand up her body and grasped onto her breast. 

Oh, god…” He groaned as he lost himself inside of her, his rhythm faltering before he fell forward onto her body in a heap. 

“That was… that was unbelievable,” he moaned against her collarbone, feeling as if he just gave her every ounce of energy he had to give.

Mm-hmm,” she agreed as she held onto his body tightly, curling her legs around his. 

Harry could’ve stayed like that, wrapped in her arms forever if the world would just let him. As unconventional as it was, it was the start of something extraordinary and they both knew it.

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