Forever and Always

Alaina has been best friends with the adorable dimple faced curly haired boy, Harry Styles since she was born. They're a week apart and were always stuck by each other for as long as they could remember. She started to develop feelings for him in middle school while he's had feelings for her since they were little. Except they're both oblivious to know how the other one feels about each other. Their lives are far from being picture perfect, especially Alaina's. Her dad is dead and her uncle abuses her every day at home while her mother is not around. She hasn't told anyone about it...including her best friend, the person she trusts the most. On top of that Harry gets a new girlfriend named Danielle and he starts to ditch Alaina for her. It shatters her heart and it makes her miss the times they had together. The times where he didn't ditch her just to be with his snobby girlfriend, and when he showed how much he cares for her. No matter how many times Harry tries to fix things with his best friend, Danielle has to get in between. With all the drama that's going on between them, will they finally confess their love for each other or will everything come crashing down on them and they lose each other forever?


Author's note


32. Chapter 31

Chapter 31


Harry's POV



After walking around the hospital for a while, it made me feel better so I walked back to the waiting room to wait with my mum. When I returned, she wanted to leave because it was getting late but I literally begged her to stay a little longer because I want to be here for Alaina when she wakes up. I don't care how long it takes or that I have school tomorrow I want to be there for my best friend. I've hurt her ever since Danielle came along so I want to make it up to her by being there when she wakes up. I mean, what kind of best friend would I be if I ditched her again? Obviously not a good one. And if Danielle has a problem with me being here for Alaina, then she's going to have to deal with it. She can't tell me what to do.


For the past hour of being here at the hospital, Alaina still hasn't really made any progress. Earlier, they tried to get her to breathe on her own but she was wheezing a little bit so they had to put her back on the ventilator. They found out the reason why she wasn't breathing on her own was because of her broken rib so they had to insert a chest tube so it can help her breathe better. Shane said she's lucky her neck wasn't causing her breathing problems because she wouldn't be able to walk again if she wakes up. I also learned that the swelling in her brain from her head injury hasn't changed but they're still keeping an eye on it just in case.


God, I just can't believe this happened to her. I should have been there with her or took her home with me and then she wouldn't be in this position right now. She would be safe with me where no one could hurt her but sadly I can't go back to earlier today. Alaina got hurt and now she's here fighting for her life. It's so unfair how she has to go through this. I wish there was something I could do to wake her up but sadly I can't. We just have to wait. Wait and see if any changes happen.


I sigh for the millionth time as I sit in the waiting room listening to my mum talk to Gemma on the phone. She's checking up on Alaina again because she's been really worried about her ever since I told her what happened. Alaina is like a little sister to Gemma and I can't imagine how she would feel if Alaina died tonight. Growing up, they always bonded well and did things together. Gemma was also there for her no matter what. Like, if Alaina needed girl advice but she didn't want to tell our mum or Katie about it she always went to my sister.


No matter what it was, Gemma was always there. Even though she's in college now Alaina still calls her if she needs anything. Or if she's home she'll always go to her and they'll talk about whatever. There were times when I was kind of envious of their special bond but at the same time I was thankful that Alaina had Gemma since she doesn't have any siblings herself. She needed someone like my sister to look up to. When it seemed like forever, my mom finally hangs up and puts her phone away before looking over at me, sympathetically. Even though she's been worried about me all evening, I'm glad she's here with me because then I wouldn't be crying about Alaina alone.


"Sweetie, it's getting late. I think we should go home now," she said.


"No. I want to stay here until Alaina wakes up," I replied.


She sighs and puts her hand on my knee.


"They don't know if she'll wake up. It's okay to have faith about it but you never know what could happen tonight or tomorrow,"


She's right. Alaina could not make it tonight or tomorrow but I still believe a miracle could happen and she'll wake up. Doctors could be wrong sometimes so it's possible Alaina could pull through.


"I just can't believe this happened to her," I mumbled and put my face into my hands.


I've been crying on and off all evening and to be honest, I'm not embarrassed. The love of my life is suffering and I can't bear it anymore. I'm also not afraid to let out my emotions. A real man shouldn't be afraid to do that.


"Oh baby. It's okay," I hear my mum say and I feel her kiss the top of my head. "Come on, let's just go home and sleep and then after school we can come back tomorrow,"


"Can we stay a little longer please?" I begged as I put my head up.


"Okay. But only for another hour because I'm getting tired," she sighed.


Thank god she said yes. I know Alaina may not wake up tonight but I still want to be here just in case. I mean, she could wake up after I leave and I just can't imagine how she would feel if I wasn't there for her. She would probably be very upset so staying here until something good happens is a good idea. I sigh, slouching in my seat again but then I feel my phone vibrate in my sweatshirt pocket. I take it out and let out groan in frustration when I notice it's Danielle wanting to Facetime. I shake my head, clicking the 'decline' button before deciding to go on Instagram. Just as I scroll through my timeline, she starts calling again but I click the decline button.


A few seconds later she tries calling again and I sigh with frustration and get up from seat, making my way down the hall. This girl doesn't seem to understand that I need space and I'm not in the mood to talk right now. She has been trying to call me all evening but I would never answer because I didn't want to speak to her at the moment. Except she didn't get the memo obviously. She just kept doing whatever the fuck she wanted until I would finally give in and answer my phone. After an hour of ignoring her, she's finally making me give in because that would be the only way for her to shut up.


I walk a little further down the hall and go into the bathroom. Then I go into a stall before I eventually click the 'accept button'. After a few seconds, her cute face pops up on the screen and I couldn't help but smile. Even though I'm not happy about getting back together with her but she always makes me smile for some reason. She's just so beautiful. I know I shouldn't be saying that when I'm in love with Alaina but still, Danielle is literally a goddess.


"Hello!" She chirped with a cute smile on her face.


"Hi," I said.


"I've been trying to call you all night. Where have you been?" She asked.


"Oh....I've been here at the hospital because Alaina is hurt,"


She goes silent for a few seconds and then starts laughing a little. Seriously? What could possibly be funny? Does she not have a heart? My best friend is fighting for her life and she thinks it's funny.


"Aw well that sucks," she said sarcastically.


I roll my eyes. I would have defended Alaina like I always do but I don't have the strength at the moment so I just let it go this time.


"Okay anyways the reason why I kept calling you was because I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out," she continued.


What the hell? Is she serious? We just saw each other earlier today and I fucked her three times. What else does she want? I can never catch a break from her. I always have to be with her 24/7. God why did I decide to get back together with her? I'm so stupid. I would be free with her if I told her no about getting back together earlier. But no I had to give in because I didn't want to upset her. Now I'm stuck with her again.


"We just saw each other earlier," I exclaimed.


"And?" She chuckled. "You're my boyfriend remember?"


"Yeah..." I replied.


"Okay. So hang out with me," she said.


"I can't," I mumbled.


She scoffs and looks at me with a frown on her face. Geez, she's getting on my nerves right now and I literally have the courage to hang up on her.


"Why not?"


"Because! I want to be here when Alaina wakes up," I exclaimed.


She gives me a weird look and rolls her eyes.


"Come on Harry. She can't be hurt that bad and besides when she wakes up, she'll survive without you,"


Little does she know that Alaina is in a coma, literally on the edge of her life and may not survive with or without me. I still don’t know why she's being so rude when she promised that she'll respect her. Guess she was lying again to get me to get back together with her.


"You don't know that," I said.


"Oh don't be so negative. She's hurt, what's the big deal? She's probably faking it for attention anyway,"


"What's the big deal?" I replied all offended. "The big deal is she's fighting for her life right now because her injuries are severe. Her uncle came into her house this afternoon and beat her. He beat her so much that she's laying here in a coma and they don't know if she'll ever get out of it. Jesus, Danielle have a heart,"


There. I'm glad I got that off my chest. Danielle may not have known that Alaina is hurt that bad but she was still being rude about it and I don't like it at all. She gives me a blank stare before blinking and shakes her head.


"Whatever," she sighed. "So anyways, come over. I want to hang out with you. I miss you,"


"I told you I can't!" I exclaimed.


"Come on. She's going to be fine. Doctors at the hospital say that she's dying because that's what they do. They say that to scare people. But if she does die then oh well, you'll get over it because you have me,"


I sigh and stare at the floor. I seriously want to hang up on her now. She's being so rude and I can't take it anymore. I just can't believe my own girlfriend doesn't care about how I feel at the moment. It's obvious her mum didn't teach her any manners when she was growing up. I mean, Danielle may be right about Alaina making it through but still she might not. It hurts just thinking about my best friend dying especially when she doesn't even know that I love her.


"Harry?" She asked when she noticed me staring at the floor. "Harry why are looking down at the floor. Look at me,"


I slowly put my head up to look at her and she gives me a weird look when she notices that I have tears beginning to fill up in my eyes.


"Oh my god. Are you seriously crying right now?" She laughed.


"Yes, Danielle I am," I snapped.


"Just stop being a baby, Harry, come on. This is why I want you to come over so you can get your mind off of her. I mean, please it's not like she meant anything to you anyway," she snarled.


Is she serious? Does she really think that Alaina doesn't mean anything to me? Alaina has always meant everything to me ever since I was little and she'll forever will be. Obviously Danielle doesn't think so is because she thinks I only care about her and not my best friend, except that's not true at all. It's the other way around. I may have gotten back together with Danielle but that doesn't mean I love her more than Alaina. Instead of defending Alaina again I just ignore what she said and roll my eyes.


"I'm not leaving her," I mumbled. "And even if I wanted to see you right now, I don't have a car to drive. I came with my mum,"


"Then tell her to drop you off," she suggested impatiently.


"She won't do it," I replied.


Danielle sighs with frustration and rolls her eyes before mumbling something inaudibleunder her breath.


"Fine. Then I'll come pick you up then. Which hospital are you at?"


"Mercy West," I replied.


"Cool. I don't live that far from there anyway. I live like 15 minutes so I'll swing by, pick you up, and take you to my house," she suggested.


"I have to ask my mum first,"


I can't believe at 17 I still have to say that. It's so embarrassing that I have to tell my girlfriend that I have to ask my mum permission about leaving. I'm grounded so she it's obvious that she won't let me go because she told me that I can't go out. But if I told Danielle that she wouldn't believe me or make fun of me so I have to do something to have my mum let me go.


"Why? You can't just sneak out or are you afraid you'll get in trouble like a little baby?" She teased.


"No that's not why," I frowned.


"Then why then?" She asked.


I don't reply. I obviously don't want to sneak out because my mum has eyes like a hawk and if I left without her permission I would be in even more trouble with her. I'm already grounded for a week as it is so it's possible that she'll ground me for more than that if I left. Ugh, this sucks. I'm 17 why am I still getting grounded?


"Yeah...that's what I thought," Danielle giggled after a moment of silence. "Since you're so afraid to get in trouble then go ask her. Just text me and let me know what she says and I'll come get you,"




"See you later, Baby," she smiled, cutting me off and blows me a kiss before hanging up.


What the fuck. She doesn't listen to me at all. Why did I get back together with her? I'm so stupid. Stuffing my phone in my pocket, I let out a sigh with frustration for the millionth time as I get up from the toilet seat and then make my way out of the bathroom so I can ask my mum if I can go with Danielle. I don't know I'm asking because I know she's going to say no since I'm grounded.  Even if I wasn't she still wouldn't let me go because she doesn't like Kendall and would want me to be here for Alaina when she wakes up.


I find my mum still sitting in the waiting room and she's on the phone again. It's probably Gemma again or she's talking with her boyfriend who I still haven't met yet. She notices that I camein so she tells whoever she's talking to that she has to go and hangs up. I don't know how I'm going to get her to let me go hang out with Danielle for a while.


"Where were you?" She asked.


"I was....talking with Louis," I said, obviously lying.


"Oh. What did he need?"


"He wanted to check up on Alaina,"


She nods and goes on her iPad to do some work that she couldn't finish at home.


" it okay if I hang out with Louis for a while?" I asked her, lying again.


She stops what she was doing and looks up at me, raising her eyebrow in suspicion.


"You know you're grounded right?" She asked.


"Yeah," I replied.


"And you do realize your best friend is suffering and in coma right now, don't you?"


"Yes but-"


"But nothing, Harry. I told you earlier that you can't go out. Now go sit down," she said, cutting me off.


Dammit. I need to think of something else so she could let me go. Danielle is already spamming my phone right now, probably wondering if I asked my mum and if I can go, since I can feel it vibrate in my pocket. I just want to text her no but I know she won't take that and will continue to bug me so I have to think of something else. Just lie some more Harry. She'll give in like she always does.


"We just want to go to McDonald's to get some food and then go to GameStop a few minutes away from here. That's it," I exclaimed, continuing to lie.


"There's food downstairs and you don't need anymore video games right now," my mum said.


I roll my eyes and she notices but she just ignores it. I can't believe she's not giving in. She's always let me go out to hang with Louis if I'm grounded. I need to keep lying and making up excuses until she officially gives in.


"But the food is gross here and he wants me to help him find the new Call of Duty game,"


"You ate here earlier and said the food was fine," she exclaimed.


"Well... I lied,"


"Okay. But you're still not going out,"


"But mum! He wants me to go," I begged.


"I don't care what he wants, he can find the game himself. I understand you want to go but you're grounded. I know I let it slip other times but tonight I'm not, now please sit down. We're going home in hour,"


I sigh and sit down beside her. Why did I bother asking? I knew she wasn't going to let me go. Now what am I going to tell Danielle? She's obviously not going to take no for answer and come over here anyway begging me to come with her until I give her what she wants. She's so spoiled and needy. The only way for me to get her to stop is to convince my mum to let me go so my annoying girlfriend can shut up. But how? I sit in silence for a few minutes, trying to think of something. Maybe if I just say 'please', she'll finally give in. I don't know if she will but it doesn't hurt to try.


"Please?" I mumbled.


She stops working on her iPad and looks at me again.


"Fine, go. This is the last time I'm letting you go out when you're grounded," she said and goes back to whatever she was doing on her iPad.


"Okay. Thank you mum," I said.


She nods.


"You're just going to McDonald's and to GameStop right?" She asked.


"Yeah," I lied.


"Alright. Be back here by 9:30," she replied.


Yes! She finally gave in! I get up from seat, thanking her again and make my way down the hall. As I wait for the elevator to change floors, I decide to text Danielle to let her know that I can come hang out with her for a while. I can't believe I lied to my mum about this. Hopefully she doesn't find out or else she'd kill me.


To: Danielle

Hey my mum said we can hang out. You can come pick me up. But I have to be back by 9:30


I send the message and then a few seconds later 3 dots appear on the screen, meaning that she's texting back. Her message pops up and I begin to read it.


From: Danielle



I smile and start to text her back but another message from her pops up.


From: Danielle

And I'm already here anyway ;) I drove here after we were done Facetiming.


What the fuck? She's already here? If my mum knew about that she would literally go out there and make her leave. Surprised she didn't since my mother has eyes like a hawk and knows about a lot of things. I shake my head and go into the elevator when the doors open. The floors change quickly and when it reached the lobby, it stops and the doors open. Just like I expected, I find Danielle parked outside by the curb in her black Range Rover looking at her phone. I walk outside and just as she saw me, she smiles real big and waves at me before unlocking the door to the front seat so I can get in. Just as I stepped foot in her car she squeals with excitement and leans over to kiss my cheek multiple times. God, I hate when she does that. It's so annoying. She knows that but she continues to do it just to bug me.


"Alright, alright. I love too," I laughed, gently shrugging her off.


"Sorry. I'm just so happy to see you. I can't believe your mom let you come because if she didn't I would have came up and convinced her nicely. She would have said yes then since I always get my way,"


I roll my eyes and then soon we were off. I feel kind of guilty about lying to my mum but if I make it back in time then she won't even know that I was with Danielle and not with Louis. Hopefully Danielle doesn't distract me and listens to me so I don't get in trouble again. After a few minutes, we finally arrive at Danielle's big mansion. She parks the car in her garage and then we go inside. Just like she told me earlier, her mum wasn't home but it's not like she was going to get in trouble anyway since apparently her mother doesn't care what she does.


"So what do you want to do?" I asked her.


"I want to go upstairs and put on a little fashion show in my room for you in the new lingerie I bought today," she replied seductively.


What the fuck? She wants to have sex again when I fucked her 3 times today. She said we were just going to hang out. I guess she said that just so I can come over. But still though, watching her try on lingerie for me and then having sex with her sounds like a good idea. Except at the same time I'm not really in the mood because I'm still kind of stressed out about Alaina and I want to lay low tonight with my girlfriend.


"I thought you said we just going to hang out,"


"Well... I lied. Oops," she giggled.


"You could have been honest with me," I frowned.


She sighs and rolls her eyes. I can't believe she lied to me just so I can come over and have sex with her again. Why doesn't she want to do anything else? I'm tired of having just sex with her. I know, I admit I did get back together with her but she's so attractive and it's hard not to like her.


"Look, I know I lied to you but I had to get you out of there somehow. And besides it's not that big of deal. It's just Alaina, who cares?" She exclaimed.


"Just Alaina?" I argued.


"She brings you down, Harry. Don't you even realize that. Every time you're with her she makes you feel miserable,"


What the hell is she talking about? Alaina doesn't make me miserable. She makes me happy, she makes happier more than anyone else does. Whenever I'm with her I just want to be with her. No one else. I know I'm back with Danielle but still she can't no for answer so I had to say something to make her shut up. So it's not Alaina. It's Danielle. She's the one that makes me miserable and want to shoot myself.


"What are you talking about?" I asked, trying to hold back my anger.


"You know exactly what I'm talking about," she shot back. "Every time I want to be with you, Alaina always has to get in the way. She makes you hang out with her 24/7, follows you around like a lost puppy dog, gets upset over nothing, and never gives you space. I don't know why you keep letting her live your life and control you like this when she brings you down. You need to move on from her because you have me now,"


What the hell? She thinks Alaina is the one keeping me from living my life? Alaina is my life! Danielle is the one not letting me live it because she keeps controlling me and trying to keep me away from her. She's the one that brings me down, not Alaina. Danielle is the one that wants to hang with me 24/7, gets mad when I don't want to spend time with her, and never gives me space. She obviously knows it's not Alaina's fault but she doesn't want to admit it because she's jealous of her. Instead of aruging with her, I roll eyes and sit down on the couch. She wouldn't listen anyway. Danielle sighs again and comes over to sit next to me.


"Babe, I'm sorry for saying that. But seriously though, she doesn't make you happy. If she did then you would be with her and not with me. I know I lied but I had to get you out of there so you can relax,"


I put my head up and look at her, mesmerizing her beautiful face. I know I shouldn't be saying that when I love Alaina but I can be attracted to other girls, it's not wrong right? Then, without thinking I lean in to kiss her and she kisses me back, making me taste her cherry lip-gloss and smell her sweet perfume that I love so much. The kiss quickly deepens and Danielle loosely wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me closer to her before straddling herself in my lap. I groan against her lips as she starts to slowly grind against my groin as I feel it begin to harden in my jeans, making her giggle softly and then goes down to kiss my neck, sucking on some spots.


Damn, she's being a tease tonight. Usually I'm the one that does all of that but I guess she's getting her revenge. As Danielle continues to tease me by kissing down my neck, I run my hand up her shirt making me realize she's not wearing a bra so I slowly start to take it off. She realizes what I was trying to do and sits up so I can take her shirt off completely revealing her beautiful chest. I throw it on the floor and then without hesitatingshe runs her hands up my shirt, pulling it up over my head and throwing it on the floor where her shirt is.


"D-Do you want to take this upstairs?" I mumbled as she starts kissing down my neck again.


She giggles again and shakes her head. I smirk and then I gently push her down against the couch before climbing on top of her and kissing her chest. God I can't believe I'm doing this. My best friend is the hospital fighting for her life but I'm here right now about to fuck my girlfriend again. What is wrong with me?




Alaina's POV



"Hey Lainey?" Harry asked me.


"Yeah?" I replied.


It's past 8PM and Harry and I are laying outside on the roof of his housewatching the sunset like we always do in the summer. He has a ledge by his window in his room so we always sit out here when it's nice out and talk about things. It's not hot or humid out like it was during the day, it's perfect. It's breezy and kind of warm which I love a lot. It's nice because Harry and I get to just talk about things without our mother's butting in. We don't do or talk about anything major but we still like to have some privacy together a lot because it always makes me feel closer to Harry and I can tell him anything.


"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" He asked.


I think for a moment. How do I see myself in 10 years? Hmm, that's a tough question. I'm not really sure where I see myself, I mean I'm only 13 and I don't know what I want to do career wise in the future.


"I don't know. Probably at college majoring in something," I laughed. "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"


"I see myself working as a lawyer, married, and having a few kids," he said.


"You want to be married and have kids at 23?" I asked.


"Yeah. I know that's young but I want to start a family right away, you know?"


"Is there anyone special that you want to marry and have kids with?" I asked.


He nods and my heart flutters in my chest. I wonder who his special girl is. I kind of hope it's me because I've recently started developing feelings for him. But just thinking about it, I'm sure it's not me because I know for sure Harry doesn't like me like that. He's been my best friend for so many years and it would probably be kind of weird for him if we dated. But what if he does have feelings for me and he doesn't want to admit it? I guess I have to wait and see.


"There's this girl I like. I've known her for a while but I just don't have the courage to tell her that I love her because I'm afraid that she'll laugh at me or something," he replied.


"But who is it though?"


He turns to look at me and smiles, immediately making my stomach fill with butterflies.


"You're going to have to wait and see,"


Huh, weird. I wonder why he won't tell me. Either he actually likes me and just doesn't want to tell me yet or maybe he likes someone else but doesn't want to tell me because he's afraid he might hurt my feelings. I mean it would hurt my feelings but whoever ends up with Harry will be lucky since he's the sweetest and most down to earth person ever. If I don't end up being with him I hope he falls for a nice beautiful girl because he deserves that.


I sigh and continue to watch the sunset with my best friend but suddenly I start to feel a sharp pain in my chest. I flinch and immediately put my hand on it and sit up trying to breathe but the pain just starts to increase. It feels like I was stabbed in heart with knife, the pain is literally that bad and it's unbearable. What is going on? What is happening? Why am I feeling like this?


"Alaina?" Went a voice.


I try to answer but I can't. I try to but all that comes out of my mouth are gasps.





"Alaina?" Went a familiar voice again.


I take a deep breath and try to answer but I feel another sharp pain go through my chest, making me flinch again. Oh my god I know who was saying my name but I can't seem to put my finger on it because my eyes are still closed. I also try to open them but I immediately close them again due to the bright lights in the room. The pain in my chest starts to increase and I couldn't help but try to gasp for air. What is going on?


"Oh my god. Someone get Shane! She's waking up," the same person demanded.


"I'll page him," a man said and I hear him walk out.


I feel someone take something off of my nose and mouth, it was probably a mask or something I don't know, and then I feel the bed shift beside me.


"Alaina, can you hear me? It's Mommy. Can you open your eyes for me?"


Mom? She was the one saying my name. I knew her voice sounded familiar. I gasp again ignoring the sharp pain in my chest and without hesitating I finally open my eyes but squint again from the bright light in the room. Where am I? Why am I in pain?


"M-M-M-Mama," I finally managed to gasp out.


"It's okay, Love Bug. I'm right here you're in the hospital and you're going to be okay," she said soothingly.


The hospital? What am I doing here? I barely remember what even happened. All I remember was getting hit so hard that everything went black. I begin to get used to my surroundings and my eyes start to get used to the light so I open them, finding my mom right beside me holding my hand. My other hand had a splint, my neck is in a brace, my body hurts like a bitch, and a gauze is wrapped around my head.Itry to talk again to ask her what happened but I was cut off by the sharp pain in my chest again.


Oh my god this hurts like crazy. I wonder why though. Suddenly I hear footsteps come into the room and I find Shane walking over to the bed to examine me. He checks my eyes, heartbeat, my stitches, and a few of my broken bones which hurt a lot. He even gives me some pain medication that should help get rid of the sharp pain in my chest. Hopefully it doesn't take a while because I can't take it anymore already. I just want to breathe normally without any pain at all.


" were in a coma for a few hours due to an injury. Do you remember what happened?" Shane asked.


I think for a moment trying to remember what actually happened to me. Come on Alaina. Think! You remember what happened. No I don't remember what happened. Like I said before, all I remember is hitting my head really hard on something before passing out from the blows. I don't remember why, how, or who made me hurt myself like this. Everything just feels like a total blur.


"I..." I try to say but was cut off by a sting in my chest.


The pain medication is starting to kick in but not that much. Hopefully it actually goes away soon.


"I think her broken rib is causing her pain so I guess that's why she can't answer," my mom said.


Broken rib? What the hell? How in the hell did that happen? This is so weird. I have a lot of questions to ask but I can't talk due to the pain.


"Yeah. That's what it is. I fixed the broken rib during the surgery so hopefully that will heal soon," Shane answered and turns to look at me. "Alaina, you were beat up pretty badly tonight but you're lucky to be alive. You have a broken rib, fractured neck, sprained wrist, and possibly a concussion. Do you have a headache or feel nauseous at all?"


Unable to speak, I nod. My head hurts and I also feel a little nauseous as well. I just want all of this to go away. I just woke up and I'm already tired of feeling like this.


"Okay, do you know what day it is and what month it is?" He asked.


I shake my head. This is weird, how come I don't remember anything? I usually do but not right now I do. Well, according to Shane I possibly have a concussion so maybe I'm experiencing one of the symptoms.


"Alright. You have concussion then," he said, writing something down on his iPad. "Nausea, mental confusion, and headaches are symptoms of concussions. But you're going to be okay. I'll be back I'm going to get you some medication for your head and then you'll probably be okay for the rest of the night,"


I thank him softly as he walks out of the room and then I turn to my mom who is still sitting beside me. She looks she's been crying because her eyeliner is smeared under her eyes and she also looks really tired. I bet she has been waiting for me to wake up for a long time. I wonder how long I was out.


"Mama?" I finally manage to say. 


"What's wrong, sweetie?" She replied.


"Where's Harry?" I whispered.


"Anne told me he went to hang out with Louis. She was here with him earlier but she had to go because it was getting late," she said.


I nod and try to get comfortable under the covers in my hospital bed. It's hard to find a comfortable spot in these kinds of beds. The mattress is made out of this foam material and the sheets almost feel like sandpaper. I don't feel like I'm in my own bed at all and it makes start to miss home a little.


"Do you want me to get you something to eat? You must be hungry," my mom asked.


"Y-Yes... please," I nodded.


"Okay. I'll be right back. If you need anything the nurse caller is hanging above your bed,"


I nod again and slouch in the bed ignoring the pain in my body. I can't wait until I'm able to get up and walk around because I'm already tired of just laying here. My chest still kind of hurts but not as bad. The pain is slowly decreasing so I hope I'll feel a lot better later. Soon it was quiet in my room so I decide to try to fall asleep to rest my eyes a little but I get interrupted when I hear my phone vibrate on the nightstand beside me. Weird. I don't remember carrying my phone with me. My mom probably held on to it earlier and set it there when I was waking up.


I carefully lean over to grab my phone and unlock it, scrolling through my messages noticing a lot of people have been sending me some get well texts from a few of my family members and my friends from school. I even got some nice messages from Louis, Niall, Becky, Lauren, and Bailey as well. I smile after reading their messages and then decide to play some games on my phone for a while. Just as I start to play Candy Crush, I get message from an unknown number. What the heck? I frown with confusion and click the notification so I can read the message.


From: Unknown

Hey it's Harry on Danielle's phone. I don't know if you're awake or not but I still want to apologize for not being there to see you. To be honest, I really didn't want to be there anyway, I just came with my mother to make her happy and to make her think that I still care about you when in reality I don't. I don't care about you at all. The only person I care about is my beautiful girlfriend Danielle. I got back together with her today due to the fact that I missed her so much and I don't plan on leaving her again. Why? It's because I love her and she makes me happy. You were nothing to me at all. So from now on, I want you to stay away from me and Danielle. And if you try to get in the way of our relationship again, things will get uglier between us. I'm sorry for telling you this now but I had to get it off my chest. So...yeah. "Nice" knowing you. Enjoy your life without me.



I let out an utter gasp as I drop the phone on the bed.So he wasn't with Louis at all. He's been with Danielle this time. I've been lied to. Or maybe he lied so he wouldn't get in trouble for leaving with her. Who knows? I feel my heart throb in my chest as tears begin to fill up in my eyes rapidly and I try to hold them back but it's hard not to. I can't believe this, he got back together with her when he basically said that he didn't want to be with her anymore. I guess he lied to me just to please me since he knows that I don't like her.


It's obvious that he cares for her more than me because if he didn't then he wouldn't have gotten back together with her and ditch me again to spend time with her. He also wouldn't have sent that text. Wait....what am I thinking? There's no way Harry sent that. He wouldn't go out of his way to text something so awful on his girlfriend's phone. He wasn't raised to be like that at all. If he had a problem with me or with anyone he would text or call the person on his phone. But now just thinking about it, what if he did send the message?


God, I don't know what to believe. Tears continue to fill up in my eyes and I ignore the pain in my chest as I breathe heavily, still trying to keep them from falling but I fail to do so. Suddenly I let out a sob and I feel the tears that I've been holding back start to run down my face. I can't believe this. I've been fighting for my life for god knows how long and my best friend decided to go out and ditch me for his girlfriend again. What have I done to deserve this?



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