Forever and Always

Alaina has been best friends with the adorable dimple faced curly haired boy, Harry Styles since she was born. They're a week apart and were always stuck by each other for as long as they could remember. She started to develop feelings for him in middle school while he's had feelings for her since they were little. Except they're both oblivious to know how the other one feels about each other. Their lives are far from being picture perfect, especially Alaina's. Her dad is dead and her uncle abuses her every day at home while her mother is not around. She hasn't told anyone about it...including her best friend, the person she trusts the most. On top of that Harry gets a new girlfriend named Danielle and he starts to ditch Alaina for her. It shatters her heart and it makes her miss the times they had together. The times where he didn't ditch her just to be with his snobby girlfriend, and when he showed how much he cares for her. No matter how many times Harry tries to fix things with his best friend, Danielle has to get in between. With all the drama that's going on between them, will they finally confess their love for each other or will everything come crashing down on them and they lose each other forever?


Author's note


28. Chapter 27

Chapter 27 


Harry’s POV 



“So what do you want to do?” I asked Alaina. 


“I don’t know,” she replied. “I don’t have homework tonight so I guess we should just chill,” 


“I have a few things to do but nothing major. I’ll just do it in study hall tomorrow,” 


“Alright then…do you want a snack or something?” she asked. 


“Sure,” I said. 


She get up off the couch and make my way into the kitchen to get some snacks out of the pantry. I take a quick glance as her ass as she walked and I literally had the nerve to grasp onto it but I manage to keep my cool. Then there was a knock on the door, making me jump a little with surprise. What the hell? 


“I got it!” I called. 


I get up off the couch and make my way down the front door. I’m sure it's the mail person or maybe one of Alaina’s friends from our school. I hear a knock on the door again but a lot harder this time and then I start to worry. Who could be at the door? The police? The FBI? Hopefully not. I make it to the door but instead of opening it like I usually do, I look through the peephole that is drilled into the wooden door and suddenly my heart races in my chest when I noticed who was at the door!


Jamie! Alaina’s uncle! What the fuck? Why is he here? I thought Katie kicked him out and specifically told him to never step foot on their property again. I swear if he’s here to try to hurt Alaina again I'm going to kick his ass. I don't care if I get in trouble for it because he deserves a good kick in the ass.  Ever since Alaina told me about that son of a bitch hurting her I’ve wanted to give him a piece of mind. I swear if he even dares to try to hurt Alaina again I will make sure he pays with his life.


He damaged a sweet, beautiful girl and now she's going to remember that for the rest of her life. She's going to move on from what happened but the abuse that she suffered from for months is going to haunt her forever and it kills me that she has to go through something like that. She didn't deserve this at all. She's been through enough as it is. She almost died with her dad at the age of 5, she's been extremely sick a few times when we were kids, and then she had to deal with abuse from her uncle and Josh. She can never catch a break.  


“Holy shit!” I gasped and back away from the door.  


He pounds on the door again and I quickly make my way into the kitchen. 


“What’s wrong?” I hear Alaina asked nervously.  


I run into the kitchen finding Alaina standing there with a bag of pretzels and chips, along with a container of dip in her hands.  


“Alaina…. your uncle is at the door,” I panted. 


She gasps and then she drops the bag of chips and pretzels along with dip, which goes splattering on the floor. I notice her face start to go pale and her eyes fill up with tears. She opens her mouth and tries to say something but no words come out. Without thinking I gently put my hands on her cheeks and she immediately starts to relax from my touch but the tears didn't stop escaping from her big brown eyes.  


“Shh, shh…Lainey listen to me,” I said gently as I run my thumbs along her tear stained cheeks. “You have to hide okay,”  


“W-Where?” she whispered. 


“Anywhere. Just go. I’ll make him leave,”  


“I don't want to hide alone,” she mumbled as tears continue to roll down her cheeks. 


I quickly wipe them away and lean into kiss her lips a few times, which calms her down some more. It’s been a while since I last kissed her like that and I have to admit that it actually felt nice.


“No, don't cry. Everything is going to be okay, I promise. I’m going to make him leave,”  


“Why can't we just call the police?” she asked. 


“Because he’ll be gone by the time they get here,” I exclaimed. “Just go hide in a closet or something I’ll let you know when he's gone,”  


Jamie pounds on the door again making her jump and cling onto me, gripping on to my sweatshirt. This is the first time I’ve seen her terrified. I’ve seen her scared before but not like this. I couldn't help but wrap my arms around her, holding her tightly like I always do when she's scared or upset.  


“Make him go away…please,” she whispered. 


“I will, now go hide. I promise I won't let him come in and find you. Trust me, Lainey I won't let anything happen to you,”  


She nods against my chest and I softly kiss the top of her head. We slowly let go and she slowly backs her way into the living room. 


“Go! Now!” I said as Jamie pounds on the door…again. 


She bolts to the nearest closet and softly shuts the door just as I walk through the front hall to answer the door. I unlock it and I find Jamie standing there with the usual cold, scary look on his face.  


“Took you that long to answer the door?” he asked harshly. 


“Sorry…I was-“  


“I don't care,” he said, cutting me off. “May I come in?”  


“No!” I replied without hesitation.  


His lifeless blue eyes stare straight at me and I can feel my heart start to pound with fear in my chest. I’ve seen this man almost all my life but I never noticed how scary he was until now. If I knew better I probably would have realized that already. I gulp and try to keep the door close to me as possible just in case if I have to quickly shut it if he tries to do something, like break in. 


“What do you mean no?” he asked.  


“I mean, no you can't come in,”  


“I just want to see my niece,” he replied. “I need to talk to her,”  


“About what?”  


“Listen kid, this is none of your business! Let me in so I can talk to my niece,”  


Your niece? Please. If Alaina were his niece he wouldn't have hurt her a bunch of times. He would have treated her like she was his own child and protect her. He should be a father figure to her like Shane is. But no, instead he had to beat her for god knows why. I still don't understand why he would do something like this to a sweet girl like Alaina. She didn't even do anything to deserve that but he still did it anyway. I just want to ask this guy why but I know I probably won't get a real answer for it.  


"She's not home," I said, obviously lying. 


"What do you mean she's not home?" he asked. "Her car is here,"  


"S-She's.... with Katie. I'm just here waiting for her,"  


"You better not be lying to me, kid," he mumbled coldly.  


"I-I'm not,"  


Lying again. Jamie looks at me for a few seconds and I could feel goosebumps crawl down my spine from his scary look. Damn, I never realized this guy was so creepy looking as a kid. I can tell right now that he could break me in half if he found out that I was lying about where Alaina is but I don't care. I would rather get hurt instead of Alaina because I deserve it more than she does.  


"Alright then. Don't tell anyone I was here," he finally said.  


"Why?" I asked.  


What the fuck Harry, why would you ask that? You know why.  


"Just don't tell hear me?" he barked. 


I gulp and nod.  


"Good," he replied and then he walks away.  


When I couldn't see him anymore, I quickly shut the door and lock it behind. I put my back against it and take a few deep breaths, calming myself down. Man, I barely know this guy but he scares the shit out of me. Suddenly, I hear the closet door creak open and Alaina's head pops out a little. I take one look at her and her cheeks are wet and pink from crying and I'm tempted to go over and hug her because I can tell that she needs on at the moment.  


"Is he gone?" she whispered.  


"Yeah he's gone. Come on out, it's okay," I said gently.  


She slowly opens the door some more and comes out, softly closing the door behind her.  Then she comes over to me and I immediately pull her into my arms, holding her tight. No matter what I’ll always keep her safe.  Ever since I heard about Jaime hurting her I never wanted her to leave my sight again. Just thinking about her getting hurt by him again just makes me want to be by her side every minute. I know that sounds crazy but I have to protect her somehow. I mean who knows what could happen if I’m not there? Jamie could come here one day and hurt her again or worse and I wouldn’t be there to save her. Hopefully after she moves she’ll be away from him for good.


“You’re shaking,” I said gently.


“I was scared,” she whispered. “Scared that he was going to break in and try to find me. Ever since my mom kicked him out…I’ve been afraid that he was going to find a way in and hurt me again,”


I continue to hold her against my chest as she tries to calm down. I can’t believe she has to go through something like this. She doesn’t deserve it at all.


“I won’t let that happen,” I replied.


“How?” she asked, looking up at me. “You can’t be with me 24/7. I mean I wish you could but your mom wouldn’t allow you to stay here from now on,”


She’s right. I can’t be with her 24/7. I want to, really I do but I know my mum would tell me that it’s rude to stay here for a long period of time.


“I don’t know how but I know for sure your mum won’t let him come back into this house again. She changed the locks and everything so you’re safe. I’m here as well so no one would hurt you,”


She sniffles and nods before hugging me again. After she calmed down, I let her go and then we decide to go back to watching TV but before we did that we had to clean up the mess from the dip on the floor from when she dropped it after I told her Jamie was at the door. When we were done we take the snacks into the living room and Alaina puts on one of the Harry Potter movies, which is one of our favorites.


During the movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about what would have happened if I weren’t here when Jamie came. He probably would have hurt her more than he’s ever had before or worse, he could have killed her. Just imagining what would have happened kills me inside. Losing Alaina is the last thing I need. Every time I’m not with her, I always fear that Jamie is going to do something to her again and it makes want to protect her even more.


But I know nothing will happen. She’s safe I know she is. Katie made sure everything was changed so he wouldn’t step foot in this house again. Hopefully this is his last time he ever comes near here. I sigh. Now that Jamie is gone for now, I’m starting to think about tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is our court day with Josh and I’m praying to god that we win this case. I just want Josh out of our lives for good. Yesterday my mum got me a lawyer and he came over and helped me prepare for it since it’s going to be my first time in court.


He told me that we’re going to win this but I still have some doubts. Josh’s father owns a car business and he has a reputation so it’s obvious that he’s going to get away with this since the rich ass gifted kids get away with everything so they don’t ruin their future. Alaina and I have printed out our pictures to show to the court so hopefully the court believes us and punishes Josh. I don’t care if I get into some trouble too; I just want that asshole out of here.


Away from me, away from Alaina. For good. Just like Jamie did, he damaged a beautiful girl by trying to rape her on their first date along with beating her up at the party. I can’t believe she didn’t stay away from him after I specifically told her to. I know that sounds crazy but I was trying to protect her from him before it got any worse. And it did. She went back to him, letting him treat her like trash.


I swear, the court better make him pay for what he did to Alaina and me. If they don’t then I guess I’m going to have to sort it out myself but a different way. I beat him up again I might get in more trouble and I don’t want that. Hopefully after our case is closed everything will go back to normal and I can Alaina all to myself again. Seriously, I really hope everything works out.




Author’s Note:


Sorry for the boring filler chapter and for not updating in a while. I’ve been suffering from writers block for this chapter. Chapter 28 is a little longer and a lot better trust me. Get ready though because the next chapter is what I’ve been excited for ever since I first started this so be prepared ;) 

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